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What Did You Think Of The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere?


I fully admit I was never a faithful Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewer.  I had seen a couple episodes and had quickly determined that Kate was a controlling wench of a wife.  This weekend there was a Jon & Kate marathon on TLC.  I obviously couldn’t watch all of it because I do have kids of my own that need attention, but I did watch a lot of episodes and feel like I have a better picture of the Gosselin family.  Oh, and I still think Kate is a controlling wench of a wife.

I don’t understand why people talking about the decline of the Gosselin marriage.  In every episode I saw, no matter what season, Jon looked miserable, stoned and completely checked out.  He never got a word in edgewise and on the rare occasion that he was allowed to articulate a thought, Kate would edit what he was saying and reinterpret it in her own words. 

So what did you think of last night’s premiere?  First of all, I don’t know why Jon and Kate didn’t come out and say that they are separated — they so obviously are.  Jon Gosselin is done, outta there, so over it.  My guess is that they’ll keep up this “working on it” facade for this season and then that will be it for the show.  Of course I also fully expect Kate Gosselin to get a cooking show on Food Network — it’s the next logical career step for her.

Can we talk about Kate for a minute?  She strikes me as very manipulative and disingenuous.  In last night’s episode it seemed as if she was very intentionally trying to be more likable.  She laughed a lot, tried to be friendly with the other moms at the birthday party, was overly affectionate with her kids.  Clearly, she’s rallying public support.

I’m also wondering if anyone took a count of how many times the phrases “for the kids,” and “doing it on my own,” were uttered?  It’s tough being a single parent but “doing it on my own” doesn’t have quite the same impact when you are getting paid $65,000 an episode to basically do a craft with your kids on camera.  And it also doesn’t have quite the same impact when you have three hundred dollars of highlights and lowlights on your head.

Is there one J&K+8 fan out there willing to say that they believe the Gosselin’s will work through this strife and stay together?

Do I hear crickets?

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  • I hope their show gets cancelled. She’s a wretched bitch. He’s a nutless douche. Their kids are cute, however that’s the only reason most people would even give that shitty show more than 2 minutes. I have a feeling they’re keeping this facade of a marriage going to keep the dollars rolling their way. Sad. Kate would trade anything for money. Even her own kid’s well being. Even her marriage that she vowed to keep together.

    • They have a contract with TLC that has to finish befor they can stop the show. Get a life and stop talking down on people unless you know what you are talking about!!

      • TLC is guilty of helping to destroy a family for profit. Yes, the parents are greedy and complicit in killing their their own family life. But TLC says in People Mag. that they are proud of what they “built” and that they have a multi-year contract. So the show will go on.

        Where are the Christian groups putting pressure on these people to honor their marriage vows? Or on Kate to treat her husband with respect? It’s so clear that if she could treat him decently, he’d come running back. Where is the boycott of the sponsors of this show? Why is the obvious breakdown of a family getting top ratings? Is this the best that a family-fare network can do? And why are audiences still supporting this public destruction?

  • Last nights season premiere was pretty painful to see. There were so many awkward moments did you see how Jon and Kate were trying to ignore eachother at the childrens fifth birthday party.

    I mean Kate is how she is and even she said it. Even though I think she is getting pretty egotistical lately with all of the nice clothes and hair and make up. If you look back in the beginning she never tried to look that nice. My husband thinks shes trying to be like Victoria Beckham.

    Anyway, regardless of how Kate is I still like her and I hope the best for her and the whole family.
    Maybe they will try to work things out, maybe not. But it does seem like they are both there for the children and thats all that matters.

  • Kate is irritating. She was so obviously trying to gather public support by whining about how she had no help for the party, how she was all alone and did everything all for the kids. I agree- it must be tough and I do believe she loves her kids, but I HIGHLY doubt she was the only one who set up that whole party.

    I also hate how she keeps denying that they asked for this when it comes to paparazzi and fans. Are you kidding me? What did she think was going to happen? Sure- I bet she didn’t beg them to come take pictures of her family when they were out and about. But if she wanted to simply “document her kids’ lives” as she claimed- she should have gotten a video camera and set it up in the living room. A TV show and books deals were unnecessary.

    And these poor kids. They are going to be famous forever and always known for being the cute, adorable kids on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I know I’m very interested in how each of their lives are going to pan out.. and that sucks that they will be noticed anywhere they go, throughout high school, college & beyond. I know they wouldn’t have as many experiences or freebies without the show… but I still think a normal life without all this chaos would have benefited them more than subjecting them to this.

  • I have a hard time watching it because she’s such a bitch and now she’s just there for the paycheck… Soon she’ll be having the show’s director fire one of her kids because they are stepping on her lines. It is such a sweet trainwreck; I might have to try to stomach it, hoping to see her implode.

  • I just feel so awful for the kids. It would be so confusing for mommy and daddy to be one way in front of a camera and a different way when the cameras went away. I just hope TLC pays for their therapy if Kate spends it all on her hair.

  • I use to LOVE them but now I see it for the farce it has become. I think that the people that still support Kate and dont believe anything we’ve seen and heard about either of them are probably really sad ppl who want to believe they have the “perfect family” we see on tv and cant let go of that image in their mind.
    I’m so SICK of hearing Kate say “EVERYTHING IS FOR MY KIDS” that is the biggst lie I’ve ever heard. Don’t tell me when those kids get older they’re no going to be affected by everything that is written about them in the mags and on the net.
    Now even ppl are saying things about they’re kids that they look like they all have down syndrome and that Maddy is a b****. Once ppl start making fun of your kid syou have to STOP FOR THEM

    • Well, you do have to admit that Maddy is kind of, erm, to put it nicely, high-maintenace.

      • Ever heard of a kid reflecting the tension in their family? With parents who constantly fight, I wouldn’t blame a child if she acts out under the stress. It’s her mother who is truly high maintenance.

  • Last night’s episode was so awkward to watch. It’s like a train wreck and of course I couldn’t turn away. I feel bad for the entire family. You could tell that Mady and Cara know what’s happening with their parents. At one point, one of the sextuplets told Jon they didn’t want him to leave anymore.

    I don’t dislike Kate, I just think that she has taken this too far and needs to allow the family to live without cameras for a few years. And that’s Jon’s problem, he doesn’t want cameras around anymore. I think he just wants to spend time with his family without every moment being filmed.

    Their body language during the interview together clearly showed that they didn’t want to be on the same couch. Both were sitting with their legs crossed away from each other, they tried not looking at each other. It was just sad to watch. I also noticed during they interview, they both answered ‘I’m here for my kids’. Not ‘I’m here for our kids’, ‘my kids’.

    I think if they want to continue filming, I think they should do yearly specials just to show how the kids are growing up. I have watched a few seasons of the show so I want to see how the kids growup but it is clearly creates problems for the entire family.
    I hope for the best for the family, and I hope they fix this before the sextuplets can realize what’s happening with their parents.

  • I feel bad for them both. I’d be bitchy too if I had eight kids. One probably has to be somewhat rigid when there are that many kids to look after. It must be awful for her to think of him running around on her, and to think that maybe she’ll be a single mother of eight soon. She DOES do a lot for her kids. Watching her last night made me see her as a stressed out mom who dosen’t know what her future holds. Watching Jon makes me wonder what she saw in him. And regarding the “my kids” thing, I call my kids that very same thing. See? Just did it. Dosen’t mean I’m fighting with my husband. I just think of them as mine. She may very well be a huge bitch, that doesn’t give him the right to cheat. Leave the relationship before whoring around.

  • You know, I just feel really bad for the family in general. We all know Kate has control issues… and Jon just lets Kate push him around, and he always takes her abuse. But they have 8 children that love them dearly, and I think they just need to get back to where they were BEFORE the kids came a long, and remember why they wanted children in the first place. Kate needs to makes sacrifices too, regarding the show. Jon obviously is done with doing hte show anymore. He doesnt want to be in the limelight anymore…and can you blame him? Can you imagine if your life was a show? They can’t have their own privacy…ever. Its never just them.

    What needs to happen is compromise. Kate needs to give more. Jon gave up a lot already…especially working out of his office, which he so clearly expressed that he enjoyed. Kates “career” came along after show had alrady been in production for how ever many years…and she is running with it…forgetting her husband and children.

    I think TLC is partly to blame for this. THey shouldn’t push a family of this size to such limits. I mean, with all the family shows they have, they should know that a family needs to stick together.

    As horrible as Kate is, I pray God gives her the grace to wake up and change. She has way too much to lose. I can only send my prayers out to the Gosselin Family, and hope they work it out.

  • Sadly, I agree with your assessment and most of the comments here. Something obviously changed in Kate as the show became popular. She is now the working parent (travel, speaking, book signings) and I think she has gotten totally wrapped up in this and as a result he has been totally dis-empowered. That is always doomsday for a relationship it seems. He is clearly searching for new meaning in his life (hello, are you kidding me with the car he drives?). They’re both human, making common human mistakes in such a situation. The relationship changed and now they are looking outside of it for fulfillment. If they do want to work on it they will have to drop the show and go back to being a normal family where he has more of a leadership role, but that is probably not possible anymore… sad.

  • I would agree with most comments here but I question what was really happening there.She stated her kids called her by the babysitters name(HELLO) that’s a pretty big wake up call that your away too much. I don’t think it’s wrong to want to work and the live the life you’d like but when your family is the job(how do u not be home with them?). I think TLC showed what Jon and Kate wanted everyone to see, not what was really happening. They should have addressed where Jon was and admit that they have seperated. I think Kate’s already planning the show without him. This years show will be how hard it is to look after 8 kids being a single mom! Mark my words, she’s already got this started by last night’s show.

  • I didn’t read all of the comments cause they all seemed to say a lot of the same things so forgive me if I’m repeating but I just feel so bad for John. I feel like Kate is just putting up a front for everyone. In all the interviews she was talking about how sad and angry she was but she sure seemed pretty happy in front of people. I realize that she can’t be depressed all the time in public, but if she was genuinely concerned about the state of her family, I highly doubt there would still be cameras around. I feel terrible for Jon. I don’t think he cheated, but even Kate seemed to be bad talking him the whole time. There was one moment when he was talking to one of the little girls and she said to him “i don’t want you to leave anymore” agh that made me so sad. He looked heartbroken and I really do think he’s fed up with Kate’s fame/money hunger.

    The other thing that surprises me about them is that in the first few seasons they seemed to have a big emphasis on their Christianity and going to God and trusting Him, which they don’t seem to be doing. I guess they’re too busy being famous.

  • The reason? Because you can bet dollars to donuts that Jon and Kate Gosselin will not answer the biggest, most important question of them all: If all this attention on your personal lives is making your marriage untenable, why not end the show?

    I mean, seriously, what’s more important? Celebrity or family?

    In a sneak preview of Monday’s episode of the show, Kate Gosselin says, “Everything is falling apart …. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders …. I will not give up. I will not lay down and die.”

    No, she will not lay down and die – she will Fi ght for the right to put her family on TV every week, while complaining that people should mind their own business.

  • The reason? Because you can bet dollars to donuts that Jon and Kate Gosselin will not answer the biggest, most important question of them all: If all this attention on your personal lives is making your marriage untenable, why not end the show?

    I mean, seriously, what’s more important? Celebrity or family?

    In a sneak preview of Monday’s episode of the show, Kate Gosselin says, “Everything is falling apart …. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders …. I will not give up. I will not lay down and die.”

    No, she will not lay down and die – she will fight for the right to put her family on TV every week, while complaining that people should mind their own business.

  • I hope they salvage the marriage IF it is better for the kids, but sometimes divorce is better to have a happy family life. It’s hard, believe me, but fighting 24/7 isn’t a great alternative either. I missed the episode last night but I will probably catch a rerun.

    It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kinda thing. So many families break up these days, then factor in having multiples and the percentage is even bigger. Who’s to say their life would have been so much better if they hadn’t done this? They were able to get financial stability for their children, now it is up to them to do the right things with the money and to focus on the well being of their kids. It may have cost them their marriage but imagine trying to provide for that family in these times?!

  • I can understand all the judging about Kate, she is nitpicky, nagging, and a bit egotistical. However, Kate is still a good mom to those kids, and they are the main focus.

    My problem is with Jon. Last night he was stand offish, childish, rude, and extremely defensive in all of his one on one interviews. He showed up late to his own kids birthday party and once there he wandered around like he had no idea what to do (idk maybe he could have played with his kids for a bit, who seemed really happy he was there). I think Jon is the one who needs to grow up. All I ever read is his whining about how he is not just Jon anymore but Jon and Kate Plus 8 and how he never got to live up his 20s. I’m sorry Jon did anyone force you to get married at 22? Didn’t think so.

    Kate may seem annoying but I know a ton of mothers just like her. In my opinion it is Jon who needs to learn to stand up for himself when Kate butts in or nags and Jon also needs to take responsibility for all the choices he has made. If that ever happens maybe then Jon and Kate will work out. Regardless, the children are the ones who are feeling the ramifications of their parents actions. I hope things turn around for them soon because those kids are too cute and deserve a happy life.

      • You can’t force someone to marry you. If Kate put pressure on Jon, that’s one thing. But ultimately HE made the decision, and HE needs to learn not only to live with it but to make it the right decision. Maybe he regrets his marriage, and that’s fine, because a lot of people do. But we cannot forget that he made his vows willingly, so there are no excuses for any regrets he may have.

    • I agree that she is a handful, but Jon was so immature and rude. Is this his way of acting out? I’ve got news for you, buddy: show or no show-you are not Jon anymore because you had 8 kids! Man up and get over the fact that you can’t go out and party anymore. You don’t just get to stop being a dad because you are sad you missed out on your party time in your 20’s. It’s no one’s “fault” but your own, and I don’t even like to say fault because 8 kids is no accident.

    • I have always thought that Jon gets too good a rap because Kate is the one who is overtly controlling/anal/whatever you want to call her. Jon has never struck me as a particularly good husband or even a nice guy, but people feel bad for him because he is married to Kate. Who knows why their marriage is ending, but it sounds like everyone agrees he made some bad decisions. Why is this the first time people are blaming him?!

  • I remember reading a blog on this site back in february this year about how jon was out drinking and partying. i prayed it was bs but i guess it was the truth. i liked watching that show because they seemed so normal and they showed such intimate personal info that you felt you really knew what kind of people they were, like all the wedding and honeymoon photos and the pregnancy stuff and Kate showed her nasty post multiples belly. They argued, she was controling and impatient, he was disengaged and also impatient but that stuff is pretty normal. whats not normal is now Kate had gone all celebrity and in no way resembles the woman we all identified with years ago and jon has given up what limited commitment he used to show her. these are two religious people who used to depend on their faith and love to get them through all the challenges life gave them but somehow, and i think it is the media, they have both changed. Jon is no longer commited to his marraige and Kate has an addiction to celebrity and its consuming her life. Who knows how this will affect those 8 kids but I dont see them staying married. Maybe after Kate realizes her fame is only based on her role as mother and wife and now that she is niether of those things anymore, and therefore will be forgotten about in a few years she will revert to her former self. maybe not. and even if she does who can say if Jon will still be there waiting ? its all pretty sad.

  • My husband and I watched it last night and it made us both a little sad. He commented on Jon’s car too.

    As for the decline in their marriage, it was pretty subtle. It’s not that Kate wasn’t always a bitch, it’s that you used to be able to see love between them. In looks or gestures, it was there. I haven’t seen it for a while.

    I realize that they ended up with an assload of kids very early in life, but it just seems like their marriage was never a priority.
    My husband and I were talking about what we would’ve done with the money, and babysitters for alone time would’ve been a major priority of ours.
    It would’ve been much higher up the list than say, spray tans and expensive cars, that’s for damned sure.
    Then again, my husband and I really, really like each other. I think maybe they loved each other more than they liked each other.

    I have to admit, it super broke my heart when Alexis told Jon she doesn’t want him to leave anymore. If I was Kate and I saw that, I’d work on my marriage like never before.

  • I have watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 since its first season, and have never left Team Jon. Kate it is a really good mother, don’t get me wrong, but she’s also a controlling, greedy diva. I basically agree with what almost everyone is saying here, and just wanted to add that she could have had more help at the party if she hadn’t shunned everyone helpful in her life (Jodi, Kevin, Beth, Bob, etc.). I was shocked to see Carla there! Her selfishness has left her alone. It broke my heart to see Jon on the verge of tears at the kids’ birthday party. Through this difficult time, I hope the Gosselins can find happiness and love.

  • Am I the only one who seriously dislikes Jon? I don’t want to befriend Kate by any means, but I think anyone with 8 kids would end up being a bit bitch/controlling. Yes I think the show has changed her, but Jon just sits there and sulks like he is another child! He is just as guilty as she is for putting them in the spotlight, despite saying it was “chosen for him”.

    I don’t like the way Kate spoke to him for the past few seasons either, but if I was in his situation, at some point I would have addressed it, instead of sulking constantly and now cheating on her.

    • I agree with you! I think the show should somtimes be called Kate plus 9. Jon is a such a little baby sometimes. I’ve gotten hooked on the show watching the marathon. It seems like Jon almost counts on the camera crew to watch his kids so he doesn’t have to. In all the episodes I’ve seen where he has the kids by himself, he has left them with someone else or not kept an eye on them at all.

  • I’m completely torn about the marriage, who’s “right” and who’s “wrong,” all of it. The one thing I do know is that the children seem very happy, smart, and well-adjusted — much more than many children I encounter… They’re outgoing and very affectionate towards each other and to the people they encouter. So both Jon and Kate must have been doing SOMETHING right thus far.

  • Kate even tried to control the dispersing of the candy in the pinatas (or chinatas as one kid kept saying). At one point Jon was like “I wanna do it!” It was like they were the kids fighting over turns. Kate needs to stop being so damn controlling. I feel like she is a good mom- to the extent that she loves and provides a good life for her kids. Could she fucking relax a little? YES.

    The first time I ever saw the show was an episode where she was making some kind of snack with the kids. She basically had them sit around a table and did everything while they watched. At the end they were allowed to lick the spoon. The thing she was making involved little effort; pouring of cereal, mixing in peanut butter and stirring. She didn’t let one kid help! I used to work with kids. The point of making that simple crap is to give kids the opportunity to help. That was when I realized her issues with control.

    My conclusion is that until Kate seeks help for her control/ anger issues she is going to have a boatload of problems far worse that what she is experiencing now. 8 kids hating your guts during adolescence???? I doubt that’s going to be fun.

  • Last’s night episode made me incredibly sad. I wish Jon would just man up and tell Kate that the show is wrecking their family and it would be in everyone’s best interest to stop it. Instead he just sits there and feels sorry for himself. P*ssy.

    • Oh I’m sorry bc you didn’t see him say that to her in front of the cameras he must have not said that?

  • I think Jon needs to man up. I dont like Kate either but if my husband and father of my 8 children sat around sulking like a little kid, i would probably boss him around too. I would also like everyone to remember that no one made Jon do any of this. He is his own person, he could have chosen not to marry Kate just as he could have chosen to not have children or more children after the twins. Also, he sits there bitching on the couch about how he doesnt want to do another season so why didnt he just stick to his guns and say no. No one could make him sign on for another season if he refused and there would be no “Jon and Kate plus 8” without Jon…Right?

  • It takes 2 people to start a marriage, 2 to start a family and 2 to fight. Jon cannot really say what he wants to say to Kate because he’s being filmed! Kate doesn’t give a crap and takes advantage of this. Just like when she was cleaning the frig and made Jon come in from outside to wipe a kid’s butt! That would be the day my husband of 12 years would do that, he would say f you, you do it! And how hard is it really for her anyway when there is always camera crew around. Kate said so her self, the kids love them. So if she walkes out of a room the crew is filming the kids and they wouldn’t let the kids run into the street or start a fire for pete’s sake! So Wa Wa, they fight… I have a news flash for married couples, are you ready for this one… YOU ARE GOING TO FIGHT WHEN YOU ARE MARRIED!!!! And it is always about sex, money, KIDS, family members, and dumb little stupid stuff. So get really good at fighting and making up and have forgiveness and exceptance in your lives. And for Jon and Kate, they should turn off the cameras and get alot of counseling.

    • You wouldn’t ask your husband to help with one of his kids if you were immersed in a heavy duty cleaning project? And he’d tell you to f off if you did?

      • Maybe Jon was doing something too that was involved. She wondered around for 5 minutes to look for the kid who pooped and then just pushed it onto Jon just like she always does. Wash your hands and wipe the boy, it takes 2 seconds. Plus how would you like to be barked at all the time? Kate need to look at her actions as well, you don’t ever hear her saying I do what I do because of Jon and my kids, It’s only… I do it for my kids and I love what “I’M doing. Last time I checked having a good marriage (I do not mean perfect marriage) doesn’t mean putting 1 person’s priorities before everyone elses.

      • I think she’s a total bitch that’s castrated her husband beyond all belief.
        I just think it’s not unreasonable to ask your spouse for help with something when you’re in the middle of a nasty cleaning project. And I think it is unreasonable for that request to be met with “f you.”

      • There is a nice way to ask for help and then there is kate’s way. But if you see how Jon is on the show Kate is always treating him like a child. Sometimes Jon does stick up for himself and that’s my point because the cameras are rolling he never says what he really wants to say like a “f you” once in awhile. Husbands across the country would be high fiving each other for Jon. The poor guy needs to grow some to let Kate know she is not always the boss. Maybe she would actually like it, a turn on… they both could use some stress relief.
        By the looks of last nights show, it just might be too late. But I do hope they work it out, it’s up to them.

  • if they get divorced, that child support would be OUT OF CONTROL. and she’d def get the kids haha poor jon.

  • I posted this somewhere else, but it is more appropriate here:

    I absolutely hate Kate. She is a selfish, pretentious, controlling, and obnoxious human. I can’t get past how she has evolved from a slightly bitchy mother from season 1 to an impeccably calculated, hair died, fake tanned, paparazzi complaining, I don’t want to be at home, I am so tired, double standard, money grubbing human who has sacrificed her children, her husband, her reputation, her church, and her friends, all for money.

    Kate should shut her mouth and act like a mother instead of a Lindsay Lohan train wreck, hollywood celebrity, wanna be. Her crapping out 6 kids after having a set of twins is selfish to begin with. Then expecting her husband to quit his job and sit at home while she flies around the country stroking her own ego” just takes selfishness to a whole new level.

    I don’t think I will be able to watch this season if I have to listen to her continue to complain about the “P people” and then pretend to be upset about the lifestyle she created.

    • A lot of mom’s have dyed hair and fake tans! I don’t, I live in Florida so the sun lightens my hair. A shit load of mom’s take time on their hair and skin. She’s not the only one. I also don’t think that she made Jon stay home. He could have said no. Keep in mind that many families have mom’s that are the main source of income.

  • I totally agree with most of you guys. I betcha it will come out in a year or so that Kate MADE Jon stick together to keep the show going on. It’s sorta amusing that when he got busted banging that chick, he NEVER said anything about “Loving his wife”. Never.
    He kept saying that he loved his children and family but he never uttered the words “wife or Kate”.

    • Kate can’t make Jon keep the show going. He’s in a contract with TLC to do so. He’s legally binded to J&K and must keep it going,even if he is a douche.

  • i love how people always say “you’d be bitchy too if you had 8 kids.” um, yeah, that’s because having sextuplets is unnatural and stupid, and just begs for a huge amount of stress. i am tired of rewarding people for having more kids than they can handle. they had 2 healthy girls – why couldn’t they have just been happy with that and had a normal life? but this is the bed they made, now they need to lie in it. and by lie in it, i mean stop filming, stop touring, go to counseling or seperate – whatever. they need to get it together for those kids whose well-being is obviously the bottom of the list of priorities for these two selfish twits.

    • They actually only wanted one more, and ended up having 6 (fertility drugs?) They didn’t mean to have sextuplets, it’s not something you can control.

      • When people get fertility treatments, they are made aware that multiple children are a possibility. Don’t make excuses for them. Choosing to get fertility treatments is certainly something that they could control.

      • My husband and I were talking about that last night too. I know a lot of people think they should’ve “reduced” their pregnancy when they found out so many had taken.
        Personally, I’d look at a reduction as bettering the chances of some of my babies to be born healthy and live happier. I’d do it in a heartbeat.
        But that’s not how they viewed it. They viewed it as having to decide which of their babies they were going to kill. And if that’s how you view it but you do it anyway, that’s kind of monstrous.

  • I, for one, LOVE that Kate, who admittedly loathed all of the fans of the show before now, has all of a sudden realized how much they mean to her, and her family to them…and how grateful she is to all the fans of the show…BARF BARF BARF…why not say, I realize how much money I make off of you airing all of my dirty laundry on air, selling out my family, and writing books and promoting them instead of spending time with my family.

  • There’s a lot things I’d like to comment on this blog, but it’d be a waste cause nobody reads.

    However, I do want to say I disagree with you Wendie when you say she’s being overly friendly to gain public support. From my own experience, I know I was acting overly cheerful so others would think nothing is wrong. I’m sure she is doing the same. Regardless if she is a wench. She is heartbroken. And it’s probably humilating that it is happening to her in front of TV with the world knowing. Being cheated on (which he so clearly did after watching him try to deny it) is hard enough, but for everyone to know… Its tough.

    • I actually doubt he blatantly cheated on her. I bet they’re legally separated or even divorced. She probably kicked him out (or into the garage apt) months ago and they agreed to be parents to the ankle biters, that’s all. I’m guessing their marriage has been dead for a long time now.

  • TLC SHAME ONE YOU!!! Let’s just put on a show watching people murder and rape one another. Or about one showing a live abortion? Or about one with two people just beating the living hell out of each other? I think that would just as good as what you showed last night. I really hate Kate for the woman she is and thought I would enjoy watching her “get hers” but last night was no more than watching what the Romans did when they threw Christians into the arenas to be eaten alive by lions. I was disgusted at about 20 minutes and went to bed. I will no more engage in this show, or participate in these boards and even give the tabloids another cent regarding these two people. I feel ashamed that I have “rooted” for the demise of two people. I hope this blog is a wake call for all of you out there who are doing as I did too and that we all demand TLC to stop this show immediately.

  • I don’t think this is anyone persons fault be it Jon or Kate – it’s the fault of the show, really.

    Jon doesn’t want it any more. I don’t think he anticipated what it all meant – exposing yourself and your family to criticism like this. And an EDITED version at that. Let’s not forget that the producers are able to spin content with careful editing. So we can be lead to hate or love someone just by the glimpses of edited footage. But I digress.

    At first it was probably great and exciting – a way to document the lives of your unique children and bring in some much needed money into the family. Who wouldn’t like that bright side? But then things got out of hand and Jon obviously has come to realize that he doesn’t like where this has all gone. He clearly does not want to be a part of the show – the show that IS the life of this family. Quitting the show is almost the equivalent of quitting the life. You can’t leave one without leaving the other.

    Kate has her faults, yes. I’ll be the first to jump on the bandwagon that she has control issues. But honestly – I don’t see what’s wrong with pampering yourself if you can when you are the mother of eight children. So what if she has a $300 hairdo? Maybe that is her way of de-stressing and rewarding herself for all of the hard work she puts in with those kids. Why is she a diva and selfish if she wants to take care of herself and give herself some treats? God forbid she take care of herself so that she can take care of her kids. There’s a quote that goes, “Feed the shepherd so he doesn’t eat the sheep.” I think that is perfectly acceptable for her to do – an expensively if they can afford it. I won’t judge, I would probably do the same thing.

    Yes, she has a career now. But Jon himself said he decided to stay home so that she could travel for work. That was a decision they made together, obviously. She is a talented woman, so why shouldn’t she share it? Why shouldn’t she also be allowed to follow her dream or hope or desires just because she has eight kids? Why does this make her a horrible person if she is making sure her children are cared for? I see everything she does for those kids and then also for herself and I know why it is that she is so high-strung. I would be to.

    The point is – they have obviously both changed. Jon wants to quit the entire process, Kate wants to focus on bigger things. They have changed as people and that will change the dynamics of a marriage. I don’t think it is anyone’s fault – I think it is life and they are finding themselves at a difficult crossroad. And I don’t envy them for it. And I certainly won’t condemn them for it.

    • My thoughts exactly…

      I don’t get all the hate about her looks. Jon stated that he likes how she looks, and you would want to look good on TV I am sure… are mothers just supposed to put on sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt and let themsleves go? I hope I look that good after one kid.

  • I don’t usually post comments, but we need to remember that though it’s “reality TV”, it’s still a TV show with a script, producers, directors, and story editors. The TLC production staff steer the show in a certain direction based on what the network/sponsors want, and Jon and Kate’s “characters” and stories develop according to a predetermined storyline. In post production footage is cut, edited, moved around, voice overs are added, etc. Reality TV isn’t just putting camera in someone’s house and letting it roll, it’s about making a TV show that draws viewers because it makes money for the network.

  • that ish on tv last night was real….and it was hilarious! Sad for the kids…….”Daddy don’t leave home again.”


  • Did anyone notice that Carla was there to help, but didn’t seem to show up for the actual PARTY?? Invited or no? AND, did they say ONE WORD to each other?

    Kate, be careful. She may be all that you have left!

    • Maybe Carla had something else to do? Or maybe she just wasn’t in the shot when they were filming.

  • It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. If you can’t have kids, there might be a reason larger than human understanding that prevents natural pregnancy. (Please don’t take this to mean that I’m saying the J&K Plus 8 kids aren’t cute, meaningful, etc. Self will is a big responsibility, there are always consequences, and we all have to be careful what we wish for.)

    TLC is not a network of much integrity in any of its “shows”.

    -Team “Jon” and has no kids.

    • Messing with Mother Nature? You mean by taking Tylenol when you have a headache, or are you reserving that statement for women who can’t have children?
      And what do you mean by “-Team “Jon” and has no kids”? That one confused the hell out of me.

      • I’m referring to fertility treatments.

        Team “Jon”….I support him and I don’t have any children. :)

  • I really really really hate her haircut. I can deal with the bitchyness, with her being over-controlling and needing to handle everything, and with her basically speaking for Jon and always having everything turn out in her organized way but for the love of GOD that haircut is HORRENDOUS. And what makes it worse is that there are other women out there who believe it actually looks good. UHH

  • Having watched the show since it’s beginning. I have come to four conclusions.

    1. Kate loves and means well for her kids. NO MATTER WHAT. Like every human being she has her ticks and one of them just happens to be her lazy husband.
    2. Jon is clearly the worse parent. He doesn’t like to do work and favors children over the other (althought Kate does this too, however not nearly as bad)
    3. Neither of them were ready to have eight children, but Kate stepped up and changed her attitude while Jon got worse and slacked off.
    4. Jon sucks major balls.

    On a side note about Kate’s looks- in several earlier episodes Jon made rude comments about her lack of style, maybe him beating down on her finally paid off.

  • Do you think their children will grow up thinking that it is okay to berate your significant other?

    I worry most about the children. Forget Kate and Jon. It’s the little ones that never had a say in this whatsoever.

  • JOn and Kate would not have worked out regardless of TLC and the show. She has always been the bossy controlling BULLY from day one. There is so much sh*t a person can take.

    And I’m sick of all you saying for the kids and mom this and dad this…. they need to think about their marriage as separate from their parenting roles in order to keep it together. A strong and separate relationship as lovers and friends make a marriage last not “for the kids” that wont get you anywhere with intimacy and a bond with your spouse. SO as long as that is their main motivation and foundation for a lasting marriage it wont work…humans and human relationships are not robotic.

  • Give her a break! Have 8 kids in front of TV and gain a fortune and YOU try and stay the same person you were before it all began. Granted she has her moments, i still think we should put ourselves in her shoes!

  • Why did they tell there kids that they would be together forever if they just got a divorce?