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Rihanna’s Got a New Man!!!


Rihanna’s been a BUSY GIRL lately.

She’s in NYC recording her new album, but she’s definitely taking full advantage of her evenings. On Sunday, she and her band hit up Flashdancers gentlemen’s club on Broadway around midnight, after finishing up in the studio. “She and her group were tipping the girls quite frequently … it wasn’t only Rihanna,” says a source. “They had a good time. They were drinking sodas and water.” Good girl!

Ri-Ri wasn’t quite so good on Monday night, when she was spotted with a group of friends at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge. Rihanna spent most of the night locking lips with Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham. “She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,” says a spy. “They were really cute together.” Rihanna left with him around midnight.

There are pics of Aubrey below in the thumbnails. I’d never heard of him before this. Definitely a cutie-patootie! He’d better be treating you right, Ri-Ri!!!

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  • Sasha’s never watched Degrassi?!
    I recognized him right away… anything is better than her going back to Chris Brown, but this satisfies some weird part of me that wonders about childhood stars and what they do when they grow up…

  • I forget that Rihanna is my age. When I think about her making out with Jimmy (who is also our age but seems about 13 since I still see old reruns of Degrassi) it seems weird.

    But I actually like that couple. It would be cute if it lasted.

  • Jimmy!!! aww thats so cute hes dating rhianna. i didnt know he was a rapper now, thats pretty hilarious to think about after watching him grow up on Degrassi.

  • Jimmy! I always wondered what happened to him, though I figured that it would be something to do with rapping because of how awesome he was at it on the show.
    But Rihanna? Ew. He could do better with a nice Canadian girl. Oh well.

  • yes he’s jimmy. drake is actually an amazing rapper and will be the next big thing (he’s lil wayne’s protege).

    But god i hate Rihanna. boo to this couple

  • Ohhh, it’s the degrassi guy! That was such a good show, before it decided to keep going and going forever! But when he was on it, it was a good show, and Rihanna is probably a better person for him than someone like Shanae Grimes who was on the show with him, but I don’t know if they dated or not…

  • Rapper my ass. “Degrassi kid in wheelchair” is his proper and only title… forever.

  • I am so freaking glad I never saw that tween show because all I see is a REALLY REALLY scrumptious man. yummy!

    i enjoy him more as an actor than as a rapper, but no big.

  • Degrassi bitches! Dude, that guy is like, the luckiest star off of that show if he’s dating Rihanna!

  • I bet she watched the very special episode of Degrassi where they dealt with domestic violence and fell in love. He ended up in a wheelchair damnit!

  • I hate to be the one to say it… but it is obvious Rhianna has a type… Tall and Light skinned.

  • fuck the dude she’s with, what the hell is she doing wearing that fugly ass outfit!?!?

  • They Are both devil worshippers and members of the Illuminati. so who gives a flying fuck