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Allison Iraheta: Escandalo!

Recognize this little girl? You should, she’s on your television every week singing on American Idol. But this isn’t her first televised singing competition! In 2007, Allison won a Telemundo show called ‘Quinceañera: Mama Quiero Ser Artista’ (Sweet Fifteen: Mom, I Want to be an Artist). On the show, a group of teenagers were competing for a recording contract and a $50,000 cash prize. And Allison won! Apparently she never actually recorded an album — and no one’s quite sure if winning the show should make her ineligible for Idol.

I say give the girl a break. She was like 14 back then! She couldn’t have even auditioned for Idol if she’d wanted to. And if we didn’t allow people to participate in more than one reality TV show, what would become of Adrianne Curry’s flourishing career? (Don’t answer that.) I still love Allison, I think she’s tremendously talented, and I’ll vote for her again next week! (Although I will make damn sure to vote for Adam Lambert, too — everyone must have assumed he was safe!)

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  • Yes, she should still be able to stay on the show.

    But isn’t that shirt a little slutty for a 14 year old? Even on stage?

  • No one should blame her for keep trying. If you want to be the best, you need to work harder than anyone else. Yeah, she won that contest, but she didn’t get the chance to record a cd that probably would have been amazing. I admire, because she is really talented, and it seems she won’t give up. She has the right to be on American Idol, and I hope she will win. I would definitely buy her record!

  • they wont do anything. seriously, i think the intent of the show is to achieve fame and success. clearly none of the people who have had recording contracts in the past achieved that and are trying again. it doesnt bother me personally…

    aren’t they like at the top four now? um, a little slow on this one.

  • come on, that Indiggo girls from Romania (oh, I’m so ashamed) tried to have a succesfull career in their own country and failed because they are stupid and with no talent what so ever. But this girls sings amasing.

  • I liked her hair better then.
    I’m rooting for an Adam vs Allison final. What’s this business about her not being likable? She’s made the top 4!

  • I like her alot; still a Kris fan; happy to see Adam in the bottom 2, that was funny, with the useless save they did of the fake Justin 2 weeks ago.

  • Well Allison is very good singer, and the other two girls are the same Brissia Mayagoita and Luisa Lubell. All of this teen singers were excellent on the show. What happen is that Telemundo lie to them they never gave them the record contract..of Allison be by now a mega start..I feel sorry that a network lies that way.

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