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And Another One from Leighton Meester!

It’s the battle of the Gossip Girl actresses-turned-singers!

Not only is Taylor Momsen’s band, Pretty Reckless, signed to a huge record and management deal, but now we have a second single out of Leighton Meester — kind of. Leighton’s featured on the new Cobra Starship single, “Good Girls Go Bad.” Her bit starts around 1:15. I gotta admit — this is a hot track. A really hot track, and I expect it’ll explode this summer. It’s trending heavily on Twitter right now, and that’s probably just the first sign that we’re gonna be hearing a lot more of this song.

Dude. Blake Lively. WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR SINGLE? Get on top of that, girl. You’re losing ground here.

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    • Agreed. Not my style at all, unfortunately it will probably be all around me this summer. Man I need to get out of LA….

  • i have loved cobra starship for awhile. i would love to see them get some commercial success from this song.

  • Ugh cobra strarship is so annoying. I’ve seen them live twice at bamboozle… it just does not appeal to me

  • Sorry but this track is repetitive and shiteous. I agree with you Beet on many things but music is not one of them.

  • ive been following cobra for almost two years now, and they are one of my favorites! ive even met gabe, ryland, and suarez, when they played a small show at UMD. they are super down to earth, fun, and make great music that just makes you want to dance-which IS they’re main goal.

    i hope you’re right beet- ii would love to hear them on the radio-they deserve it!

  • I love Cobra! I’ve been on stage with them as a VIP =)

    I’m really happy with Leighton’s contribution… definitely exceeded my expectations.

  • That sounded awesome! Maybe not your favorite song ever, but a really good jogging or just riding in the car song. Leighton’s voice sounded a lot better here than in the single featured before. It was sexy and rough and most importantly on key. I hope she gets a lot of media attention from it.

  • LOVE IT!
    and you’re right, i can already tell this is gonna be a big hit
    its really catchy!