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Cynthia Nixon Engaged!!!!


I am issuing a restrained congratulations to Cynthia Nixon, who announced her engagement to her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, over the weekend while campaigning for same-sex marriage in New York. The congratulations is restrained because, although I am very excited for the happy couple and very much believe that any consenting adult should have the right to marry any other consenting adult, I don’t understand why anyone would want to marry a consenting adult who looks like a 12-year-old boy from an Adam Sandler film. But, hey, to each his own, right?

Congrats to Cynthia and Christine! I very much hope you two have the opportunity to wed in New York in the near future.

This got me thinking. Two of my friends here in Seattle got married over the weekend in New York City. They got back last night and showed me the photos today. It was a gorgeous and private wedding in Central Park, complete with a romantic carriage ride. They both came back glowing. They’ve been a couple for five years, they complement each other perfectly, they respect and honor and care for one another, and one of them is black and the other is white. In 1948, New York would have been one of a handful of U.S. states in which they could have been legally married. It was 1967 before all U.S. states allowed interracial marriage. When we look back on that today, it seems insane and ancient that we would have laws prohibiting a beautiful, loving couple like my friends from getting married. It is my hope that, to my children, bans on same-sex marriage will seem equally distant and silly.

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  • I’ve read an interview with Cynthia Nixon that her girlfriend never wears women’s clothes. In the article, she said that she bought her a pair of boots as a gift (and I’m guessing they weren’t heels), and because they were women’s boots, they were promptly returned.


  • ha, I only already knew about this because Michael K of DListed is OBSESSED w/ Christine Marinon (whose real name I always forget, since he always calls her Rojo Caliente)

    I really do see the whole gay marriage thing as being SO similar to the whole no-interracial-marriage thing. Same principle, in my eyes. Many people were opposed to members of different races back then marrying for similar reasons (“I was taught that it is wrong”– hell, some people still feel this way).

  • I guess love truly is blind. If Cynthia Nixon were a gay male actor, you can bet her partner would be way hotter. I’ve never seen a male star with someone this aesthetically challenged.

  • Beet, thanks for the post. It really made me happy that someone, who is popular as you, shares my same view points.

  • I thought I saw something recently that said that they did legalize same sex marriage in New York. Or maybe it was just that it was in the works. Whatever the case, it is likely that they will be able to marry soon!

  • I honestly had no idea that was a woman until I read your post. So…I don’t get it. If you want to be in a relationship with a woman, wouldn’t you want her to look and act like a woman? If she only wears men’s clothes, and looks and acts like a man, then why not be with a man??

    Oh well…more power to them and I wish them well!

    • I always just assumed this relationship was a transition thing. You know, the first woman you’re with looks more like a man than a woman, then the next looks more like a woman till finally you’ve got the lipstick lesbian.
      But I guess it’s love.

    • That’s kind of an ignorant statement.
      Who says what a woman should look and act like?
      It’s called falling in love with a person, not a gender.

      • antlerlashes, although I get the warm sentiment of your comment I must say your post is also ignorant.

        Unless you are bi-sexual you choose a mate by your sexual preference first and then you fall in love with the person.

      • I think Cynthia Nixon would fall under the category of Bi, then, since she was married to a man previously

  • I feel horrible saying this but she looks like Ham Porter from The Sandlot. The strangest part to me is that Cynthia was with her boyfriend for 15 years and had two kids with him before she left him for Christine…I guess love is blind.

  • I am thrilled that they are engaged, and I hope they can get married in New York as they wish. I agree that marriage should be equal for all consenting adults (and I’m a registered Republican, gasp!).

    That said … Cynthia! You can do better! Man or woman. *shiver*

  • Many years ago, Christine Marinoni, two years ahead of me in high school, was elected Student Body President as well as Homecoming Queen. If you met her, you would know why.

    Cynthia is a lucky woman.

  • “you can do better” – because she is unattractive? you people are disgusting. grow up.

    • i agree. so superficial. it’s one thing to say the lady’s unattractive, but “you can do better” is really ridiculous. obviously she’s with a good person who loves her, but wait-she should be really fucking hot too because that’s what matters.

  • This is great! Good luck to the both of them.

    Since when did looks matter when it came to LOVE and matters of the heart anyway? I think a couple of your readers failed to look in the mirror before commenting this morning. In any case, thanks for sharing this wonderful news.

  • My mom is white and my dad is black. I know what you mean, beet. It would be very pathetic and sad to know that “back in the day” even if my parents were so in love, they wouldn’t have been able to marry. It’s quite sad, actually. I guess the main argument is that if the couple is male and female, whether African-American, Caucasian, Asian or Indian, they are equal and are able to marry. The reason gay couples have such a difficult time is because it goes against “religion,” not racist preference.

    On another note, I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS A LESBIAN! whattaya know…

  • It looks like a cross b/t Danny Bonaduce and a bad day at the trangender parade. I think Christina is a man with a strap-on posing as a woman who is really a man. Did you follow that? That is one ugly girl – and IF Nixon wants to marry to help gay marriage – PLEASE DON’T WE DONT’ NEED YOUR HELP – DROP THE BULL DYKE – SHE’S SCARY

  • Christine sweetie, you are a woman. Have a little respect for yourself and put on a little make up, do something with that red mop on top of your head and wear some damn woman’s clothing for goodness sakes! I am happy for the both of you, but what do you plan on wearing to the wedding? A tux?? Boxers or briefs??

  • I’m convinced now that this woman merely takes a bad picture. I happened to walk by them at the rally on Sunday afternoon, and noticed what beautiful women they BOTH were. Some people just aren’t photogenic. IRL, Christine looks very very charming. Not to mention that their family is beautiful. Both of their kids were there as well, and their daughter was decked out in full pride regalia… one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

    And, in agreement with what’s being said above, love really is blind, and I know I dream of finding the happiness that radiated from the whole bunch of them one day.

  • Dude, I don’t see how any women can be a lesbian in this whole world. I am a female and I had sex with a women 1 time, and her pussy smelled and tasted soo bad that I almost puked all over her. I went down for like 5 minuted before I came back up gasping for air. That was all I could do, she ate me out after I was done with her and that was alright, our boyfriends watched as we did this and then I screwed her man and then she screwed mine. I feel I got jipped, her old man had a small ding a ling too. What a crock, me and my old man decided that we were enough for each other, that was the first and the last time we ever tried to be swingers.