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Now I Remember How Talented Amy Winehouse Is…She’s Back!

Yeah.  I’m kidding.  She’s the same chemistry project gone terribly awry that she’s always been.

Amy Winehouse Friday night at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

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  • Jezz that was sad. Her backup dancers kept looking over at her to see what was going on. She should definitely quit her day job.

  • This just makes me so uncomfortable. I fail to understand how this glorified crackwhore could ever be famous, when awesome UK girl acts like The Pipettes haven’t really gotten anywhere in our country.

  • Wendie you are hilarious.. you know when I read the title I got all excited and played the video before reading the rest of the post. I was watching for like two minutes lol

    • I know! With the quick beat and the Buns-of-Steel choreography, I got tired just watching them. Brings me back to the days of school plays, when the chorus teacher would repeat the same singular stage direction that she applied toward every third grade production: “I don’t care if an elephant walks into the auditorium and sits on your grandmother in the middle of your number, the show must go on.” These are wise words because the goal of a third grade vegetable performance, much like an Amy Winehouse concert, is to keep moving toward the finale without anybody throwing up.

  • And to think somehow some idiots voted her best new artist over Taylor Swift. Just goes to show how stupid music critics are, that’s still the biggest head-shaker to me from that farce of a grammies show.

  • Those two brothers looked like they were getting tired of doing the shuffle. Honestly….Amy looks like a nightmare to work with.

  • Thank goodness she didn’t come HERE! If she was crazy enough to attempt a performance at the TOBAGO Jazz Fest…. we would have put her out of her ongoing, long-suffering misery.

  • Sorry…I know she’s messed herself up and that everything that’s wrong with her is her own fault, but this tape still makes me very sad. Another tape I saw showed her wiping tears out of her eyes like she knew she was totally screwed up, but couldn’t stop. Very sad.

  • I wonder if she is past the point of no return. I’m still hoping she gets her shit togther though.