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Lauren Conrad Still Has a Book Deal and I Still Don’t


To check out an excerpt from Lauren’s fascinating and brilliant first novel, l.a. candy, which she definitely wrote all by herself, click here.

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  • oh god. reading that was really, really painful. also, her name is bigger than the title of the book on the cover. wow.

  • oouf
    i love this girl, i really do
    watching the hills is also really cool
    but that book … suuuucks so much
    braden ? really
    and how come her love interest is descripted as spencer ??

  • thanks beet, that was really cruel. i only read one paragraph and my iq is now about as low as a white bread’s iq.

  • maybe i’ll take 2 min out of my life to read a few sentences when i see it at the $1 bin at the dollar general. or maybe not….

  • Ugh. I had aspirations to write my own novel and have been in school for six years to get my MFA in Creative Writing, but the fact that this will be published just crushed my dreams. I’m hanging it up and becoming a stripper.

  • This book really doesn’t need to be all that bad.After all,it’s not aspiring to be an edgy classic.It’s supposed to be a flirty,fun summer read and nothing more.If it fails at doing that and turns out just plain stupid,than it really IS a bad book.

  • I swear on my life that Lauren did not write this book herself. My co-worker’s friend is a ghostwriter who wrote 36 of the new Nancy Drew books. Lauren came to HarperCollins Publishing Company with the idea for this book. HarperCollins set out for a ghostwriter to write the book. My co-worker’s friend was the one chosen. Lauren did nothing but pitch the idea for this book.

  • I still love her on The Hills though! But she’s supposedly really dumb and really mean in real life. What celebrity, more than likely, isn’t though?

  • Do NOT support celebrity “writers”…it is a total sham and an insult to the reader and the ghostwriter (the person who actually wrote the story and has to sit back and watch the celebrity take the credit).

    The publishers think if Lauren Conrad’s name takes up half the front cover instead of the name of the actual writer that idiot tweens will run out and buy it. Reality celebs are a joke, always milking any possibility to extend their already pathetic 15 minutes of fame.

  • I wonder if you all would have such terrible things to say if it was written by a non celebrity or anyone other than Lauren Conrad.