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Jon and Kate Plus Board Certified Marriage Counselor


If Jon, Kate, and TLC want to keep this money train rolling, they’re going to have to find a way to cull a few more seasons out of the debacle they call family life. Reports are surfacing that the two may be seeking marriage counseling in a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship, and that TLC might film the counseling sessions and use the footage in a new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

“The big question is whether they’ll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree.”
Both Jon and Kate have denied having affairs, and family members have been urging them to seek professional help.

“But Kate didn’t want any kind of marriage counseling,” her brother Kevin Kreider told The ENQUIRER.

A source close to the couple added: “Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone. She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else.”

But camera-loving Kate is also determined to wring two more seasons out of Jon & Kate, sources say.

“Kate wants a future in showbiz, and airing their counseling sessions will shoot the show’s ratings through the roof,” added the insider.

Now, let me mitigate these reports by pointing out that they’re coming from The Enquirer. But it seems plausible to me, especially given that all the other sensational rumors surrounding the Gosselins seem to have turned out to be true. This one is mundane and believable by comparison, although I question how you could have a legitimate counseling session while you’re trying to project an image of perfect family life with cameras recording your every word.

Don’t forget to take some time out from the John and Kate Plus 8 marathon TLC has been airing all weekend to char some meat and veggies over a combustible heat source and spend some quality time with you own family. The season premiere airs tomorrow night at 9/8 central and I am inexplicably looking forward to it.

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    • If I was married to a women and she started wearing her hair like that I would cheat on her too. That is the worst haircut.

      • Her hair is cute. There are far worse styles out there…..we really can’t judge these people …how many out there are raising 8 kids……….give them a break…..

  • No RESPECTABLE marriage counselor would allow cameras into the counseling session. Having cameras in the room would prevent any real counseling from going on. They would be calculating everything they say towards ratings, etc.

      • I am suprised Dr. Phil hasn’t already showed up at their house to “help” and then held a press conference about the whole thing and then announce that they were going to be on his show!!

  • Yeah, because filming the sessions that are supposed to SAVE your marriage and plastering them all over television is really the right path to take.

  • Well if Jon would only learn to do E X A C T LY as she told him to, none of this would have happen. But that man insists on having his own opinion. So she has to degrade him in front of others to get him in line.

    I can’t image any therapist would see anything wrong with her behavior. hahahahaha!


    Oh my goodness… I would actually watch the show weekly if Kate was forced to have to listen to someone else, tell her she is doing something wrong. And then force her to apologize to the people she has demeaned through the years. Yes, I would watch that without hesitation.

  • Your caption for this blog entry is so funny!

    What hair salon in this country offers a haircut like hers??!!! OMG….where can I get rooster fluff on the back on my head. Looks like some freaky style of the 80s.

    • I so agree..come on ..choose one way or the other,,Bed head on the back..Spice girl posh on the front..SOOOOOO eighties..

  • Hautie- lots of folks *go* to marriage counseling, but some are still so arrogant they feel that the counselor is wrong and they are right. I can’t see Kate responding positively to any sort of suggestions of “look at it from another’s viewpoint” or “try not to be so controlling, lady.”

    I can imagine her screaming “YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!”

    (which is the tagline of the lady I work with, another crazy controlling coont)

  • I wonder if she trimmed up her pubes to replicate that nightmare on top of her hair and THATS what sent Jon into the arms of another woman…just a theory. Or maybe just the simple fact that she’s a controlling bitch???

  • I only watch the show to see Kate beat up on Jon. Personally, I don’t find screaming kids entertaining and I’m a teacher.

    I will watch the show if they are in counseling or if she is dating.

  • Kate’s hair is the least of her problems. That opening episode was painful to watch! I feel very sorry for both of them. They do need counseling, that’s for sure. I think she must be a person like my sister-in-law, who is good looking and talented and completely crazy. She was angry at my mother and stopped speaking to me because I was not angry with her over something that I could have cared less about. Kate seems to toss her own family under the bus at an alarming rate. I always wondered where the grandparents were?? She had the lady who folded her laundry, but no grandmas. The whole thing is a total mess and as Kate said, not where they thought they would be at this time. She has 8 kids to raise and put through college, but at what price? I hope they go to counseling and she learns to stop humilating her husband. Some of the things she says to him are just mean.

  • In the last few years, I got hoked on the program. Lately, Kate has gotten more and more controllingas well as other problems. Jon has gotten more depressed. Actually, as a retired Psyc. Nurse I would say they both need Not that are “crazy” but could use medication and councelling.

  • Spell check is not working, as you can tell. I missed some when I was checking). Please don’t hurt my feelings about my spelling!!!

  • I AM VERY SAD …..

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