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Rachel Bilson’s Home Burgled


Rachel Bilson discovered that her home was broken into while she was in Canada with her fiance Hayden Christiansen.

Her mom stopped by the house and discovered that, though there was no sign of forced entry, a television set, a vintage shoe collection, all her jewelry and — if I was burgled, this is what would put me on suicide watch — her entire Chanel collection had been stolen.  No one wants to suffer a crime like that, but leave the Chanel alone.  It’s just not right!

Bilson’s fashion collection is rather legendary; the value of stolen goods totals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Bilson is reportedly and understandably “devastated.”

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  • ugh, that’s just horrible. People are desparate nowadays and no one is safe from home burglary. I live in a gated community and two weeks ago there was a home invasion down the street! When you work so hard for what you have, no matter what or how much it costs, it’s so aweful for someone to break in and take it all. At least she wasnt home… My obsession is goregous shoes and I would be heart broken if someone stole them… or anything for that matter.

  • WHO is Rachel Bilson, how does she afford all those luxuries, and why does she think looking like Cousin It is a way to hit the red carpet at anything other than an Aadams Family premiere? Guh. Are those extremely straightened but somehow still poofy tresses holding up her dress? Looks like those raggy ends form the straps on that little number. Nice to see she hasn’t faux-boobed herself though!

    • I’m not the hugest fan of the hair style (although the color is interesting), but I love her outfit. The green and the snakeskin look great together.
      But really, be nice. She just got burgled…which I admit I didn’t know was an actual word.

  • ugh this sucks. :P
    i also read that the jewelry stolen included some handed down from her grandmother. :(

  • I. Would. Cry. For. Days.
    For me it would be the vintage shoe collection and the jewelry.
    VINTAGE. those can’t just be re-bought. And ALL her jewelry? Not one left? I would be devastated too.
    Who even gives a crap about the t.v. when your shoes, jewelry, and Chanel are gone.

  • C this is so true, I’d die if someone steals my jewellery and shoe collection, or even worse my dress collection…………………………Tv’s? take all you want.

  • This is horrible and all, but why don’t these people have security systems or a reliable (licensed and bonded) housesitter? When you have a security system, it goes off even if someone uses a key, and the police would be notified.

    • … they should have security systems. But sometimes when you live in an affluent or gated community (I’ve had many conversations about this with many different people), that is your security. You feel genuinely safe. I’m not saying its right, as I live behind a gate and never used my security system until recently. She should’ve activated her system, if she had one, and the company notifies you within 15-130 seconds. My cat set off our alarm by opening our garage door and the cops were at my house in about 45 seconds. It’s still aweful because she lost items that she may never be able to replace. Just aweful.. But, at least she is safely banging Hadyen

  • Wendie, I love your appreciation for designer names. Vintage shoes and Chanel collection. The closest I come to Chanel is make-up and perfume. I have a Louis Vuitton purse but it’s because I couldn’t afford Chanel. I’d do anything for a Chanel purse. I wonder what pawn shop the thief is unloading that stuff?

  • poor thing. i read somewhere it’s hard for her to find shoes because she’s a size 5 and that’s why she had a big vintage collection.