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Russian Model is Pregnant with Mel Gibson’s Child


More proof has emerged that Robyn Gibson will deserve every penny of the $450 million she is expected to get in her divorce from actor Mel Gibson. When she finally filed for a divorce a few months ago, I don’t think I was alone in thinking that it was probably due to… oh, I don’t know… his insanity, his drinking problem, his philandering, or his anti-semitism, just to name a few lofty character traits.

As it turns out, she endured all that crap only to have a not-so-immaculate conception shoved in her face.

It’s being reported that the final insult which caused Robyn to pull the trigger on her divorce to Mel came when Russian T & A show Oksana Grigorieava began blabbing around town that she was pregnant with Mel’s child, and mad Mel actually moved the model into one a home that belongs to both him and his wife.

I’m not sure what he thought would happen. Maybe he was just tired of the whole Catholicism thing and thought he’d try a new religion– one where his many wives could all move into a  compound together and don smashing high-necked ruffly dresses and poofy prarie beehives while popping out child after child of the Gibson brood.

Or maybe he’s just a giant douche.

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  • “…will deserve every penny of the $450 million…”

    Now that’s just retarded. Will “DESERVE”? Really?

      • Bitter much? I’d expect quite a bit of money from my super rich asshole ex-husband who is fathering a child with his mistress. Not to mention the whole alcoholic anti-Semite thing…

  • Giant douche is an understatement! She stayed in there for the long haul…she earned a huge chunk. That can’t be disputed. Not like Heather Mills…

  • Mel and Robyn have been separted since August 2006. Keep that in mind. Why didn’t she file long ago? Anyway, thankfully none of this is my problem. :)

  • Maybe she’s a giant douche as well and drove him away. Maybe they are on the same page about Jews. Maybe she spends her days popping valium. Maybe they weren’t living together and never saw each other anyway. So many things we don’t know…

    How come people get all bent out of shape when the man (Guy Ritchie) might benefit from his wife’s prosperity? Didn’t he put up with Madonna’s crazy shit for ten years?

    • I was fully on Guy Ritchie’s side, but I think with that instance Madonna is the icon that people adored so it didn’t matter much her gender they just wanted to support her as their icon instead of the female in the relationship.

  • It seems that the only remaining tenant of his devout Catholic beliefs is the prohibition against the use of contraception. What a douche bag, I hope his soon to be ex-wife gets at least $450M!

  • Actually the new girlfriend should get the money. Obviously the old wife doesn’t put out any more and Mel was forced to look elsewhere. His wife dried up and lost interest.

    • Obviously, some woman banged your heart up pretty badly this weekend. But you knew deep down inside that it was really a man, didn’t you?

      • Funny, how you turn my post about celeb strangers into something personal.

        Perhaps what I posted hit too close to home. Did your spouse cheat on you or did you just dry up and lose interest too?

  • Lets all blame Mel Gibson because he is easy to target for his past… seriously. Him and his wife have been sepearated for years, do we really know the extent of their relationship? For all that we may know the wife may have a boyfriend also but she is not under the scrutiny of the public eye like her soon to be ex husband. Don’t be so quick to draw conclusions.

    Also this so called Russian Model, she is married and on camera she has said she is 4 months pregant with her husband’s baby.

  • Note to Michelle, Andrea, Karolina, dpizzle, Eggle, and so on. Your Avie (picture) doesn’t change. People keep trying to tell your tarded ass that we see you commenting ten times on the same thread. That’s only cool if nobody can figure it out. Take your medication with a quickness.

    • Just Saying… Maybe you should do your research before making accusations. I also suggest educating yourself about the importance and value of mental health because “tarded ass” and “take your medication” is very offensive.

  • You don’t see the irony in your sweeping one-sided generalized statements about this man and his religion don’t you? Obviously you don’t. There is obviously more to this story and there is another side to a story, always, yet you don’t have the facts to comment on it so you make do with your own prejudices. Also, what are your comments when a person who happens to be a practicing Jew grapples with personal demons? Ahhh, I thought so…

  • Sad, sad, sad. His wife deserves her fair share for putting up with all this nonsense. I’m sure his children are soooo proud of papa Gibson.

  • he doesn’t think about his children anymore. robyn good take care about your children. children are your most important fortune than any money. the happiness are with your children. they will make feel better to live next years after. not happy be with your cheater ex-hudsband. god be with you all the time from now on. not with your cheater ex-hudsband with slut.

  • Coming from a catholic background myself, it is not easy for a devout catholic wife to leave her husband, regardless of the husband’s behaviour. Her family, his family, church, the entire environment will pressure her to stick it out. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what happened here. As far as the straying husband is concerned, I would think that half of his accumulated wealth will go to his Ex, the other half will be taken care of by any of his “whosoever, whatsoever”.
    Sadly so, we will most likely read in the news in the years to come
    The current woman on his side is being badly portraited by the press, I hope for his sake, that she is not all that.