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Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin Slam Jon & Kate on CBS

The Gosselins’ business is everyone’s business. Kate’s brother Kevin and his wife, Jodi — who appeared on earlier seasons of the show before Kate kicked them off — showed up at CBS this morning to talk about how horrible the reality show is for the little Gosselin kiddos, and how Jon & Kate don’t care a lick for the safety of their children. (The clip of them starts at 1:25.) They feel they need to “speak out” to “protect” the kids.

Whatever. I smell bitter people looking to recapture the spotlight. These kids are just fine. Does it suck that their parents are getting divorced? Yes. Is it maybe kind of annoying to have the cameras around all the time? Yes. But are the kids fine? Are they fed and clothed and educated and hugged and safe? Yes, yes, yes. Are they waaaaay better off than a whole lot of kids in this country who have no adults who care about them rather than two loving parents, a staff of nannies and an entire film crew looking out for them at all times? Yes. The kids are fine. Shut up, Kevin and Jodi.

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  • exploitation is exploitation now matter how “fine” the exploited are. do you think the kinds are developed enough to say to anyone, “don’t worry, we’re totally fine with cameras documenting and editing our lives for all to see.” the don’t know either way, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily fine. why should kevin and jodi shut up if they have something to say? kate sure talks enough.

    • Know what the kate lovers don’t like this cause their freaking lives are sooo boring that they need this pathetic show to continue. Go kevin and jody speak up till it hurts, we (majority) of the readers know the truth hurts and kate is running for a box of bandades. To you kate lovers find someone else to admire you freaks.

    • I think it is rude that Kevin and Jodi keep saying this stuff about Jon and Kate. They just want camera time. Leave the kids out of it, they didn’t do anthing. Ugh I can’t stand Kevin and Jodi. All they do is throw Jon and Kate under the bus. They are just mad that they can’t be on t.v. anymore

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    • I noticed that…He wasn’t THAT choked up. Is she “berating” him b/c she cut him off. Just like Kate does to Jon. Heck no! By nature women talk and men don’t. I must have to get divorced b/c my husband (or his should go to the club) and I are “Jon & Kate” minus 6 kids!

  • wow. I would never speak out about my familys problems to the media . That’s not anyone’s business. Wow those two are soo rude.

    • if you are not getting thru to your family and children are invoved what else should be done. This is a family on national tv. Everyone watchs this program, if it was your neices and nephews WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THIS SITUATION.

      • How is Kate emasculating her husband? She is controlling for sure, but Jon could choose to step up more instead of hiding under the rug and acting like a broken puppy during interviews.

      • Exactly. The only reason Kate looks so mean is because Jon is a passive aggresive jerk. At least she is up front about her anger…

      • Exactly…VERY Passive. He really is dead weight. I don’t think Kate can trust that he will follow through on things b/c he always stands there like a lop!

  • What the fuck are you talking about Beet? Those kids are so fucked up. They have no idea where reality and make believe begin or end. Jodi and Kevin are concerned and the only ones that seem to be speaking up. The child exploitation needs to stop. Kate is a greedy cunt and her husband is a balless loser.

    I like your blog, but you are very wrong.

    • how the fuck do you know that those kids are so fucked up? do you know them, do you talk 2 them, are you around them all the time, did they tell you that they are as you put it “so fucked up” we don’t know how the kids feel and yes that means you 2. if J&K were not in the news all time no one would be saying anything about the kids like they are now. how is this year any different then last year? ITS NOT.. I dont hear anyone saying the duggars kids are being exploited but if J&M were having marriage problems like J&K then i’m sure people like you that think they know everything would be saying the same thing about those kids as well.

      • Peewee

        That’s right you genius. Shoving cameras in children’s faces, fake scenery, fake hugs, no family, no friends, parents that are greedy, child exploitation etc are all healthy things for children to grow up with.

        Shut the fuck up loser I was not talking to your sorry ass anyway.

    • Fucking Aunt Jodi and the other dude they are mad because they are not getting the money anymore and now that controlling Kate and Jon are fighting they are using the stupid excuse for them to get their 15 minutes of fame I bet that if Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin where in the show they wouldn’t care about anything

  • I agree with you. Jodi and the husband should shut up, and get a life, and a job, instead of complaining about Jon and Kate, and try to do the same.. Obviously they’re just trying to get on tv to get some money, so whatever.

      • WOW her name is all over this article and you still can’t spell her name right? You can run around calling everyone a “freak”but your an idiot :)

      • Well, JodiOdie – you did spell “you’re” wrong. Those in glass houses . . .

  • I disagree that the kids are fine.. give it more time and the kids will be in rehab like all other reality star kids. That one twin is protrayed as an evil brat… and she probably is too but she’ll be the first one smoking on the crack pipe… Aunt Jodi and Jon and Kate went into this as a way to document but it’s gotten out of control. Unfortunately, it’s Kate ( can’t stand her) that is leading the way of life. Why in the world would you take your kids out to run errands if the paparrizzi drive you that crazy. That birthday party looked lame too and it was all staged for the press. I say – get them off the show but Kate knows a money horse when she see’s it.. she can’t stop the cameras rolling when the money is rolling in. If we (the public) decide to not be so interested in their cash cow.. the money will dry up and they will be no where….

    I say – GET OFF the show!!!!

  • as much as I want to judge their decisions… I’ve never been a mother *ahem, soon to be single mother* of 8 and I’m not sure what I’d do to finance their care. Either way, I DO think it affects the kids, and I DO also think that Jodi is adding fuel to the gossip/ratings fire, absolutely. This CANNOT end well.

  • I’m not sure what to think about the whole situation cause on the show Jodi is portrayed as a very very nice person and Kate is portrayed as a very responsible individual.

    I don’t think that Jodi’s jealous and I also don’t think that the whole reality tv thing was as horrible as they’re conveying it.

  • Looking to recapture the spotlight or not, there are child labor laws in the U.S. to prevent the exploitation of children. I think that the laws should apply in this situation as well.

    • Jodi and Kevin are trying to get those laws passed to protect their nieces and nephews. If they wanted fame they would not keep their focus on the kids but on saying all the awful things Kate does.

  • I have always said Jodi was pathetic. Sniveling (?) little weasels. Sold the family out for 20k and after taxes whats left, it laughable.

    I dont know if it is true but at work it was said that TLC is starting legal action against them? Uh oh, there goes whats left of the money for attorney’s.

    Kate is laughing at Jodi. All that free publicity and now Jon looks like a lazy cheating chump! Jodi a whiny pathetic attention seeker with a sick and twisted sister who blogs “for privacy for the children” all the while telling family secrets!

    You cant write this stuff folks, its so funny to watch. And I love reading all the opinions.

    Kate is a media whore but at least she doesnt deny loving it. I believe the exact words were
    “I love it.”

    He doesnt like it, he also doesnt like to work. Have to pick one or the other really.

    Kids cost money Jon.

    Kate knows how to make the money and doesnt seem to mind leaving him behind.

    The Kids are alright. If you want to show pity for children, show it for Octo-mom who had them for this purpose and since we already have multi-family shows who wants that mess.

    Jodi just might have given Kate the out she wanted.

    • TLC has no lawsuit. Kate has no lawsuit.

      The kids ARE not alright.

      Too bad so many adults think kids having tantrums is entertainment.

  • I agree with Beet on getting the feeling that these two might just be trying to be a little in the spot light. I do however agree with Jodi that there should be some laws on children in terms of reality TV. I’m worried about the kids. It must be hard to give 8 kids the attention they need and then add on a struggling marriage and a reality show. We don’t see everything so I cant judge I can only voice my concerns and its for the kids. I think at this point for everyone this show just needs to end. I don’t see any other way for this to work out.

  • I think it’s pretty funny the kids call one of the sitters “mom” and when Kate’s home they call her the babysitters name, Kate was complaining about it – they’re 5 years old and are unsure of who the screaming abusive woman who randomly shows up is. How many 5 year olds have you met that aren’t sure what to call their bio mom?

    Yeah, the kids are going to be just fine.

    Well the only difference that I can see about Octopussy is she doesn’t have the savvy or social skills to have pulled this baby-money making scheme off. She should have watched the master before she popped them out.

  • Aunt Jodi is being a stupid jerk. She is adding fuel to the fire. This is NOT helping Jon, Kate OR THE KIDS with all of this bull around. Aunt Jodi is making it WORSE. Now the kids get to see what their Aunt and Uncle have said about their parents. Congrats. Thats helpful! They want to rekindle their friendship with Jon and Kate, but how does talking bad about them help?

    Everyone needs to leave them alone, if you like them or not!

  • Unfortunately, once money became involved, Jodi and Kevin lost a huge amount of credibility.

    However, I do think they made some valid points regarding the potential effect on these kids.

    • Beet hasn’t had the Gosselin kids on her couch long enough to state that they’re not fucked up. Real life isn’t like the Truman Show. So Beet, STFU. Wendie, quickly becoming my favorite especially after seeing how bad this site has sold out. Wendie, start your own gossip blog since Beet’s spread herself out so thin and is uninteresting now

  • AGREED!!! Kate’s a bitch, and I don’t like her, but no one on the planet loves those kids more than she does. I really couldn’t believe Jodi, a mother herself, was saying that SHE was looking out “for the best interest of the kids.” They really are discrediting themselves by talking to the media so much. All that being said, I could never imagine putting my children on TV for 9.8 million people to see.

    • Not only that, there are seasons of the show that you can buy and play at home in your leisure. Home movies of this family’s kids are for sale for anyone to buy. Now, I don’t mean to take it to the extreme here, I’m just thinking of possibilities and whatnot, but ANYONE can buy these seasons. That, right there, would be enough for me to NOT do such a “project” with my entire family at stake. That thought makes me cringe…

  • Jinxy-My sister very kindly babysits my kids while i work. I have twins and I am a single mom. Having said this, anytime they call her mommy I die a thousand deaths. Worse my daughter has addressed me by name. It happens and it sux no matter who you are.

    Some things hurt no matter how bitchy powerhouse you are. I agree with beet. She loves them, so does he.

    Just watched the clip with headphones on. Boy Jodi has an annoying lisp! And I wouldnt let kevin speak either. lol

    For people stating this is staged and coached, the interview seemed just that.

    I dont buy the “they told me personally they didnt want the camera’s”. It had to be Cara or Mady. The others play into the camera since they have lived with them since the begining.

    People like Jodi remind me of the people who make allegations of sexaul abuse against children with no foundation. They pull certain info to validate there made up claims. I dont know if i am explaining my parallel. But basically Jodi is a seed planting shit stirer.

    She looked evil and Kevin just looked stupid.

  • I liked the show at first, but more and more I am reminded of the movie “The Truman Show” I read somewhere that the production company thinks of “occasions” to film, i.e. caroling for the neighbors at Christmas, the birthday parties, etc. I think it was Margaret Mead who said that observation irrevocably alters that which is being observed. Regardless of how you feel the cameras are affecting the kids, it was all over for me when they aired the Gum episode. One of the little boys got a microscopic piece of gum on his beloved stuffed bear and Kate said (while the child sobbed) I can’t deal with this.I’m throwing your bear away. THAT WAS SADISTIC!

  • Way to go Jodi & Kevin for getting back what little time in the spotlight you had! How does bashing your family members help them at all? Do you really think Kate or Jon will want to discuss any thing with you ever again?!

  • These kids are NOT fine. If they were Jodi and Kevin wouldn’t be so concerned. They are not trying to get fame and they are sincerely worried about the kids.

    Why is it so hard to believe that this show is a sham and is hurting 8 innocent lives? When a 5 year old tells daddy “don’t leave again” that is not “doing fine.”

    • It’s not hard to believe that the show is a sham, but it’s easy to believe that that sham show is giving eight kids opportunities they never would have had otherwise, and a team of caregivers who love them, even if their parents are a bit special.

      And Kevin and Jodi have never exhibited one ounce of caring for those kids that didn’t come loaded down with pounds of famewhoring on top.

      And that “daddy don’t leave again” thing? How many kids do you think say that every day in a country where divorce rates are so through the damned roof?

      None of us know ANY of these people, so none of us can accurately say ANYTHING about them. Even my opinions are just that… opinions. But the general consensus is that Jodi is a famewhore who is doing more damage that she probably realizes to these children who WILL one day watch this show, and Google info, and see all the horrible shit she says about their parents. True or not, THAT will emotionally scar.

  • I can sort of see all sides, however, being a mother of 4 I would have to say that Kate isn’t putting her childrens best interest first. The children hardly see her. That means no cuddling, no cooking, no reading, no playing, no homework ect…THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER!! These are the things that REALLY matter to a child!! They already have the money! Cherish the things that are priceless…your kids! They need a MOM and a DAD, everything else is just frosting! Stop the show, don’t be greedy, work on your marriage! The kids know! They told Jon on the premier “they missed him, don’t leave anymore daddy” how can anyone say that the kids don’t know or that they are fine?? You must not have kids or must not have a heart!!

  • P.S. I don’t think Jodi is doing this for the money! She is a mom of 4 and Kate kicked her to the curb years ago because TLC wanted to pay her! I think that she cares for the kids and are the ONLY ones thinking clearly right now. If anyone is worried about money it’s Kate! They should’ve said NO to this season and worked things out, but obviously millions of dollars isn’t enough yet!! PLEASE!! She should see what we live on and I just thank God everyday that my kids are healthy!

  • I just discovered this Evilbeet blog but after reading “the kids are fine” comment I think I will return to MichaelK on DListed where I belong. Are you effing kidding me?!? The only thing I am fairly certain about is that since the twin girls are going to be nine this year, it is only eleven more years until they are working the pole. Go from one pimp to another…no big deal. Prove to me that other than money for necessities of life, the rest of the dough earned off those kids (and if Kate didn’t pop out a litter there would be no show) is in trust funds and college funds for the Gosselin children and MAYBE I won’t be so disgusted. Nah…I’m still disgusted. When a female blogger (I say female since we are “supposed” to be the nurturing sex) drinks the Koolaid of some reality TV show’s hype and feels child exploitation is OK, then there is something seriously wrong.

    I sent an email to Paul Petersen – former cast member of The Donna Reed Show (very active in child rights and the fight against exploitation of child stars) asking him about the need to have laws to protect children who, by no fault of their own, are subjected to the unnatural world of reality televion.

    In what altered reality is what those poor kids must endure (and will endure in the future) “fine”?!!? What’s the old saying: “There is none so blind as those who will not see.” The Jon and Kate situation is wrong on so many levels that it makes me want to puke that ANYBODY can think those children are “fine.” I never use the word “stupid” to anybody because I believe it is one of the worst words to describe another person. However, I must make an exception. Anyone who believes that it is “fine” to force sensitive & impressionable children to live their lives in front of cameras all to benefit a famewhore’s money lust is stupid. Either stupid or a complete monster…

    MichaelK, I’m coming home….

    • I’m sorry, Beet, for calling you stupid. That was uncool. But I still stand by my strong opinion that pimping out your “marketable” children is exploitation of the highest order and should not be tolerated. It is heartbreaking. I just was flipping channels and there Kate was….and Maddie was having an outburst as soon as she came in the door. She kicked her birthday balloons in anger. I’ve read that Maddie has some issues. Do ya think maybe it is because she is not being allowed a normal childhood?!?

  • When your children call your babysitter mom and call you by the sitters name, the kids aren’t alright. She’s rarely home, someone else is raising her kids and she’s only home to shoot the show, the kids are very confused.

    Those very words out of Kate’s mouth. They are a business, that was the plan prior to their birth, and that’s how they are treated, as a business.

  • Jon and Kate are just NEW money and are clearly acting like it! They are just as bad or worse than the pathetic lottery winner’s you see losing all their money in a few years! Jon and Kate need a real good financial planner to make sure they have enough money left when they are broke and washed up to pay for all 8 kid’s intensive therapy!!!

  • Um, Beet. Did you catch the interview where Jon described the sextuplets as “marketable?” You might want to watch that and reconsider your opinion. These children are being used as commodities by their parents and by a major television network. That is not okay and they will not be fine. Fame can be a bitch and fame will be following these kids for the rest of their lives. They did not choose this life and they deserve so much better…like parents who can support them without showing their private lives to millions of viewers. If Jon and Kate are unable to support their kids the way other parents do (you know, without a reality show, but with real jobs), then perhaps they should not have had eight kids.

  • I used to Love this show(I must be a Dummy!) I always SAW KATE putting Jon down but, thought “He’ll come around & stand up to her!”WEELLLLL….It hasn’t happened(after ALL these episodes) My husband of 44 yrs. is a real man’s man but, kind…AND I JUST KEPT THINKING….JON WILL STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND NOT TAKE THAT S..T & she’ll RESPECT HIM MORE!!!! MY take is unforunately Jon has been browbeaten by a woman who has now tasted success & NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HER>>>>>NOT JON, NOT 8 KIDS, AND SURE AS HELL NOT THE MEDIA!!!! I just have to say one more thing….Did you catch that little gem when Kate was being interviewed on the new episode and she “started to cry” & she caught herself saying “I DON’t WANT TO MESS UP MY MAKEUP!” I REST MY CASE!!!

  • It’s all so sad, and a little sick having it all aired out in public. What looked like a smart move and a chance to make a little money in the beginning turned into this huge mess thanks to the parents and TLC’s greed. The children are being treated as a commodity and that is wrong. The brother and his wife are right to speak out. They are being financially well taken care of, emotionally protected, that’s a differant story.

  • Cheers, Beet, for being sensible. They are some fucked up people for sure, but their kids seem pretty well adjusted and happy, so stfu everyone, serious.

  • Beet, this is the first time I am disagreeing with you. I really believe what Kevin and Jody are saying. Of all the people that have two cents in this thing, I think Kate’s brother and his wife are as close to the situation as can be and most likely have the best knowledge of what is going on with these kids. I think Kate needs to face the music and cancel this show. Its not worth it.

  • I watched this show from the beginning. Kate is a bit over bearing, Jon is a complete immature asshole. She always says, honey this and honey that to him, he never says anything positive to her. He is tired of being a grown up. He wants to party. She is the responsible one, knowing that her books will help the chldren. Try having 8 kids and see how much patience you have. I had 2 and it was difficult. I feel sorry for Kate. Jon is leaving the family, jerk.

    • Where do I start….First of all..EXACTLY which show have you been watching???? She’s saying Honey this & Honey that most of the time as a CONDESCENDING TONE…WHILE INTERUPING AND IMASCULATING Jon(He does need to MAN UP…I don’t deny that!!!) NOW To the POOR BABY OUT ON THE BOOK TOUR so she can support her family…I hate to break it to you D…Y but, they rake in between $25,000 & 75,000 an EPISODE!!!!! SHE is EATING THIS UP WITH A SPOON…..AND HAPPILY LEAVES Jon home while she tans, spas, coifs and any other damn thing she desires…..YOU BET SHE MEANS IT WHEN SHE SAYS SHE IS HAPPY WITH THE PROGRAM!!!! If I were a man & married to that selfish bitch….I might hit a few bars too!!!!! He needs to give her a serious ULTIMATUM and QUICK!!!!!

      • Hey Ms. Angry,

        You spelled Emasculating wrong!

        Kevin and Jody got a cool 20 grand for “standing up for the kids.” How does that make them heroes?

        Jody is a bitter and jealous wretched woman

  • Frankly, any child that will be able to watch their parent’s divorce over and over again on the dvd box set on Jon and Kate plus 8 are NOT fine Beet. I think you’re missing the bigger picture here. These kids are going to have some massive long term issues, they’re still young right now and don’t fully understand everything.

    Ever heard of the Dionne Quintuplets Beet? They were fed, clothed, looked after and even HUGGED…but they were also living like zoo animals in a display case for the whole world to see. That is not fine, history does not remember that as a good thing. Really, I don’t see a difference between the two cases…except more people are watching this time.

  • THANK you for using a player that we can see in Canada.

    Those kids are not going to be all right. Wait until the spotlight fades, Kate starts to age, becomes bitter, or even more bitter. She will take out all her years of pent up rage on her children, who are no longer making her money and who look so very much like Jon. Not good at all.

    I feel sad for those kids. They always look so lost. Except for Maddie, the evil one. She’ll be the one to write a book exposing her parents down the road

  • I watched the first season after seeing a special on this family. Two shows into the second season when the twins were about 5, Maddy started acting out and I specifically remember Kate saying “I don’t know WHY she’s acting like this” after commenting 10 mins earlier that the girls are being approached at school and in public my strangers and that it scares them. That’s when I stopped watching this show. My husband and I were yelling at the TV (at Kate) saying “Are you fucking stupid? You are fucking with your children! Get off of this show before it’s too late.” Now the sextuplets are getting to that age and they will start to show the effects of this shit. I sincerely believe that Joid and Kevin are not bitter and have brought forth a really valid argument regarding reality TV and the lack of protection children have in that industry.

  • I used to be a fan, but after the 4th season, you could tell it all got to their heads. I suspect Kate even got a boob job, he boobs are obviously bigger…

    I feel bad for the kids, and they really should stop complaining that their still financially struggling…

  • Kate looks SO different, she obviously got more than a tummy tuck and Jon finally act with more balls.
    I’m sorry, I’m a proud woman and mom of 2 BUT Kate is a shame, no family, friends, greety, maniatic with bacterias and dirt (why she has so many kids if she doesn’t remember how it’s is jus to to have fun, she looks like “hitler” in that house, yes you need rules but happy kids are more controlable). I have never seen her to clean or relax, I think she has some kind of psiquiatric disorder and it’s geting worse with all the money….Jon, a simple man that take it easy or he’s in trouble; if you watch the firsts shows Kate was more calm and Jon more helpful.
    This is SO sad for the kids, Kate’s crocodile tears on the 5ht season premiere was so fake and saying “I’ll do everything for my kids, I live for them” confirms that even the show it’s hurting her marriage, she doesn’t care at all, she just need all the money and fame “for her kids”….

  • Difficult to imagine a worse nightmare than being related to “Aunt Jodie” and “Uncle Kevin” – shirt tale relatives that will sell you out in order get a little attention for themselves. Shame on them. They need to go get alive of their own.

  • Jodi is a little brat. She makes me want to throw up. Seriously, I love ths how. And I love the Gosselin’s. She is a jealous little you know what, and I wish I could say what I really want to on here. Everything she is doing makes me absolutely furious. I’m only 16 years old, and I know I probably don’t know much about the situation, but jesus christ. Aunt Jodi is the biggest piece of crap alive. Her and her sister both- they need to get out of Jon and Kate’s business. As for the kids, they are the sweetest most lovable kids ever, and I don’t understand why Kate and Jon would put them in danger purposely- if the show was really harming the kids, they would stop it. It’s not abuse, so everyone who is saying that needs to shut the hell up. As for Aunt Jodi, can anyone give me a way to contact her? I’m going to stalk the hell out of her and send her hatemail, I don’t give a crap if she reports me. She is making their life hell… Why can’t I make her’s hell? I really really really hate her, REALLY hate her. And her sister. And I really wish she read some of this stuff. If she ever does… this is for you Aunt Jodi and her dumbass sister… SCREW YOU!


  • Why would Kevin and Jodi go public with their concerns if their real focus is the children? Why would they play this drama out publically? If they are really concerned for their nieces and nephews, they would do their best to keep their family drama private. Kevin and Jodi are making thousands of dollars for doing these interviews. For them, it is also about the “ratings”. If you are really concerned, Kevin and Jodi, would you be talking about your nieces and nephews on public television while making cash. Think about it?

    I wish everyone would put their focus where it needs to be…on the children. Forget the money and the fame, forget the family drama, and handle it privately!!!

  • I guess Aunt Jodi was exploiting her kids as well when they were on the show. Most of you haters have no clue about the facts, and Aunt Jodi is not trying to get any laws passed. They already have child labor laws, and they are being followed. The cameras are not on twenty four hours a day, and they only film two or less hours three times a week. The kids just play and do their thing, and they can choose not to even be on camera at any time they want. The cameras just film the kids doing their own thing and there is no directing or work involved. The kids do not do anything different than they would without the cameras there. Anyone who thinks that is working is a moron. Kevin and Jodi are jealous of Jon and Kate. So are all those who bash Jon and Kate constantly. Saying the kids are not all right is ridiculous. They are happy, at the top of their classes, and have all their needs and most of their wants fulfilled. If you want to criticize anything, without sounding like the jealous bitter cunt that Jodi is, then try saying the kids will end up spoiled, because that is possibly very true. Saying reality television kids end up in rehab is also ridiculous. What kids did that? Reality television hasn’t even been around that long. You people do realize that Different Strokes was not a reality show don’t you? Actually you obviously don’t know the difference. Maybe you haters should stop sitting around all day hating on other people and collecting welfare, and get a job so you could understand what constitutes work. I don’t like this show either, because it is boring as hell, but the lame people bashing it all the time are so obviously just jealous. I am sure that anyone who knows them can tell you they are probably jealous of just about everyone. That is because they are losers and have no life. Personally I think all the drama is fake, but I really do not care. Jodi and Kevin were in the early episodes, so they obviously wanted in on the show. They got dropped because they are lame and money hungry. Now they are bitter and trying to cash in. They are lying and they would jump at the chance to have their own reality show. I bet these same lame ass haters watch Toddlers in Tiaras and think that is just wonderful. Now that is a sick show.