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Moms Trust Ellen and Portia (and Jen!!) Over Brad and Angie!!!


Well this is interesting. An informal poll conducted by asked over 10,000 mothers which celebrity couple they’d be most comfortable leaving their kids with. The winner? Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi.

The TV chat show host and her wife took 31% of votes with Jennifer Aniston coming in second at 22%. Brad and Angie got 18% of votes, while Oprah Winfrey got just 9%.

Now, granted, this isn’t exactly Pew research, but 10,000 moms is a pretty large sample size. And they feel safer having their kids with non-mom Jen than with parents-of-six Brangelina! AND they trust their kids around HOMOSEXUALS! Shocking!!! Isn’t it a part of the gay agenda to allow people to have sex with children as well as household pets? I guess I got my facts wrong, because American women feel their children are perfectly safe with a gay couple.

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  • I totally agree with you and this poll.. Except for the part about Jen and Brangelina, and Oprah.. They should’ve just left it at Ellen and Portia.. I wouldnt leave my kids with any of the rest..

  • Maybe is because Ellen and Portia are good /sane people, you see, Angelina doesn´t look too stable, plus she and Brad don´t have the best relationship at the moment. I love Portia´s outfit!!

  • hummm, well i would have put jen first, then oprah, then ellen, and brangilina would not even be on the list.

    1. jen wants kidds bad (at least that’s what the magz say) so i think she would do a great job sitting

    2. oprah has no children but she loves her dogs big time, so i think she would watch children pretty good, and if she couldn’t she could pay someone very well to do a great job! lol

    3. ellen and portia have no children, but ellen seems sooo down to earth, funny, and just a plain good hearted person, that she would do a great job.

    4. now you would think that brangi would do a great job seeing as they have 6 kiddies hangin off them already, thing is…they all ready have thier hands full. they probably would lose one of the kids and or forget one it the car or something. also brad is a cheat and ang is a house wreker so i don’t need that neg influence in my childs life!

    • For the way this is a blog where Brad and Angie are criticized by their names being used constantly in the media to sell magazines and generate audience even when none of them give interviews as it always the idiots who do not know the facts or to believe in everything that of gossip magazines arrive and write absurd comment like that Priscilla talked about them and YES I AM A FAN. The funny thing is that a woman of 40 years since the divorce at least 4 / 5 years and that after the divorce has had at least 5 / 6 relationships and preferred not to have children is still listed as a possible better mother than Angie that have adopted 3 children and 3 biological children! Crazy THAT LOGIC IS THIS? Only in the USA to hate a person who does not speak ill of anyone and that is rarely seen, yet to be criticized and labeled as crazy by the media which is the head of people with the mentality of an amoeba to believe in tabloids. What is amazing is that they are respected in the world and are respected in their country despite all the love that practice.

    • Aniston did not create the poll, just promoted the unfettered hatred of Jolie through her very powerful PR machine over the last 4 years. Her signing “Team Aniston” T shirts, having her “friends” go out talking about how there never would have been a divorce if it hadn’t been for Jolie (Arquette on Howard Stern), the Vanity Fair article 2 months before the divorce where she’s screaming at the ocean and crying between yoga moves. It goes on and on to this very day, and unfortunately it’s worked. Jolie’s movies do exceptional well overseas but not so much in the U.S. Every tabloid rag has sold millions off her (no matter how proven false the allegations are) and are happy accomplices. She is a beautiful woman who IMO went through a lot when younger and really turned her life around. I feel sorry that she has to go through all of this just for revenge for an EX sitcom star who couldn’t keep her man. It’s the proverbial “he left me, so I blame her” mentality that keeps the EX relevant, and unfortunately it won’t end any time soon.

      • funny how the you accuse j.a. of all this stuff when HELLO, you don’t even know her. second you don’t know brangi either. and i am willing to bet her and brad were having an affair,. even when that hypocrite angi said that she would never do that oh no, because her dad cheated and she knows how that feels blah blah blah. birds of a feather, that’s all it’s not jenann that keeps the triangle alive, she want’s it sooo over i’m sure. i mean why in the hell would she want to wake every morning to be reminded of your husbands infidelity.

  • fuck sake what does jennifer aniston know about kids??! Or Ellen and Portia?! Granted they’re a more tolerable couple but they don’t have children. Also how retarded is it to ssume that just because someone WANTS kids or HAS dogs that they’d be good with kids??! Stooopid

    • Hate the word “retarded” makes you sound dumb. It is 2009, MOST people its not very p.c.! I hope your not a mom, because no parent I know would use that word(or spell stupid, stooopid).

    • laura – if everyone followed your logic there would be no first time parents.

  • I think this poll is a bit ridiculous with the Jennifer Aniston thing. Watching kids is hard – why would you leave them with someone who’s inexperienced and has no idea how to take proper care of them? I’ve babysitted a ton in my life, and it took me a really long time to get good at it. I’d never leave my kids with someone who’s never had to take care of kids before.

    • Who would have trusted you the very first time you babysat? you were inexperienced obviously.

      you’re comment is really pointless.

    • babysitted??
      hahaha. yea, i would never leave my kids with someone who doesn’t even know the right way to say what their doing. It’s babySAT. wow.

      And yea, watching kids is hard. But I’m sure Jen knows how to take care of kids. She hangs out with courteny all the time and she has a little girl. Jen is her godmother as well. She knows how to care for kids.

      Also, if it took you a long time to get good at taking care of kids, you’re obviously not very talented in that department. I’m good at taking care of kids and it didn’t take me very long to learn. But maybe there is something wrong with you, like, mentally, since you don’t even know the past tense of babysit.

  • Ofcourse those must be trailer trash moms
    Who would trust maniston with their children really?

    Between her hair appointments, tanning,yoga, lunching and chasing unsuitable men, i doubt she’ll have time for any kid

    • do you have kids? well you must not work outside the home then, or go out to run errands, or get something to eat, or exercise, or breathe in fresh air, or walk you pets, or etc……point being you must not have any life what so ever. you must stay with your children 24/7 and never take your eyes off them. your a super duper mom!

  • It’s an internet poll. I’m inclined to think that most people answering internet polls aren’t expecting them to be taken very seriously.

    However, I would agree that Ellen and Portia would make the best parents as they seem stable and loving. Jennifer Aniston and Oprah? They seem a little narcissistic so I would have some real doubts about trusting them with children.

    Angelina and Brad? They already have 6 children. I am very tired of the Jennifer Aniston drama but there is just something about Brad and Angelina. They seem too extreme. They are too busy saving the world. They are too devoted to good causes. I would prefer balance and moderation for my children.

    Sign up Portia and Ellen for my children – thank you!

    • “too devoted to good causes”

      shit, that’s a bad thing? I had better cut my charity work in half

  • I would NOT leave my children with Brangelina and most definitely not Michael Jackson or TomKat or Nicole & Keith. It goes without saying that I would not leave them with Linds & Sam, Nicole & Joel or Paris & Douche. Or Aniston or Madonna and whoever they were currently with. Or the Beckhams or the Travoltas.

    I would leave them with Hugh & Deb-Lee, or Portia & Ellen. Or Oprah & Gayle. Or Barack & Michele.

  • ok i after reviewing i changed the order of the “couples”

    1. jennann
    2. ellen&portia
    3. oprah
    4. sextomom over there…>>

  • I’m a mom. I wouldn’t trust Jenifer Aniston . Because I know she slept around too many young men. I don’t want my daughter copy her. It’s worse. I trust myself only.

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