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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere in Trouble!!!


I would like to start off by saying that Kate Gosselin’s new epithet is most definitely Kate “Stop Breathing So Loudly” Gosselin. (Thanks Wendie! I couldn’t stop laughing at that one.) Secondly, the LA Times has an interesting story today about how the Jon & Kate producers are scrambling to incorporate Jon’s cheating ways into the storyline for the show — which has its season premiere scheduled in two weeks.

I didn’t realize this, but the LA Times says that Us Weekly — which broke the Jon cheating scandal — has seen its sales skyrocket as a result of their J&K coverage. My guess is that a lot of people who don’t normally read gossip mags are avid followers of J&K. (In fact, this website is proof of that — we have a whole nest of commenters who only comment on J&K stories.)

The last J&K season finale drew 4.6 million viewers, a HUGE number for a cable show. Lord only knows how many people will tune in now to watch the fallout. Honestly I don’t know how Kate is going to be able to sit on that couch next to Jon and do an interview without stabbing him repeatedly in the eye. The producer is gonna be all like, “So, Kate, tell us about Aaden’s appointment at the ear doctor” and she’s gonna be all like “JON! STOP BREATHING SO LOUD! YOUR HAIR PLUGS LOOK AWFUL! YOUR FACE IS TOO RED! WHY ARE YOU SO FAT?


I am SO excited.

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  • A few tabloid-ish sources are reporting that she, too has been unfaithful. Apparently, the family bodyguard and Kate have been getting it on. I don’t buy any of this by either side. I do feel bad for the kids and the Gosselin extended family and friends. Now they’re all under such intense scrutiny with the paps camped outside their homes. They did not sign up for this. It’ll be a shame when the kids have no friends for parents’ fear of being sucked into all this.

    • Karma is a bitch Kate!!! I hope you saved some of that money, how are 1.3 milliom dollar houses selling these days? Is that body gaurd your banging going to support your 8 kids? When you treat people as bad as you do, this is what happens!!!

      • How can you be so harsh about a woman that is raising 8 wonderful children, maintaing a household & is organized as she? The tabloids make money on crap like is being printed about these parents. I don’t know how she would even have time to do all that is being said of her. Don’t judge until you walk in these shoes!!

  • I dont believe the rumors! Kate’s pretty funny, very type A and Jon is super laid back. I love the show…eight kids. Yikes! But what really bothers me is her hairdo. That beaver possom tail in the front and porcupine spikes in the back. Awful!

  • I’m a HUGE jk+8 fan, but I was reading Peoples coverage of the story earlier, and Kate kept saying things like “I dont know what to do to make the paparazzi and frenzy stop!” She could END THE SHOW. No one is forcing her to continue doing it. I’m one of the few who really like Kate (albeit she does have her impossible moments) but this kind of stuff makes me so angry–she has control, and continues to keep her family in the public eye regardless of what it is doing to them.

    • She likes the money and fame too much. She doesn’t care about her children or family. She hasn’t talke to her own parents and siblings in years.

      • right on ,ya why doesnt she talk to her parents ,money gone to her head ,and ya she is fooling around ,and mady needs a damn spank ,brat,

      • if i was gonna show my children on t.v.I think i would make sure they behaved better than Mady that is for sure!!!!!

  • What type of sick people would show the entire nation their cheating scandals on a TV show for extra money, while having 8 small children? Let me guess. Jon & Kate.
    These people make me sick and I hope that they fall flat on their faces and become even more humiliated, that they can never leave the house again. These people need to be thrown off their pedestals.

    • Um…probably people with 8 hungry mouths to feed and clothe and put through college. It’s obvious to anyone who’s ever watched that show that those children are loved and well cared for.

      • Back when I still watched the show, I would cringe in advance just thinking of Kate’s demeaning treatment of Jon. If she were a man, no one would have any trouble seeing her as an emotional abuser. She’s been getting a pass because she’s a physically attractive woman.

        Lots of people have large families but don’t exploit them and get rich doing so. Even single mothers raise eight kids, alone, and keep them loved, fed, clothed, housed, and sent to college.

        I don’t care how long TLC keeps up their Freak-Show-Family programming; I’ve stopped watching. TLC at this point is enabling the destruction of a family in every way but materially. They’re empowering a destructive woman to alienate every single person who was close to her before she figured out how to profit from her irresponsible reproductive choices.

        Where is the outcry from the Christian groups who invite St. Kate to speak against exploiting your minor children, degrading your husband and rejecting your family and friends in exchange for money and fame? Is the IRS on to the fact that J&K are raking in cash “love donations” in churches and being given a fortune in free goods and services?

        TLC has a debacle on their hands, but I guess they are too busy selling advertising minutes to care. Before you know it, the kids will be old enough to turn on their parents and sue them for squandering the money that their children earned for them. This is just too sad and wrong.

      • I agree Kate is so mean. My boyfriend and I both watch with disgust of how she underminds Jon and tells the kids not to listen to him. The kids need some sort of discipline. She is terrible

      • They are loved and cared for by Jon!!!!! Who bathes them and get them ready for bed??? Where is the princess??? Oh. that’s right she is too stressed out!!!! Give me a break.

      • When they renewed their vows she was ticked that the little children all gave their hawaiian leis to Jon instead of her. That tells you something there. She said that the little boys SHOULD have given her their leis to her and the little girls SHOULD have given them to their father. She seems to be a real control freak!

  • Hey, don’t know how this psycho chick gets so much attention – really, she’s not hot. Too lezbo and from recent pics she’s porking up.
    Ugly inside, ugly outside
    Her husband’s not great either but he’s got more options than his dyke wife

  • Wonder how Kate going to feel when she loses her $1.3 million dollar home. She is really a bitch. I know Jon and his brother, also I knew his father, he would be so embarassed how she treats him if he would be alive to see what is going on. Jon get rid of her, she isn’t worth it, she is ruining the lives of “YOUR” children. You are more of a parent to them then she is. I can’t stand to watch the show anymore, how she puts you down and won’t let you talk. I would have cheated on her long already.

  • Apparently she’s aiming to have her own talk show and Kelly Ripa is somehow involved. Probably they can discuss who has the better highlights
    TV is really going down the toilet

  • the marriage has problems no doubt now but it is amazing the jealousy they have sparked in so many people…we watched some video by Kates brother and his wife Jody( wow, is she mad) and he basically went on about hoping Kate didn’t trade in her family for fame an forture( the fame and forture Jody would love to have)…people are people ..none of us is perfect and Kate sure isn’t but we love her…gosh if somebody had to be perfect to be loved no one would be loved by anyone…we think( and we don’t know for sure any more than you do) that Jon may be screwing around and drinking alot( his face is pretty red and he looks miserable an jealous of Kate) somehow he got left behind….for some reason people always think the woman is the child rearing expert in a relationship….not always true…both parents contribute….Jon did get kind of emasculated by her…its just a marriage gone bad and sad…not necessary to rip them to pieces…how ridiculous that people think they ”know”…we don’t …we are only guessing….get a life…of your own…

  • It’s unfortunate that people are upset by the fact that the gravy wagon came to a stop for Kate’s brother and sister in law. It is also sad that Kate is decried because she’s out trying to make a living with her books, and Jon could at least be supportive and stay home with the kids, since he has no book to promote. If however, he did, I’m sure she would be supportive. Marriage is not 50-50 or even 100-100–it’s whatever the situation calls for. Without flexibility and adaptability, no relationship will survive. So, if Jon spends time with his children, doing the things children require, hurray for him. Anyone who thinks that raising 8 children can be done solely by the mother, obviously hasn’t the faintest notion of what having children entails. She seems to be energetic and focused, and Jon has done great in being supportive, as he should. He has no other job, and should be right in the thick of raising those children with Kate. I’m glad she has been able to find outside help (as in hired) to deal with the basics of having 10 people in a family. I’m sure it has not been a picnic to have a cre constantly invading your home and relationship. I wish both of them all the good luck in the world as they navigate their marriage and parenthood!

  • OMG, this couple is being exposed for the snake-charmers they truly are – kind of like the Bernie Madoff’s of the reality TV world.
    They asked for this – no, let me rephrase that: They went BEGGING for a TV series. And NOW they’re crying boo-hoo?? Oh please, give me a frigging break….
    People are now scratching their head’s and going WTF????? Let’s see, you’ve got the harpie mama who slowly and methodically neutered her husband, you’ve got the husband who got roped into marrying that witch, and then spewing out 2 litters of kids. They further their ungodly stress level by allowing cameras to document their daily fiascos. Just for the almighty dollar…..Now, to thicken the plot and fool the viewing audience, they truly can’t stand each other but ACT like they do. More ka-ching……and let’s write some stupid ass books about our children and pretend we wrote them ourselves. Ka-ching……
    Oh yes, and then Harpy Mama hits the talk show circuits to complain, oh boo-hoo-hoo about how she never ‘asked’ for any of this, sob sob.
    And she was so horrified when she heard the allegations of her ‘soul mate’, the ‘love of her life’ cheating on her!! How could that BE??!!!
    TLC should be smacked upside the head for continuing this charade, THEY are the ultimate deceivers after all.
    Oh, and Jon and Kate: NO MORE KIDS

    • You are very cruel and probably have no children that you are raising!!!!! And then if I’m wrong I feel sorry for your kids as well!!!! How can you judge and berate people like that. Like they say — walk a mile in their shoes —- do you have 8 children you are raising under 1 roof with the same 2 parents that birthed them??? If you are you would probably not be making these nasty comments and I mean that to you and anyone else with your crappy attitude. Leave Jon & Kate free from the nasty comments to raise their children – together or apart – like millions of other families – it is their choice. God granted them with these children and will guide them on ow to take care of them.

      • You and I seem to be on the same page, How many sruggling parents out there with half the children would not give an arm and a leg to be in jon and Kates shoes. The father would be gone working night and day, never getting any quaility time what so ever with his wife or kids. And yes the poor Mom i fshe wasnt forced to work herself, would be left alone rasing the children 24-7. And my bet, would be, they would never ever have the oportunity to go on any trips of any kind. They would be lucky to get to an ice cream store once a month. Or spend any free time solely on free parks and play grounds , nothing wrong with that, but if that is all you can do it kind of limits your choices. Its a fact of life, everything costs money now days. The bigger the family, the bigger the costs.When these kids grow up, they will have unbelievable memorys of going places and seeing things, that most other kids only dream about. And they were able to do it with both parents. But everything comes with a price and Jon and Kate deal with giving up their privacy to get this life. There is a difference knowing the cameras you agreed to tape your life are your choice, but having cameras taking pictures from who knows where, and saying whatever they want is totally different Your control of your life has been stolen from you. Almost impossible to go from fame to un known once your out there.

      • You and I seem to be on the same page, How many sruggling parents out there with half the children would not give an arm and a leg to be in jon and Kates shoes. The father would be gone working night and day, never getting any quaility time what so ever with his wife or kids. And yes the poor Mom i fshe wasnt forced to work herself, would be left alone rasing the children 24-7. And my bet, would be, they would never ever have the oportunity to go on any trips of any kind. They would be lucky to get to an ice cream store once a month. Or spend any free time solely on free parks and play grounds , nothing wrong with that, but if that is all you can do it kind of limits your choices. Its a fact of life, everything costs money now days. The bigger the family, the bigger the costs.When these kids grow up, they will have unbelievable memorys of going places and seeing things, that most other kids only dream about. And they were able to do it with both parents. But everything comes with a price and Jon and Kate deal with giving up their privacy to get this life. There is a difference knowing the cameras you agreed to tape your life are your choice, but having cameras taking pictures from who knows where, and saying whatever they want is totally different Your control of your life has been stolen from you. Almost impossible to go from fame to un known once your out there.God Bless their family,

  • you are so right Alice…I agree with every word you said…as for the other comments…think Karma…it always amazes me that anyone has the guts to wish anything bad on anybody….humility finds us all eventually…I so not …life is hard enough sometimes to invite ”opportunities for growth” LOL

  • I just feel badly for this family. What started out as something cute, a show full of warmth and love, and wouldn’t have hurt all those kids because nobody would have recognized them when they got older…..has turned into a monster. The fact that Jon and Kate are willing to enter into a fifth season truly disgusts me. Stop this insanity and just quit the show and concentrate on those kids. I don’t care if you are divorcing or staying together, but this kind of negative attention will end up with those kids being soooooo messed up when they get older and can get all of this information on what these parents did. In the beginning I truly didn’t feel like they were exploiting the kids, but I do now, they are pimping them out for money and it angers me, but I can’t resist watching the premiere and that is what TLC is banking on. Shame on all of them.

  • I think for a long time people thought something was amiss with Jon and Kate. That’s what started these blogs in the first place. Now that the naysayers are seeing that they were right all along, we still have the goody two shoes that say, “poor Jon and Kate”. Well, as you can see, they are not so innocent. To quote Brittany Spears. It’s time for the charade to go away. Cancel that show, and don’t watch the premiere.
    I say stick to Disney, if you want fairy tales.

  • I saw this show not too long ago, for the first time….my first thought: is this a sitcom or a reality show?? This screeching psycho woman was for REAL??!!! How can ANYBODY be around such a horrible person for ANY length of time?
    My husband and I sat there in disbelief.
    Sad, just so sad.
    She’s a disgrace to women everywhere and I’m sure this show will self-destruct. At least I sincerely hope it does.

    • As you have said – you haven’t followed this show and have based your review on one time watcher and that is so unfair!!!!! If you had followed this you would see that Jon is so detached from his family and has been for so long that things for Kate have been unraveling. Those of you out there that seem to think Kate is such a bitch take a look at your own life and try and put yourself in her shoes with 8 under 8 aged children and unless you’ve been trained in child care and taken this on as a profession have no right to judge a woman who loves and cares deeply for her children. Kate uses no nonsense structure when disciplining, when Jon just loses it and throws them in a corner with no explanation. I cannot understand why people are so against Kate when she is the one that is dealing with this and not you or I. Give the woman a break people. She deserves alot more than the media or the critics are giving her credit for.

      • Iagree, Kate gets attacked far more then Jon. I like them both. To me they are great parents that make mistakes, but deal with what they were given the best they know how.And I love the kids, And think jon and Kate do a wonderful job of trying to give them equal time. It is almost an imposible thing to do in any family.

  • “Her” books? The first was co-written (probably more like written for her) by Beth, who was promptly discarded in Kate’s usual way.

    When Kate says everything is for the kids, she means the kids are necessary for the facade of family that is being sold. The kids look more and more miserable (and not just crankiness from long photo shoots). I am deeply saddened by their situation. The show and their life has turned into a commercial version of a species eating its young.

    She’ll never last in a talk show, she’d have to act interested in others and she’s just not likeable. I saw her in Rachel Ray recently, her disdain was too evident and she explained a kid activity in terms of mechanically keeping kids occupied (i.e., at a distance) rather than in terms of helping child development or even having fun. By the end it was clear even ever-cheerful Rachel wanted to get done with a very awkward segment without sparking some inappropriate tantrum from Kate.

    Eventually there will be tell-all books from the kids that will include how they couldn’t sustain relationships because everyone significant in their early lives was cut off after short times.

  • It makes me sick to hear everyone cutting down Kate, has no one taken notice that Jon just kind of sits back and does not use the same parenting technics with the children as Kate does?? She seems to have more control than Jon but truthfully what household with children and a stay at home mom can say dad is more in control??? I say there is very few husbands that really step up to the plate when it comes to child-rearing and then don’t like to have it pointed out to them – let alone on national television. I believe that from what I’ve viewed from watching pretty much every episode aired is that Jon acts likes a spoiled child and should step up and make things right. Remember people, it is about the eight children!!!!! Jon & Kate, I love you both and wish you well!!!!

  • I’m writing this directly to Jon & Kate —–
    I love your show and I love your family—-remember that no matter how strong a relationship began there are changes that occur over time and as long as the two of you can talk openly and honestly to one another about what is really happening in your lives you can pull out that love that really brought both of you together to begin with. Since your love began you have been blessed with 8 beautiful children and the love you share with those children will only grow stronger everyday, but then again the times that you remember and shared together before the 8 will return to you only stronger as they grow. My husband and I were never blessed with children and we watch your show and wish we were in your shoes. Media is destructive but I understand why you did this show but have to say as much as I would miss your family in my life it might be for the best is you all disappeared to Hawaii, which is where I think you would all prefer to be. All our love and best wishes to you both and the children.

    • I agree with almost everything you say, except, for them to leave now, the press will continue to follow them, and they won t have anymore priacy . They will be out the money the show provides for their family, and be paying the very people that are tearing them apart. It really kills me how negative people can be, IfJon and Kate. were perfect parents, and had the perfect kids, everyone would be writing in,what phonys they were. And how the show wasn t reality, but acting. No one can win in this world, too many critics out there.

  • Well, to the Lauries.
    I have watched this show from the beginning. And poor Jon.
    Who’s always with the kids when “Mom” is cleaning or making lunch?
    Jon is. He’s the one taking them on nature walks on their property, or taking them out for bike riding, etc. Too many people have said that now the only time Kate is with the kids are when the camera’s are rolling.
    Even with this whole Deanna thing. Where was Kate, for days after?
    On book tours. Shes all about the money coming in.
    And she could never do a talk show, unless it was all about her every second. She could care less about other people, unless they want to help her.

  • Kate treats Jon so badly I wouldn’t blame him if he did turn to someone else,,not so much for sex ,,but for kindness and respect.


  • TLC should reconsider this show. The parents have serious issues and and now how this is effecting their children. Now I find the show offensive. The children need a normal life beginning with privacy. What on earth would these two adults,the parents continue to do this show. Haven’t they got enough money?They should at the very least consider their children’s lives and the effect with all their nasty behavior right out there in the public view.The parents could cause these kids some problems now and in the future. So why can’t these people begin to think of their children more than themselves,especially making everything public viewing. Both parents messing around letting other people raise their kids, who were suppose to be their priority in their statements as TO WHY THEY STARTED DOING THIS SHOW. I feel so bad for the older girls,they may be the ones who understand exactly what is going on and who may suffer the most now and later on.

  • Kate talked to her husband, Jon, the same way my ex-wife talked to me. I knew they were in trouble a long time ago.

  • okay listen up. Kate has how many children? yes, a lot of women can take care of thier children with a few bucks with them. but kate isnt used to that, give her a break. she just found out her husband who shares 8 kids with her was cheating! dont u think she probaly reads these tabloids anyway? they are both great parents, but what Jon did was diseaving. she deserves whatever REWARD she’s going to get. i think all of you need 2 put on ur big boy and girl pants and get over the fact YOUR NOT THEM! you have no idea what thier dealing with. u only know what the TV, and the magazines tell you. who knows? they both could have thier secrets?! who doesnt? plenty of ppl have this happen 2 them, they just arent famous, so ppl dont make such a big deal. so why dont we all just help jon and kate, and LEAVE THEM ALONE. being interviewed thier both just going to try and act like they dont care. but both thier hearts are broken. okay?

  • I agree with both sides.
    For one, she bitches and complains about how the papparazzi are bombarding them…so Kate, maybe you should stop the show? They’ll get bored of you if you do that. She is only interested in the fame, not how all of this is effecting the family. How would you feel growing up with 7 simblings, AND a tv show? She treats everyone around her like garbage, including her kids sometimes.
    For another, this IS a family, their human beings. It’s Jon and Kates own fault for getting themselves into all of this, but that doesnt mean they don’t have feelings.

  • wow i lovee all of the comments.. you guys are lame,and i would love you see you guys GIVE THEM A BRAKE.. yeah they have cameras and stuff in there house all the time, but its there choice. you didn’t chose it for them. and you guys say that MADY it bad. well aren’t all children? yes exactly. And that just showes that its not staged.. you guys just need to give them a brake. and what they do when the cameras are off is there business.. if it was ment for the world to see then they wouldn’t have turned them off…

  • i luuuuuuuuuv this show and its so upseting that i can take it the kids are sooooooooooooooo cute and
    i just don’t want it 2 end

  • I’ve never seen anybody emasulate a man the way Kate does Jon NATIONWIDE. She talks to him like he’s too stupid to live. She cuts him off, tells him what words to use, he’s moving too much on the couch, he’s breathing too loud. It just seem to me that she finds him disgusting. I have felt pity for him all along; he seems to just sit there and cope. Considering the fact that they get to see the episodes and she continually berated him, clearly says she doesn’t care and being a control freak, she can’t control herself. I’ll never forget the episode where she told one of the boys to think like an ADULT instead of a 3-YEAR OLD. She has a way of treating the kids like they are specimens sometimes. Finally, that little Mady – somebody call a Shrink. I never seen a kid so manic. Next closeup look at the expression on her face and those eyes – something’s wrong. Kate has conducted herself in a despicable way and now she’s paying the price. I never thought I’d say a man should look outside his marriage, but this is the exception, what else was he going to do. Just think, if she has no problem belittling her husband with cameras rolling, God help him when they were not. I got a feeling just having someone be kind to him was all it took. I think she’s also psychotic. Maybe this situation will give them both a chance to look at their relationship from a new perspective and if they weather this storm, hopefully it will bring them closer and strengthen them, instead of saying they will be civil to each other in the presence of their kids. The first show of the new season, I got the impression each had decided to dig in, go their separate ways except when they were required to be together for the sake of the kids.

    • I agree with everything you said except the last line. Even thier family members say they have agreed to be together for the sake of the show, not necessarily for the sake of the children. That’s two different things and places a whole different spin on their motivations. I’m sure they love their children, but they seem to be somewhat misguided in their approach to raising them in the public eye. As they live the unravelling of their family, I am saddened by their inability to place their children’s mental health and development highest on their list of priorities. Coming together to figure out what to do is hard. Doing what is best is harder especially when money is involved. It’s not about what Jon ans Kate as parents have grown accustomed to financially, it’s about what’s right for the kids. Sure it takes money to raise eight of them. They were both working before the show. They know how to earn a living outside of the reality TV world. They can do it if they wanted to. They just won’t have all the perks they get from the show. it’s all about prioritizing. What’s worth more, your kids’ emotional health and well-being or some free clothes and trips you would never experience without the show?

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