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Adam Levine and Cameron Diaz?


So I got an email this morning from the fabulous Jenna over at PantyLine Press informing me that Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Cameron Diaz are apparently a couple. Actually, she emailed me because she’d been researching Adam’s past girlfriends and had come across this photo of his ex Sophie Monk, with my hottie crush Matt Felker in the background. “Isn’t that your honey?” she asked. Ha. I love how the whole world knows about my random crushes. But, for the record, that’s all in the past! Matt is amazing and smart and gorgeous and I adore him, but in a strictly platonic sense these days! That said, I’m always happy to see a photo of him. ;)

Anyway, apparently model Paul Sculfor is a thing of the past, because a witness caught Adam and Cammie on a lunch date at Chateau Marmont. Chateau Marmont! How original! Because everything that happens at Chateau Marmont stays at Chateau Marmont, and that place has absolutely no record of leaking everything that happens there to the press. Oh, wait. Except that’s not true at all. Actually, the Chateau used to be a place where celebrities could go and have things keep quiet, but that all changed somewhere around the time that Lindsay Lohan was living there and Jen Aniston and John Mayer were sucking face all over the place. Time to find a new secret hideaway, celebs!

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  • Well she must be desperate for attention… cause he is yet another boy whore like John Mayer. Oh wait… didn’t she already shag Mayer too?? My bad… I forgot Cameron like the boy whores. hahaha!

  • I almost got turned away at the door of Chateau Marmont one night for having worn a pair of shorts, but luckily the guy we were with was cool enough to “be somebody” and they let us in. I was so excited I forgot to look for celebs making fools of themselves or trotting out new partners… next time, and I’ll wear pants.

  • Larry Crane YOU are somebody. I applied for job at the Marmont when I lived in Hollywood. They require headshots for applications. I even “knew” someone and still didn’t get in job-wise that is.
    Cameron and Adam, huh?

  • Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston should just become a couple. They constantly have once-removed sex anyway. Then finally, we can all stop talking about them both.

  • all of her men seem like super controlling a-holes, justin too! he basically carries biel around on a stick. maybe she likes short leashes!