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Lisa Rinna Poses for Playboy

Lisa Rinna Poses for Playboy

I’m not really sure this is something I wanted to see. I’m not really sure this is something anyone would want to see. But for good or for ill, Lisa Rinna has posed for Playboy, and the photos are available online for viewing by the discerning public, should you choose to torture yourself like that.

Honestly, she doesn’t look that bad. Playboy got creative with the lighting and the makeup, and she actually has a nice body. But the illusion just doesn’t work because we all still know that it’s Lisa Rinna.

Even if she’s naked, all I can see is a pair of giant, collagen-overloaded lips. On her face.

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  • If you don’t have to look at her face, the pictorial will probably be okay. Why do these dames have to ruin their looks with ugly upper lips and cheek implants or injections or whatever it is that they’ve done? She takes such good care of her body that she’d still be a babe even if she left her face totally alone.

    Maybe she needs to see Madonna’s surgeon or dermatologist. At least in her case the distortion is creeping into her looks slowly. I feel slightly sorry for Harry Hamlin, but her body is amazing, so I guess that’s his compensation.

    Hooray for Diane Keaton, who appears to be the only uncut, uninjected woman of her age in all of Hollywood!

  • Her lips aren’t even the issue – her fucking face is so pumped full of derma-fillers she looks like she is having an allergic reaction. She is wretched!!!

  • She’s great looking for her age so I don’t know why she’s messing around with plastic surgery. Her husband ought to have a chat with her and get her to stop before she ends up looking like Joan Rivers. Why can’t women in Hollywood just age gracefully?

    • Her husband???? He’s having just as much work done, by the looks of his face. Hard to believe he was once kinda hot too :(

      • For real? I haven’t seen him in forever. I think the last time I saw him he was starting to look a bit like Ryan Seacrust. Still cute though.

  • yeah, there was nothing wrong with her before, i mean her face didnt look old or anything, shitty is another thing. but yeah why the fuck did she do that to her face? her body is hot. for a 40 yr old shit for a 20 yr old. anyway she gets on my fuckin nerves. total famewhore

  • I think Lisa Rinna is HOT! I can think of at least a hundred different and interesting things that I would like to do to her naked ass in bed ( or on the floor, or, on a table, or, standing up, or…)


  • Her lips are so pretty. She’s beautiful. Stop hating . You all are just jealous.

  • Her lips are so pretty. She’s beautiful. Stop hating . You all are just jealous