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Shanna Moakler Speaks Out Against H8!


FINALLY Shanna Moakler is doing something I can get behind. The former Miss USA — who’s currently the executive director of the Miss California USA pageant — teamed up with Miss USA 2006 first runner-up Tamiko Nash and last year’s titleholder Raquel Beezley did a photo shoot last night for Adam Bouska and NOH8, a photo campaign to support efforts to overturn Proposition 8.

“We never expected to have so many beauty queens participate. The whole campaign, obviously, is not a direct message to Miss California, but now she happened to have put herself in the line of fire,” Bouska says. “If Carrie is going to go out there with her message, then we have to go out there and make sure the voices of these girls are heard. And that they are what Miss USA should stand for, too.”


For those of you who were wondering, the California Supreme Court will rule on the challenge to Prop 8 no later than June 3. You can click here to register to be notified as soon as they have a decision. Stay tuned!

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  • it’s not h8!!! it’s 2000 years of tradition. Maybe it’s old fashioned, but, that’s how it is!!!

    • Please educate, read, research! It’s not “old fashioned” it’s hateful and discriminatory. I guess you believe in “old fashioned” slavery, that women shouldn’t vote and that it should be illegal for blacks and whites to marry each other other or use the same drinking fountain!

    • I don’t understand the 2000.
      What happened 2000 years ago?
      Is that when people started h8ing? Or stopped being gay?
      Does this have something to do with that imaginary ‘Jesus’ person?

      • Regardless of if you believe in the divinity of Jesus I think it’s well documented in historical books that he is real not imaginary.

      • Yes Jesus is real, and he preached love and tolerance. Only God can judge and only He knows his plan. So the Bible says not to be gay – the Bible says a lot of things are sins. We can’t pick and choose. When I’m selfish or spiteful or lustful I’m hurting God the same way as any other sin does, so who am I to judge anyone else?

      • When you’re selfish or spiteful or lustful, do you ask us to hold a big party and celebrate your right to be those things, or do you recognize that you’re failing to realize your potential, admit your shortcomings, and try to do better?

      • Gay people aren’t asking us to celebrate them, they’re asking that the constitution doesn’t legislate other peoples moral and religious beliefs upon them. As a Christian who would not stand for the US trying to legislate atheism upon me, I can understand those not wanting to have religious morals forced upon them either.

  • Obviously I think a competition in which Shanna Moakler was once a winner is well qualified to comment on the great issues of our time.
    While the Miss USA pageant is addressing the issue of prop 8, can they also address the issues of defining women as sexual objects by parading them around in bikinis and evening gowns and judging them on their appearance? Mmkay thanks.

  • ‘Not a direct message to Miss California” What a pile of crap. They are 3 beauty queens doing this ad, not 3 surfers. I support prop 8, but this is a total FU to Miss California.