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Naomi Campbell Cleans Up Her Act


After years of hucking Blackberries at anyone who crossed her, it seems that supermodel Naomi Campbell is focused on sobriety.  In a new interview with Giant magazine, the glamazon reflects, “There comes a point when it all catches up with you and you have to deal with it. And that caused me to reassess myself and get real treatment for my anger and my addictions. Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I’ve finally come to realize that for me, it’s all or nothing—and it has to be nothing.  I’m in The Program, and I’m proud to be.  I’m not able to drink alcohol. My body cannot handle it. The discipline of The Program has helped me in other parts of my day-to-day life…I wish I knew about it earlier, but I found out about it when I did, and life is good.”

Good for Naomi.  I’m glad the thirty-nine year-old has clarity and I hope she sticks with it.  Also, it would be great if she could give Lindsay a call.  And Lily.  And Amy.

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  • good luck to you, naomi. please dont ever let anyone convince you that you need a reality show.

  • Sorry to be nitpicky, but most branding guidelines say you shouldn’t pluralize the actual brand name. So in this case, it should say, “After years of hucking BlackBerry smartphones….”

      • No one, really. But if you’re running a blog and you call yourself and “editor,” then it’s important.

  • mkay, lily doesn’t deserve to be mentioned alongside Amy and Lindsay.
    One of her most popular new songs (Everyone’s at It) is ANTI-drug.
    I think you’re a great writer and your posts always amuse but why you seem to have an issue w/ lily allen of all people confuses me.

    • I think no one deserves to be mentioned alongside Amy. Maybe, maybe Pete Doherty in his heyday, but Amy stands alone in terms of drug… ‘use’. She smokes for breakfast what Naomi and Lindsay could do together in a lifetime. She is fully hardcore. Respect.

  • Most violent drug and alcoholics are sugar intolerant! The book Potatoes Not Prozac explains why.