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You’ve Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

Chris Brown Bends Over Backwards

If you think your job is hard, try designing a seating chart for the MTV Movie Awards. Supposedly this year’s chart had to be rearranged several times because of b-list celebs with bloated egos and silly beefs.

Whitney Port had to be moved away from Kristen Stewart because of comments she made about the Twilight star’s acting abilities. Paris Hilton had to be moved away from the entire cast of The Hills after recently calling the show “so lame and fake” and “cheesy.” That’s a blatant case of the slut calling the whore “loose” if I’ve ever seen one.

In other pointless Hills drama, The Artist Formerly Known as Ceiling Eyes was also moved away from the rest of the Hills cast because, “in the overheard words of one producer, ‘everyone on the show hated her.'”

The MTV Movie Awards air tonight at 9PM EDT. I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch them yet. On the one hand, as I stated previously, there are only so many worthless time wasting activities I can do in a week before I start to feel really bad about my life. On the other hand: Andy Samberg.

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  • I had a caption for that photo, but I guess it was too long. The caption was “Chris Brown at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards demonstrating what he expects the music industry, the media, and everyone else to do for his lady-beating ass.”

  • 1) I haven’t heard what Whit said about KS’ acting abilities but I’ve gotta say… whatever it was… I just may agree. She’s not the most talented actress.

    2)”That’s a blatant case of the slut calling the whore “loose” if I’ve ever seen one.”
    — That’s exactly what I thought!! You know, not with that brilliant analogy though! :)

    3)Andy Samberg? :s

    4) Why is the pic of Chris Brown… he’s not mentioned… and I somehow doubt he’s gonna show.

    5) But WHY do they hate ceiling eyes… that’s the million dollar question.

  • 5) girl’s not honest! for some reason, she can’t look people in the eye…oh wait….haahaha…ha…haaaaa…ahah…

  • well the ONLY reason that i am watching the mtv awards is because of andy “hotboy” samberg.

  • Darn, I wish they had used the seating chart I emailed them! I had Chris Brown mopping Eminems and Dre’s piss out of the mens room, although I did allow him to sit in the handicapped stall #7, on the far end, right had side, when he wasn’t licking boot.

  • Now thanks to you and your story title, i have that flippin’ song stuck in my head lol!