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This Is When It’s Time to Give Up


This is so sad. I’ve been getting emails from this PR firm for a couple days now, begging me to publicize some party for their hemorrhoid product. Ali Landry and Niecy Nash were both there, playing darts or something. You guys, this is so tragic. I can’t even handle the tragicness of this. There’s a toilet on the floor. And on the Niecy Nash picture, there’s an image of an anus on the TV screen behind her. Honestly, Niecy, I understand your desire to respect your professional obligations, but there are limits. If I were you, I would have walked into that party, taken one look at the toilet on the floor and the anus on the big screen, and politely thanked them for their time and left. I would not have stuck around to play darts and be photographed with the toilet and the anus. But that’s just me.

You guys, why did there need to be a toilet on the floor? Were they intentionally trying to make these celebrities look as pathetic as possible so that bloggers like me would run the photos? If so, mission accomplished. I ran the photos. Now, please, PR firm, stop sending me photos of celebrities flushing away their dignity.

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  • Gawd! That is one cheap ass (sorry couldn’t resist) setup. What must they be paying their shills? And do they humiliate them even more by making them give personal testimonials?

  • Hahaha the first thing I noticed was the toilet. It looks like it’s on a bit of an angle facing the door, like even the toilet is embarrassed and trying to make an escape.

  • One more reason to stay in school! ….and get a real f’ing job. This is just wrong, it’s like those ‘working actors’ who end up having to do genital warts meds commercials. Just embarrasing!

  • (HemAway, a HemAway, a HemAway, a HemAway) In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.

  • As someone who has occasionally Twittered about interesting poos, I would have been right there with Niecy, throwing darts at what I am sure was a big old anus-shaped dartboard. Maybe it even had hemorrhoid-shaped balloons you could pop with the darts.

    I am like a 5 year old when it comes to butts and poop. I will never be too old to find them funny.

    That said, it’s viability as a PR event is another matter entirely. Somebody needs to get fired.