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Lauren Conrad to Guest-Star as Genius on Family Guy

Lauren Conrad may be done filming The Hills, but she’s not ready to leave TV entirely. She just filmed a guest spot for Family Guy — playing herself, per usual, except this time it turns out she’s a genius! Hey, at least she’s not pulling an Audrina and trying to get into acting or pulling a Heidi and releasing crappy singles — LC knows what she’s good at, and she’s stickin’ to that. There’s some credit due there.

Lauren says of her Guy gig, “The idea in the episode is that they make fun of me for being dumb and then discover that I’m actually a genius, and that [Lauren Conrad is] kind of a character I play [on TV], because America likes dumb people.”

And how did L.C. handle the challenges of playing a cartoon genius?

She says, “I hired an acting coach just for the day because a lot of the lines later on in the episode are very complicated. I’m talking a lot about history and theorems and conductors, and there’s a lot of facts and a lot of big words, and I had to say it as if it was coming to me very easily, so I had to learn the lines ahead of time rather than just reading them. I actually had to research some of them because the acting coach told me that if I really understood what I was talking about, it would come through a little more true.”

What do you think, America? Do you like dumb people?

Lauren’s episode will air May 3.

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  • I hate dumb people. I hate her. And I hate Family Guy.

    It’s an all-around hatefest here for me. :(

    • Good point, but it’s irreverent humor, so they’re really making fun of her, for being an idiot, by calling her a genius, that’s the joke.

  • I am such a freakin’ nerd.

    My first thought after reading this post was “I hope some of the random facts she learned will come in handy later, like at a trivia night or something. Then she could show off.”


  • that episode looks pretty funny. I like when people poke fun at themselves.

    I don’t really think that I like dumb people all that much… but then again I do love reality shows on bravo. So maybe I like watching dumb people, but not interacting with them.

  • The enduring popularity of ‘reality’ TV shows suggests that dumb and pretty sells.

    It must be noted that Brian does seem to have a type, he is constantly dating dumb blondes in the show.

  • I don’t think it’s so much “dumb” as it is dim witted and ignorant (and yes those things are different then being dumb) that people like, they like to feel better then other people.

  • I believe she has already had a spot on Family Guy. It was a while ago and Brian made some reference to Laguna Beach and her name was in the ending credits. IDK, I probably should not even know this…

  • Dumb, smart, doesn’t matter. Just as long as they’re attractive. It’s ugly people that we don’t like. Except for Susan Boyle for some reason…

  • i hate when dumb celebrities try to convince the public that they’re not actually dumb but very intelligent and saavy and haha the joke was on us! remember when paris hilton did that? and jessica simpson? those girls don’t play dumb, they are dumb. that’s why they’re so good at playing it.

    she says there were big words, i hope lauren didn’t have to use any three syllabale words, i wouldn’t want her head to explode…actually maybe i would.

    the funniest thing is that even on family guy her voice still sounds empty and vapid.