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Try Not To Scream Out Loud Like I Just Did But MacKenzie Phillips Is Going To Counsel Addicts


The cast for the newest season of Celebrity Rehab has just been announced.  I’d love to know how many of the cast members you’ve ever heard of (without Googling) :  Mike Starr (not the one from Alice in Chains), Joey Kovar, Dennis Rodman, Lisa D’Amato, Heidi Fleiss, Kari Ann Peniche, and Mindy McCready.  Wait — Mindy McCready is alive

But you haven’t heard the best part yet.  Last season they had Gary Busey in some sort of honorary counselor type position even though he still smoked pot all the time.  Eventually he realized that he needed some rehab too.  Personally, I think they just told him he was going to be a counselor to get him into the program. 

This season they have a new celebrity counselor — MacKenzie Phillips.  If you aren’t familiar, allow me to give you the rundown on the washed up One Day At A Time — and yes, I find the title of her most well-known show to be beyond ironic — actress.  She just went through her tenth rehab stint in the fall of 2008 after she tried to walk through airport security with cocaine and heroin.  She’s been doing lines, and I don’t mean airport security lines, since the seventies.  I mean, God bless her for never giving up the fight but I don’t think she should be dispersing How To Stay Sober advice at this time.

Truthfully, if I were a celebrity and arrived at rehab only to discover that MacKenzie I Have No Septum Phillips was the person who was going to help me in my recovery, I’d just launch myself out in front of a moving vehicle.  Seriously, it would offer me better odds of survival.

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  • Seriously why won’t they put Artie Lange fron Howard Stern’s show on this stupid celebrity rehab.

    He’s one of the funnies addicts out there AND people have heard of him. Joey fucking Kovar? Give me a break. This show is taking all the fun and humor out of addiction if you ask me.

  • AAAAAH!!!!!!!!! delete that comment!!!!!!!! it’s my email address!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just read about this over on Navtones. They have an interesting view on how the new season might go.

    Gary Busey and Phillips have miniature horse children that then become celebrity GPS voices. Sounds like a good watch to me!

  • Holy shit I love you. One of the few females on this earth who actually knows of the band Alice in Chains. Made my freaking day. Yes, it was that bad.

    • Wait, I’m a 43 year old female and also know who Alice in Chains is, and know some other females who know as well.

  • It does show that once you become addicted how hard it is to get and stay clean. She had a promising career, which ended far to soon. She had a family that had to deal with decades of neglect and bad behavior, she’s left a lot of causalities in her wake. All addicts do that. I hope that if nothing else she serves as a cautionary tale that drugs indeed take the life you might have had away.

    How sad to have to be on that show at this stage of your life.

  • i think it is mike starr from alice in chains, my best friend has dated that piece of shit for three years on/off-currently off, and his sister told her that she dropped him off there…he’s been a total junkie for over 20 years and has done some TERRIBLE things to people



    That girl needs to get sober like nobody’s business.