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Janice Dickinson’s Talking Smack About Tyra Again

Janice Dickinson at Pirates Premiere

Sheesh! Can no woman work with Tyra Banks and then have something nice to say about her? After Paulina Porizkova got the boot from her seat on America’s Next Top Model — citing the producers’ claim that she had an “ego problem” — former judge Janice Dickinson is backing her up.

“That’s how Tyra rolls,” she told MTV News. “Tyra rolls like that, she likes to fire people just about when she’s promising them large amounts of money, they get the axe, like I did … then she takes the money and runs.”

Ouch! Them there’s fighting words! Personally, I do think it’s very interesting that the male presences on the show have gone unchanged over the years, but Tyra can’t seem to keep a woman in the fourth judge’s slot for more than a couple cycles. For all her spewing about how women need to support and love one another, rather than being jealous and destructive toward one another, she sure doesn’t seem to be walking the walk.

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  • I never feel I can trust stories like this cos I’ve not heard anything from Tyra… it would be interesting to have her viewpoint on everything.

  • i beleive janice, she looks very honest! lolol
    it is true though about not keeping the women around long. plus why did they even let janice go? she was the simon of the show!
    plus i happen to think that tyra is a BIG TIME BITCH, and when is that sorry excuse for a talk show “tyra” gonna get the ax? god it wastes space!

  • “Smile with your eyes” people!

    And by the way Tyra. You did not invent the word fierce. So shut up already.

    Also, I can’t look at Janice without picturing the “drunk Janice” from that video that was posted on this site earlier.

  • On the show, I find Tyra a lot more tolerable than either Janice or Pauline, who both strike me as vain, annoying bitches. I was glad to see them go.

    I guess behind the scenes, Tyra’s an enormous pain as well. It is kind of telling that she can’t seem to keep a female judge.

  • I don’t even get how Tyra is popular at all. She is fat, ugly, has a big forehead, terrible weave, eyes that constantly wiggle and wink and blink. She talks about herself incessantly, is a bore. The last time she modeled anything was when she was 13 because she is at lease a size 20 now. She is just an overblown mess. She is a legend in her own mind. And the models she has picked on her show are crappy too. I don’t see them anywhere…please get her off the tv and someone tell her she is not Oprah’s illegitimate daughter.

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