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Kate Gosselin Sold Out By Brother


Star is getting in on all the Gosselin drama, making the couple their cover story this week.  Instead of random postulating, Kate’s brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider share their perspective.  And it ain’t good.

According to Kevin, and now we know where that not-so-outlandish People story came from, Jon shared with him his suspicions that Kate “Stop Breathing So Loudly” Gosselin was having an affair with their bodyguard Steve Neild.  I don’t really see the problem since Kate’s brother also maintains that the Gosselins have a contract written up that permits Jon to have girlfriends on the side as long as he continues to stay on the show.

Keider also confirms that when TLC suggested they be paid for their time on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate flipped out and ended their relationship.  She is now estranged from all her siblings and her parents.

But the most shocking accusation brought to light?  Kate’s controlling.  Stay tuned for next week’s article titled “Bombshell!  Kate Gosselin Likes To Clean!”

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  • omg this story just gets better and better. i knew she was batshit, but jesus. i love a good trainwreck. poor kids though.

    • 1999? More like 1983!

      Poor kids. The parents are turds. That isn’t the kiddies fault. They’re gonna pay the consequences of their parent’s fame-whoredness.

    • I’ve actually ran into 2 high school friends in the past couple of weeks & they both have that cut. UGH! I wonder if she’s the reason it’s getting popular, for lack of a better word?

      And I love a good train wreak but all I can think of is those kids :-(
      It just makes me sad.

  • And to think that just last night i was telling my husband that i dont think Kate is a cheater… lol.. He thinks she is, and now im not too sure..

    What a buncha bullshit..

  • Kudos to Jodi & Kevin for finally throwing this train off the track!!

    Only the people who have been thrown under the train in the past few years have the power to finally break Kate’s balls.. Good for you!!

  • It’s hard for me to get past the fact that TLC has empowered and continues to empower an emotionally destructive abuser who happens to be an attractive white woman and so is not being held responsible for the havoc that she’s wreaking on those around her.

    When I read her statements about how their circle is getting smaller and now consists only of people who are on their payroll and that she’s worried that their “last friends” might leave them, I couldn’t help but wonder if she in anyway understands that this is the direct consequence of her anger and selfishness.

    But if the ratings stay high, I guess that Kate will still dominate this situation without remorse. It’s too bad that the kids are too young to leave. Then maybe she’d wake up to what she’s done to her family for the sake of free, matching stuff, money, free cosmetic procedures and fame. And don’t tell me that the kids are not terribly disturbed by what’s going on. I hope that J&K are lining up free therapy for life for them.

  • I totally believe the whole Aunt Jodie thing. I mean one moment she is on the show, babysitting all 8 kids at the same time like once a week, and the kiddos love her and she loved them. And then suddenly she is out of the picture without even a tiny bit of an explanation from Jon and Kate. Granted it’s no one’s business, but you would think that having an active member of the family on the show all the time suddenly disapear (especially if it was something innocent) it would be explained. Plus I totally see Kate going ape-shit when told someone else besides her would possibly make some money. You can see the greed in those crazy eyes.

    P.S. her hair-do should be illegal and only meant to be worn by sad emo-kids.

  • This is great; something to take up space from Lindsay and Sam. I can’t wait for her to really freak out. I know the Aunt Jodie stuff burned her ass where Jodie and the brother were getting better emails,”more caring” towards the kids than Kate… so wow, I’m eating this up, keep it coming…She’s gonna be a publicist’s nightmare.

  • Not saying I don’t believe them, but there’s something fishy about it. Like they only did it to piss Kate off for what she did to Jodi.

  • like all of you i like to be in the know, but i think they need to be left alone. they are a normal family that have kids, but yes- they do have a reality show and it does come with the territory in a way (to be talked about), but just leave them alone and don’t mention the kids. also, get a life!

      • who came to the wrong website? YOU did….idiot!!! It’s a freaking reality show people….stop for one moment and put yourself in their place….oh wait…that’s right….your all so high and mighty and oh so frickin righteous. Please forgive.

  • Normal family???Left alone???? Creativityx3….lol!! What is normal about a greedy person using her husband as a whipping post, whoring out her 8 children for freebies and book deals? What is normal about promoting a book that she claims she wrote…when in fact she didn’t….Beth Carson wrote the book. What is normal about leaving your children with a nanny 23 days out of 30 to talk about that book.. and church funded speaking arrangements. There is nothing NORMAL about Kate Gosselin! She has turned into a money grubbing monster who will throw her own family members under the bus to gain herself fame and fortune with no regards to what the consequences are.

    If Jon were truly smart he would hop off that train right now, take those kids out of that crazy OCD bitch’s clutchs and write a tell all book to secure his own financial future! You know that is the book that people want to read. Enough with Oh..they are a normal family bullshit. There is NOTHING normal about them.

    • Exactly. They are not a normal family. I think by watching from Season 1 people can see the downward spiral of Kate. And I fucking love this awesome gossip about them. It gets better and better everyday. They are both fucking around, and at the same time fucking up their children.

  • I just think this story makes his brother & sister-in-law look shitty. I know they had a huge falling out, but you are still selling your story, talking shit about your family. You are selling stories that are hurtful to all your nieces and nephews. Disgusting. Sounds like someone is still mad that they had their little bit of fame taken away from them.

  • You see they have a contract. Therefore he was not lying when he said “I did not cheat on Kate” he was not cheating he was acting completely in the bounds of the contract by having a girlfriend.

  • Kevin and Jodi are pretty low class to give an interview about the Gosselin’s marital problems. How does this help anybody? I think these two are jealous and resentful of Kate’s ambition. So what if she wants money and for her kids to have a better life than she had? The economy is awful! You have to seize opportunities that come your way because those opportunities won’t exist forever. Those kids live in a beautiful home and they will probably get a fabulous education. Good for them!

  • Despite how people feel about Jon & Kate, who the hell are her brother & sister in law to air someone else’s marital affairs publically? Her own brother? That’s disgusting. And why is it Jodi always looks/sounds high when she sets herself in front of a camera.

    I absolutely cannot stand my sister in law but the last place you’d find me is sitting in front of a camera talking about her parenting skills or the relationship with her husband or lack there of if she were to ever become famous. Its not their business to comment on. With people like her brother and sister in law around, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why their circle is getting smaller & smaller. Would you want people like this around?

  • Turds and batshit! Now those are some accurate descriptions of some mighty sad people.

    Go Krieders! Somebody needed to address the elephant in the room! It must be worse than we, or at least myself, ever thought. She’s pretty much alienated herself from everyone except her bodyguard!

    For the sake of the kids, the show needs to end and the marriage needs to end. Now.

    Kids should be reared by Jon.

    We all knew Kate was a bit crazy, but to continue on with that haircut confirms it. She’s not only mean, but stupid too. Ug. Make her go away!

  • I don’t understand how people can say that the Krieders speaking out is bad.

    From what it sounds like, Kate threw the first punch by cutting them out of a show and a potential salary.

    She cut everyone else out of her life too by being a royal bitch!

    If I were a victim of a farce like the one Jon and Kate put on, you bet I’d go public with it – if for no other reason than to clear the air.

    And, if I felt the well-being of kids was at issue, I’d do it even bigger.

    Kate and Jon are a sham. What is happening now is a result of that sham and the kids will be the ones to suffer.

    The only way for it to end is for the Krieders – and others who’ve been quoted in the media – is to come forward.

    Kate needs to be taken down. I support the Krieders all the way. And, if they were paid for their interviews, more power to them. Kate could have avoided this all along if she treated them fairly to begin with.

    I guess the new story is Kate’s former best friend who no longer speaks to her.

    Sidenote: Kate is a horrible mother. She feeds, baths, and dresses. That’s it. She doesn’t play or otherwise interact with those kids.

  • Kate sure is something else…she now wonders why Jon does not want to be around her…she looks sad…do you think she knows how bad she was to him…give me, do this now, you act like a child, and that HELLO in the stores..I wanted to reach threw the TV and just slap her in the back of the head. Poor Kate my back side…it is like more poor kids and jon….

  • Man, the brother says he is concerned about the children being exploited, but saying this cruel gossip about their paretns FOR MONEY NO LESS, is far far worse. This is manipulitive and oportunistic. The minute they see a crack in the veneer and the public wants more, there are the stupid in-laws, ready to give up their family to personal attack for MONEY. Say what you want about Kate, but central to her plans is giving her children an education. Good for her for seeing to their future. The brother is only bringing on more heartache. Use your heads.

    • The Gov. of Penna. gave ALL the kids a free college education! Also, she’s broke?Not that hawk! go back to nursing, I am a nurse,but I wouldn’t want u on my shift! Put a beggar on a horse & they will ride them to hell>Poor poor kids, no family!

  • Cindy, do you have any proof that Kate’s plans are for giving her children an education? Where is the money for the education? Separate bank accounts for the kids? Trust funds?

    Jodi and Kevin are standing up for the children. Anyone who has watched episodes of the show can see the difference in the way Jodi treated the kids and the way Kate did. Jodi and Kevin genuinely care for the children. Do you think they enjoy coming out in public like this? If they were angry about not being on the show, they could have come out a long time ago with a tell-all. How else do you think they can stop the children from being exploited? They have spoken with Jon and Kate directly prior to this.

    This situation is not as simple as it appears, so please refrain from lambasting and vilifying the Kreiders. If the show is cancelled, maybe Kate will think about working to repair the relationship and marriage for the sake of the children. If it is not, then you can look forward to an extemely ugly divorce, with Kate calling for custody of the money-makers….oops, I mean kids. Both parents need to grow up and really put their children first. Jon appears more capable of that than Kate at this point in time.

  • The world would have understood jon saying “I’m tired of being emasculated on national television; I’m outta here”. Instead, he embarrassed his children, his OCD bitch of a wife and took leave of any self respect that was remaining. They are both in a sinking ship and TLC should show some balls and cancel the show! Perhaps the children can regain some ‘normal’ life and turn out ok.

  • I dont know about normal but I do feel sad for the kids this mess dosen’t help none but that’s not why. how many kids after 3yrs old are forced to take a nap. they arent allowed gum among other things. its sad to add this to mess and unforntly cara and madi now being 8 almost 9 it wont be long before the paporatzi finds somethin to say about them and spin it so looks worse. i feel bad for the kids and wish they didnt have to worry about all this.

  • OMG, leave this couple alone, they have enough to deal with. Getting a divorce is not easy and you people aint making it easier!

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