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Power Rangers Actor Sentenced to Death

Tired of riding Zords, they will kill you and steal your yacht.

Tired of riding Zords, they will kill you and steal your yacht.

As if Hasbro bastardizing Cobra Commander for the upcoming GI Joe live action movie wasn’t enough, get the lube ready– because your childhood is about to take another one up the ass.
Skylar Deleon, who guest starred as Roger in a few episodes of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has been sentenced to death for murder in the first degree.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank F. Fasel on Friday imposed the sentence recommended by the jury that convicted 29-year old Skylar Deleon of killing Tom and Jackie Hawks of Prescott, Ariz.

Prosecutors say the Long Beach man and a teen actor in a “Power Rangers” TV series feigned interest in buying the couple’s yacht and killed them during a test cruise in 2004.

Deleon overpowered them on a test cruise, tied them to an anchor and tossed them into the Pacific Ocean as they begged for their lives, according to the prosecution.

After the yacht killings, the prosecution said, Deleon and his then-wife Jennifer Henderson scrubbed the boat clean with bleach wipes in Newport Harbor.

The Hawks’ bodies were never found.

Deleon, who was also convicted of murdering an Anaheim man in 2003, admitted guilt in hopes that the “I was an abused child” defense would get him off the hook. It did not.

Even though he only played bit parts in a few episodes of Power Rangers, I’m still really weirded out by this. In terms of raping me right in the childhood nostalgia hole, I rank this right up there with when the development company bulldozed my grandmother’s farm house and built three multi-million dollar monstrosities on the same plot of land.

Is nothing sacred?

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  • I’m glad I never watched power rangers. To think, I could have been influenced to kill people and steal their yacht.

    • I’m sorry, the concept of a cold-blooded, premeditated, double homicide isn’t repulsive (to you)? Get real. There are people that absolutely deserve to die for their actions. There is no rehabilitation for that shit. He’s not worthy. And to waste money on dirt like that so he can stay alive in prison? No thank you, not with my tax money.

      • Did I try to push my opinion on you? No, I did not. Where do you come off completely undermining the fact that there are different views on certain subjects? You really like patronizing people, don’t you?

        I find the concept of someone playing master over another person’s life ridiculous. In this case, this man has committed disgusting, inhumane things, but who gives anyone the right to do the same thing he did? Steal someone’s life away, and send that person in to the unknown. I do not in anyway condone any form of killing, even if the people deciding upon the death feel that the decision is righteous.

      • bravo anna. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and you are right– you didn’t say anything inflammatory to warrant such a response. And that’s religulous is right— death sentences are pricey as hell. It’s not like they are going to kill him today. All the appeals and death row and etc etc. Huge money suck.

      • Fair enough. You did not deserve an attack, you’re right.
        But I still find it odd that your first response was anti-death sentence, instead of being appalled by what that disgusting piece of shit actually did.

      • I’d already read it a day ago on another site, so I had processed it already, and didn’t feel like repeating something I’d already said elsewhere.

      • I’m not going to join in the pro vs. anti- death penalty debate, but I just have to say that something is seriously wrong with America’s judicial system if killing someone in 3 minutes is more expensive than keeping them alive for the rest of their long lived life.
        That and OJ getting off.

      • ”seriously wrong with America’s judicial system if killing someone in 3 minutes is more expensive than keeping them alive for the rest of their long lived life.”. I agree. Yeah rite? why would it cost more? how the fuck is that even possible? wtf?

      • This would make some sense if it didn’t cost as much or MORE to execute someone as it does to keep him or her alive in prison.

        I think I understand both sides of this debate. In principle, I’m against the death penalty, but sometimes I just don’t know how to feel.

  • Wow, the OC ACTUALLY imposes real sentences and punishment to fucktard “celebrities” that break the law?? That’s news to me…

    • Before the suspects killed the victims, this innocent couple was forced under duress to sign over the title to their yacht as well as some of their other assets. So, in a nutshell — it was done for money. The death penalty is most appropriate under these circumstances. I can’t quite understand how anyone could be possibly opposed to it as a punishment for this crime. While I don’t believe that every person who is convicted of murder should receive this same sentence, these fiends went to extra trouble to make this the most malicious of deeds. Unfortunately, due to our maligned justice system here in California, Deleon will probably be able to appeal his conviction and it will be years before he is actually executed (if ever), even though the evidence that showed he was guilty is overwhelming. So in the meantime, my fellow California citizens and I, including the victims’ surviving son, will be having part of our taxes going to housing and feeding this P.O.S.

  • “In terms of raping me right in the childhood nostalgia hole,”
    Wow. Relying on jokes about childhood rape … not so good. Where’s Soleil again? I prefer “boring” to “actively offensive.”

    • Are you just stupid or do you lack critical reading skills? Obviously she’s referring to the rape of her childhood NOSTALGIA, not rape in childhood.

    • I could not disagree with you more, JR. I’ll take sharp, thoughtful writing from a unique, balls-out perspective over boring any day. As for the sentence in question, it seems as though you chose two words out of context that, when combined, create a virtual storm of self-righteous masturbatory hysteria (see: panties in a bunch). I might suggest that you read the sentence in its entirety before becoming so active in your offense.

  • All I know is, those people should have been nervous when a guy wearing a Power Ranger suit climbed aboard their boat! Um, Duh!

  • This guy was a minor just above bit part actor who had turned into a meth addict along with his wife, who kept popping out kids while they were living in her parents garage in Long Beach, he was a loser who with some gang member decided to con these hard working people out of their yacht worth 500k, which was being sold so they could move to AZ to be near their grand kids. Everyone loved the people selling the boat, instead of working for something and buying it legitimately this POS brought his wife, who was pregnant and child on board the yacht to ease the mind of the couple going out to sea with the ganster and power ranger wannabe. She essentially lured the couple, who were tied to an anchor and dropped into the sea to drown, they were alive when they were sent to the bottom of the Catalina Channel one of the deepest in the world, their bodies never recovered. The wife who assisted in the crime got life and had to give up her kids, I think both men got the DP. Everyone lost because of these worthless addicts, lazy ass thieves who thought some hardworking people owed them a boat work a half million dollars, because people living in a garage with their kids should just be able to kill and steal a yacht.

    This story always gave me the heebiejeebies, and seemed so senseless and cruel. I am glad this is finally over.

  • uhhhh, is next?!!!

    …you gonna tell me the voice of ‘lion-o’ from the ‘thundercats’ is running a child prostitution ring out of thailand???

    im going to bed now and try to forget this bullshit while cuddling my vermont teddy bear.


    thanks alot…uhhh…kelly!


  • i cannot think of a more HORRIFIC way to die. to plummet probably hundreds of feet to the bottom of the ocean….dark, cold, no air and the pressure just pressing on you, complete hopelessness…how truly TERRIFIED those people must have been. they should do the SAME thing to him…he deserves the same fate…tie him to an anchor and drop him in the Pacific. he made those people SUFFER…he knew he was going to kill him, he could have made it quick and painless. bastard.

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