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Lindsay Lohan was photographed — gasp! — eating while on vacation in Maui with her sis Ali and friends.

How long has this girl been in Hawaii? And she’s still that pale? How is this even possible? Does Lindsay Lohan’s body produce some strange enzyme that resists both natural tanning and sobriety? If so, we should extract it and use it in chemical warfare. It’s clearly powerful stuff.

Later in the day Lindsay headed out to Fred’s Mexican Cantina, where I’m sure she enjoyed Diet Coke through a straw all night. (Exercise for the reader: Which word doesn’t belong in the previous sentence?)


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  • i remember not long after the mean girls hype seeing lindsay on MTV spring break. she was COVERED in freckles. i dont think she can really tan.

    • I think she bleached her skin to remove the freckles, so she can’t tan anymore… maybe that’s why she’s coming out with that spray tan line??

  • I believe the word DIET is the word that does not belong….I watched Sesame Street for years so I know….for sure…

  • On “Ellen” she said she was Irish and burned easily. That’s why she was promoting her new spray tan product on the show. Guess she could have used some for this trip.

  • I would argue for “Mexican” also, because you don’t really need to call a “cantina” Mexican. It’s kind of redundant.

    Oh and leave her alone for the tanning :( Us redheads + the sun do not mix. That’s probably why she is so obsessed with self tanner… sick of people making fun of her for being pale her whole life. At least she is probably wearing plenty of sunscreen..

    mostly I just want to complain about how being a redhead seriously sucks

    • I agree. I cannot tan and I coat on the sunscreen because personally I do not want skin cancer. I appreciate seeing pale celebrities like Marcia Cross embracing their paleness.

      • I think redheads are beautiful and never understood why they were made fun of. My BFF’s son was teased all through school because of his red hair and freckles. He’s adorable!!

    • i am also of irish heritage and even though i have dark hair my skin is the color of milk and thus, no tan, only burn. that’s why i slather on the sunblock when i go outside, but i live in seattle so there is hardly ever any sun anyway! now, back to lindsay: can she cover up her bones on the beach with a sarong or something? especially if she’s eating in a bikini – gross.

  • It’s not just red heads that burn… anyone with freckles needs serious UV protection. I got melanoma when I was 7. You better believe I’m spray tanning. Being a little blotchy isn’t as bad as being alot dead.

      • Why would it not be possible? You think cancer is age specific? It’s a random event, that can hit at any moment from conception onward.

  • I think she looks good! Thanks for posting. I wish I was thin and on holiday and ingesting good times thru a straw instead of furtively perusing gossip sites when I should be working.

  • So, I am not usually Beet’s biggest fan when it comes to trashing celebs, it usually just doesn’t feel natural or something but DAYUM girl this shit had me laughing, good job

  • I’m super pale and I never in my life have tanned. Ever. I burn. Hardcore, burn. I use sunscreen obsessively and still burn. And I would look fucking weird as hell tan. I think linds looks way better pale. Whenever red heads try to tan it just looks weird. Eh.

  • ok for those who are not aussies
    we have been drilled with the slip slop slap (sounds a bit dirty eh?) since our primary school…and had really funky hats that had a sort of uh backflap? look it up i don’t know if they have a name….but basically all about protecting skin from that horrible ole’ sun which aussie readers will maybe recognise as being dissed and praised
    skin cancer is no joke, but what i reallly don’t get is why the hell ll has a tanning product?? it’s the worst self tanning i’ve ever seen and that dirty sanchez shit? why would nobody just tell her …uhhh get a profi to do it? it remains a big arse, or skinny boy arse mystery to me that this perticular product would be in her name
    muchos consued

    pale people can be so beautiful, if they go with what they are.
    argh that bloody orange not even everywhere tan is so grrrrr
    go hide out already and get well or go away already!

  • No hating on us non-tanners now. Pale skin, reddish hair, freckles = may never tan. Sad but true.

    I’ve had friends, browned beauties, try to tan me. Led to a nasty bout of crotch sunburn once when we tried it nude.

    For some folks, it’s self tanner or go white, maybe with a little pinky glow.

  • She’s going bald. I saw pics of her Hawaii trip and she has like massive spaces in between her extensions, clearly she has permanent hair loss probably from wearing those stupid extensions.

  • i hate that i care, but she just makes me sad. she looks so sick, and she’s a pretty girl. so much coke and self doubt. it’s just an example of what hollywood can do. i would never let my child be an actor/model, or anything.

    • depression and anxity don’t care what your job is or who you are, what you look like etc. Your future offspring could be working at Walmart or Wallstreet and still suffer from it like LiLo. Or they might emerge as the next Opra / Brad Pitt and stay as grounded and self contented as can be… you can never tell.

      Americans are americans not irish or itallian. They can state they come from Irish / French whatever anscestory but that’s as far as it goes. Do they have the passport for that country – no. Can they speak the language – unlikely. Be proud of your country and give a generous nod to your roots but still – don’t make us laugh at you.

      Making fun of pale people who can’t tan is offensive and could be considered predjuice. Please refain, it’s hurting them for something physical they can’t control and you wouldn’t do the same on other occasions so stop it!!!

      i loveeee red hair.