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Interesting Fashion Choices at Papermag’s ‘The Beautiful People’ Party

Katy Perry at Papermag's Party

Happy Easter! What are you doing here, reading this? Shouldn’t you be off, avoiding that creepy spawn of evil, the Easter Bunny, and stuffing yourself with handfuls of jelly beans and technicolor Peeps?

Speaking of technicolor Peeps, here’s a picture of Katy Perry’s latest outfit!

In all seriousness, people like to talk a lot of shit about Katy Perry. Admittedly, she wears some strange outfits. But she’s spunky, and capable of looking rather hot, and I can’t help liking her.

Perry was the guest of honor at Friday night’s ‘The Beautiful People’ party, hosted by Paper Magazine at the Hiro Ballroom in New York. There were most definitely some beautiful people in attendance. The fashion however, well, that’s debatable. As usual, Perry was wearing something that can be described as both hideous and fun, while  Semi Precious Weapons frontman and MTV Made coach Justin Tranter’s fashion choices left you wondering whether or not he is an actual person, or just an amalgamated personification of urban legends and seedy back alley prostitute gossip.

And then there’s Lady Sovereign…

Have a look in the gallery. Yay! Fashion is fun!

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