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Joan and Melissa Rivers Go CRAZY on The Apprentice

FINALLY, something interesting happened on Celebrity Apprentice.

Check out the CRAZINESS that ensued after Melissa Rivers was fired by Donald Trump last night. HOLY CRAP. It’s just a game, you guys. They really took this personally. I gotta admit, though: It’s good TV. You’d think Joan and Melissa would be a little more media-savvy by now, and that they’d know how bad something like this would make them look. Then again, maybe it was a coordinated PR stunt. Nah. They’re not that good at acting.

Anybody have a link to a clip of what actually went down in the boardroom? I couldn’t find one on YouTube but I really really want to see it now!!!

Update: Here’s a clip of Melissa’s exit interview, with more stuff from the boardroom.

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    • Yes….but who’s the ugliest ?…Octomom, Melissa or Joan ?
      Where’s that Kervokian guy when our country needs him ?

  • Well, any conspiracy theories I might’ve had that suggested Edgar Rosenberg didn’t really commit suicide were pretty much shot down after watching this clip.

    • Hilarious! I forgot her husband was smart enough to off himself instead of live with those two lunatics another day. Very insightful.

  • Brande was totally fired…then Donald wrote a note to the other guy and asked if he agreed. The guy nodded his head and next thing you know, Melissa was fired. I’m all about finding out what the hell that note said…Brande should have been fired, but…Melissa saw this going on and was blindsided by Donald changing his tune at the last second. Basically, his excuse was Brande would bring in more money than Melissa could.

    I do love Joan Rivers.

  • I couldn’t take any more of the spoiled, delusional, Melissa, or her mother! Talk about making a fundraiser into a personal vendetta. It was so obvious that Melissa has suffered from being the “the poor ugly girl” all of her life. She has to remember that it’s not what’s outside that counts, but it’s her gossipy self-centered attitude that makes her unattractive! It was scary to see those two plastic surgery faces. Good riddance.

  • Looks like Melissa’s foot must be reaaalllllly hurt with the way she was sprinting around! haha

  • Oh and I must say, that was the first and last time I’ll ever watch anything-Apprentice, unless Joan and Melissa come back and hold the place up or something.

  • My favorite part was where Joan says it’s not about the charity. WTF? And how can Melissa stand up for how she behaved with integrity when she stomped off like the spoiled brat that she is.

    That was interesting. It confirmed every preconception I had about those two.

  • Brande and annie completely manipulated her out – it was disgusting. Those two are the lowest of the low. all you see is melissa and joan reacting to two trashy low pigs and Donald condoning it. I used to like Donald but he should be embaressed by how he treated the Rivers

    • What ?…Brandie and Annie did NOTHING ! Melissa and her INSANE mother did it all. I fear for our country ! Two of the biggest bimbos ever born.

  • The Rivers’ should have been fired a long time ago! Melissa claims it was a cabal against her. Was she drunk when she said this or it she an ideoit.

  • they have full episodes available on nbc’s website …you can fast forward, so you don’t have to torture yourself :)

  • It’s all done in the name of ratings. If they were acting in a professional manners, no one would watch the show. Melissa and Joan’s action were somewhat predictable in the producer’s table and Trump knew ratings was the reward. Donald Trump cashed in his check, signed by Melissa and Joan Rivers.

  • Joan Rivers calling Annie a Nazi…….I lost all respect for Joan as a person after she muttered that outrageous mouthful. If I were Annie I would have DUKED her.

    • I thought I was the only one that noticed the resemblance! It’s uncanny how much Joan’s mouth and cheeks look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman.

  • I just saw the full episode and I gotta say annie duke(who I USED to love) and that blonde chick were hella bitches to Melissa

    so even though I’m not a big fan of her damn I’d be livid too! SO joan and melissa = not crazy annie duke = bossy snippy biotch(but ill still root for her at the tournaments)

  • They are two plastic drones of each other, squaking and bitching to the only people they’ve got- each other. They are the modern day Grey Gardens Mother/daughter duo!!!! And Melissa is catching up rather quickly to her mom in terms of amount of plastic surgery. Blech.

  • Melissa left hopping/skipping out of the boardroom, yelling “whores!!” at Annie, who her mother referred to her as a nazi and Brande was soo axed, but Melissa was being such a bitch to the Donald and to Ivanka and that other weird looking dude, not the son, so she got the axe and acted like she just found out she was being talked about at the prom. See YA!! Joan is a has been and I hope Annie kicks ass. Jessie James was even being alittle p*ssy. Grow a sack dude.

    • The name-calling by the Rivers Harpies was undeserved of civilized human beings. It was outrageous. Melissa saw “plots” and “cabals” when in fact the simple truth was that she was just hard to stomach, a crappy team player, ready to knife anyone….and that umbilical cord stretching across from Melissa to Joan was palpable. Plus, the bottom line was that despite the big talk, neither Rivers the Younger, nor Rivers the Elder could bring any big bucks. Glad they are gone…and if Joan returns, I hope that the remaining people do not work with her as she is one unstable pile of botox.

  • Melissa’s face does not move, it creeps me out!
    You would think she would have learned the downfall of too much plastic surgery from looking at her mom all those years.

    Also did she not know that the point of shows like this is backstabbing and competing for the top…it’s not about lovey dovey friendship and relationships.

    • After the obnoxious scene Melissa made when she was fired, I was paraying she would not be in the finale, but there she was, uglier and bitchier than ever.
      I think America has seen what disgusting bitches the Rivers woman are. Crude and rude.

  • they are both soooooo fuckin ugly! how the fuck do these run over sluts get on tv? nobody wants to look at shit.

  • Well. If there were any doubts as to how professional, how gracious, how full of integrity the Rivers Harpies were…..look no further. From the Melissa QuickStep (on torn tendons, no less), to Queen Joan making veiled mafioso references and playing the Hitler card, I could not be happier that Rivers the Younger is history. Remember when Rivers the Elder bombed her stint as Project Manager, she was not fired. Seems like these two Plastic Parasites week after week set themselves up as the “expert” of this or that, and frankly, Rivers the Elder’s outdated Borscht Belt banter is like a throwback to the Tropicana in the 60’s. Feh. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • It’s a game. Donald commented during the show that the celeb’s were spoiled. Boy was he right! Melissa acted like a child! You have to love Joan for defending her daughter but she acted like a child too. Was it all staged to make the show a little more fun? Furthermore, Brandee is stupid! She’s just connected to men who will give her money as a favor. Annie Duke, white trash? I think that’s an insult to white trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You know the idiocy of one Jewish woman calling another Jewish woman Hitler? Joan must be getting a seepage of Botox to her cranium.

  • Don’t you think it’s kinda self-defeating the way Joan called Brande a stupid blonde? i mean, i know she’s centuries old, but hey, get a mirror and discover what colour your hair is you dinosaur!!!