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Miley Cyrus Rules the World

Miley Cyrus at Hannah Montana VIP movie premiere

Congrats to Miley & Co., who steam-rolled through the box office with $34 million in ticket sales and a #1 debut with the Hannah Montana movie.

“Hannah Montana” drew $17.3 million on Friday for the biggest opening day ever for a G-rated live-action movie.

While girls 12 and younger and their moms made up most of the audience, “Hannah Montana” also attracted a solid crowd of teenage girls, fans reaching the age when they might be outgrowing the show, said Mark Zoradi, president of Disney’s motion-picture group.

“Miley’s audience stayed with her,” Zoradi said. “Those that enjoyed the show on TV and maybe have become young teens themselves came back for the movie.”

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen’s dark comedy, Observe and Report, opening a disappointing #4 with $11M in ticket sales, and Fast & Furious fell to the #2 spot, confirming once again that teenage girls are way more powerful than teenage boys.

Also, this clip is inexplicably one of the most popular on YouTube right now:

Really, how many teenagers do we need belting out power ballads? Who is this girl?

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    • exactly, becci. kind of like the demon love child of a bitchy cabbage patch doll and a chipmunk on meth.

  • I caught the end 10 minutes of my first Hannah Montana show the other day and my god it is the most annoying show ever. why does she pull all those stupid facial expressions? Why does she yell? Why are all Disney shows the same?

  • I agree — what powerful emotions have they felt by age 13?

    “ooh I like Jimmy so much, but he doesn’t know I exist!”
    Yeah that’s because his balls haven’t dropped yet.

  • I agree – what powerful emotions have they felt by 13?

    “I like Jimmy so much, but he doesn’t know I exist!”
    Yeah, that’s because his balls haven’t dropped yet.

  • Did you guys hear that Seth’s character in Observe and Report date-rapes a drunk, passed out Anna Farris….. hm. I don’t think I really feel like seeing this movie. I would feel awkward about possibly feeling bad for a rapist. Just like I felt bad for the child molester in Little Children… you end up feeling so dirty and confused….

    Oh, and btw, totally watch Little Children. It’s still worth it.

  • I saw the movie Bolt and loved it. However, the entire duration of the movie, I could not stand the main girl’s voice. It was grating and simply annoying. When it was over, I looked up the voice actress and it was Miley Cyrus. Go figure.

  • That girl, Savannah, is some rep for Disney Radio. Her stuff is all over youtube. And she’s better than Miley.

  • omg! I’ve been following sav’s youtube career since she started. she’s going to make it!

  • It’s maybe more difficult for her to get anywhere in Oregon. I live in Oregon, just so you know, not too many opportunities for kids like this girl. Maybe when she’s 18 she can move out of her parents house and go somewhere where she’ll have a chance.

  • I went to see the movie with my 17 year old sister. I’m 18. Loved it. And there weren’t any kids in the theatre, they were all other teen girls, probably 16 at the youngest.

  • i think most of you just dont understand. …………. so il be honest SHE IS A WANNA BE PORN STAR…….. she dosnt want to be singing she wants to get naked…. pics LEAKED….. hahaha….. thats funny…….. she saw the guy and handed him the pictures….all you no you just want to see her naked…. by the way has she done that yet cuz if so what web site and she is fine i would bone her she needs to hurry up with the porn

  • i think its hilarious how that blond girl says that her twitter name is the real whatever as if shes famous enough for fans who pretend to be her. i personally have never heard of her, and after the 50 seconds of the video that i managed to get through it was clear why.