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Robyn Gibson Is About to Be a Very Wealthy Woman


The Gibson fortune? Is estimated at $900M. When the couple met in the ’70s, she was a dental assistant and he was an unknown actor. They most certainly have no pre-nup. They share a $26-million Costa Rican pad, a $15-million island in Fiji, a $42-million church Mel is building in Malibu and the $12-million Malibu home they purchased from David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. The Gibsons also own second home in Malibu that they bought for $1.9 million and a 9-acre piece of property in L.A. valued at $3.5 million.

Robyn is expected to get 50% in the divorce, as per California law. “She’ll probably get $450 million,” says a California judge. This number is staggering, even by Hollywood standards. It’s nearly half a billion dollars. Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita received $168 million and Neil Diamond’s ex, Marcia, was awarded $150 million. Steven Spielberg’s first wife, actress Amy Irving, walked with $100 million.

And let me tell you, this woman has earned it. Can you imagine being married to an alcoholic, homophobic anti-Semite who thinks he’s God’s gift for 28 years? Raising children with him? Sheesh. You take that money and have some fun, girl. Don’t look back.

Also, can we go ahead and get Prop 8 overturned in a hurry so that I can marry her? I’m 27 years old now, for chrissake. I’m ready to stop working and start buying islands. I’d be good at it, I think. I want one with elephants on it. Kthxbai.

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  • You know, something tells me that she could not have been with him that long unless she’s as intolerant and ignorant as he is.

    Plus, I heard a rumor that she ADORES Dave Mathews Band.

    Just sayin’.

    • Not necessarily so. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in divorce; she’s Episcopalian, not Catholic, but also pretty devout from what I understand.

      What made her change her mind now, after all these years, I don’t know. But I’m guessing that people who take their religion seriously enough to have 7 kids also take the “no divorce” part seriously.

  • Water seeks it’s own level. She could not have stayed with this hateful, ignorant douche bag all these years unless she herself is just as hateful and ignorant.

    If I were going to marry someone for the money, I think I’d probably for for Mr. Spektor now that he is safely behind bars.

  • can we get a little more creativbe than douchebag? It’ bee n said a few million times before hows about sexy, brach, bold, intrepid, ballsy,strong,smart oh I’m sorry I just described your wet dream…..mel!

  • I feel so sorry for Robyn Gibson,putting up with Mel all these years.She is a saint.He tok her for granted,I womder how long he has been cheating on her,and then lying he is not a christian,allthe drinking lying and hating other people,he needs to go away,he looks like a really old man,he did not grow old gracefully,and the poor children.he has made a fool of his whole family,he doesnt care about anyone but himself.

  • I agree with buckles. Robyn Gibson is a truly loving and faithful wife and mother. Robyn, we wish you peace, joy and God’s favor.