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I’m thinking of something along the lines of, “I’m so glad Christina Applegate beat breast cancer so that she can start working on lung cancer.”

Smoking is a total bitch.  It’s completely addictive and I don’t underestimate the power nicotine wields over its victims.  I smoked for a couple of years but never felt the true need to smoke.  I would just get drunk and decide that smoking enhanced how fuckable I looked.  My twenties were fun.

But Applegate’s life was spared by early detection of breast cancer.  The woman is thirty-seven and has already undergone a double mastectomy.  Obviously she has a lot more living to do.  Christina, put down the frigging cancer sticks and respect this life, this second chance, that you’ve been gifted with.

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  • It’s been proven that smoking is linked to a shit ton of other cancers (including breast cancer), not just lung cancer. So she’s an idiot.

  • ugh i hate people who preach. let her do whatever the hell she wants, i’m sure she knows she’s had cancer. but if she still chooses to smoke, who cares, it’s her choice.

    • Wow. This is just appalling!

      I couldn’t care less if she wants to chance fate again, but this doesn’t just affect her. I feel sorry for her friends and family who have already been through enough with her breast cancer diagnosis.

      I don’t understand how people can be so selfish, risking hurting the ones they love the most by taking such stupid chances (like starting/continuing smoking).

      • not everybody who smokes gets cancer or other related deseases
        and if everybody spent there time not taking stupid chances every body would just be sat there doing nothing all day .

  • Leave her alone. Can you even begin to imagine how stressful breast cancer must be? Let her enjoy her “second chance” at life.

  • I really like her – I think she’s hilarious but this just bums me out!

    I thought she was smart/funny but I guess she’s just funny.

  • well, you were lucky enough that you were just casually smoking in your 20s. I got hooked as as dumb teenager. I couldn’t imagine quitting. It becomes a very large part of your identity. It’s weird.

    I think people should preach against smoking, but at the same time, I think it can be unfair. If I see a morbidly obese person eating unhealthy food, I don’t scold them or glare at them or tell them how they are killing themselves.

    But I dunno. My only advice is never start smoking.

    • If a morbidly obese person is eating something unhealthy, it doesn’t pop into your mouth as you walk by. The same can’t be said for smoke. If a smoker is smoking in a public place, non-smokers still must breath. And, most of them don’t appreciate if that air is laden with smoke.

      • oh I won’t lie. I really don’t feel bad. I don’t blow smoke in people’s faces, and I don’t smoke around kids. I am careful of smoking depending where I am. If it’s crowded, I wouldn’t smoke. The air you are breathing is probably already filled of bad stuff…. don’t know… don’t feel bad. Sorry. I know that I am conscious to what’s going on around me, and I think of other people before I have a cigarette.

        And right now, people are critiquing a picture of a smoker. You are obviously not being directly harmed by Christina smoking.

        And for the record, I said that people should preach about not smoking. I just added that I didn’t think it was that fair. So… I guess go on! Smoking is bad; you’re right. I agree.

  • What people don’t know, is what’s really in them. They are excluded from stating what they put in them under because they call the ingredients “trade secrets”.

    But, what science has learned from studying them is, the tobacco companies have been lying forever and that the problems associated with smoking go well beyond what is traditionally associated with the use of them.

    If you do use… have fun! Because you are rolling the dice in ways you can’t imagine, studies have shown that it is now possible to relate smoking with all kinds of nasty things. Enjoy!!!!

  • I’m not sure if you guys in the US have the large warning labels with groteseque pictures on cigarette packets? We do in Australia. I’ve always thought a good one would be SMOKING MAKES YOU UGLY. Maybe have a before & after shot of, say, Katherine Heigl with yellow teeth and wrinkly dried out skin with suck marks around the mouth. And yellow fingertips. I really think that would work better than cancer threats. People are shallow!

    • in england we have them but tbh they dont make much difference , most people just ignore them

      its stupid when they put ” smoking is highly addictive , dont start” on the packs
      ‘cos if i didnt smoke i wouldnt have brought the baccy with it written on.

      • I think his point was to discourage people who are already ugly from making themselves even more ugly.

  • christina can do what she wants. HOWEVER, smoking is one of those things that not only affects her, it affects anyone nearby catching her toxic fumes, innocent bystanders. i have no sympathy for smokers. SMOKERS ARE SELFISH. period. people have every right to make bad choices for themselves, but no right whatsoever to make choices for others. and, yes, smoking is hideous, NOT sexy!

  • Last time i checked, smoking was not illegal. Plus u look cool, and older!! Joking!!! WTF is wrong with doing somethin that is legal? If the chicken shit government everwork up the balls to ban smoking then i’ll……. moke more out of badness!!! SUCK IT!!!

    • yeah, if it’s legal it can’t possibly be wrong! i’m going to let the government and the law dictate ALL my decision!

  • She survived breast cancer and lost her breats because of it. If Christina wants to shoot up. Fuck..she has every right too.

  • I believe the stuck up person who wrote this article is just jealous, probably cause you are compulsive and not secure with yourself, you are going off on a very popular actress, who has probably heard everything in her life, she has fought off breast cancer, which my mother has gone through in the past 4-5 years and has had many numerous operations and close to 100 visits to the doctors office and you are making fun of a person who had breast cancer. You should be ashamed of yourself, I hope you don’t get karma and think about what you wrote about, you are just a sad, sad person, I’m sorry you have to live your life the way you people do! A lot of people in life really don’t realize how short life is and how important friends and family are. I was once told, “have you ever thought about what is going to be written on your epitaph, is it going to say here lies john a man who did pretty much nothing, or someone who has accomplished a lot in their lives and had touched hundreds and thousands of lives for the better not the worse. So please whoever reads this, think before you say something bad about another person, and think about what you do to make yourself a better person by saying something nice to someone or doing something nice for somebody, they will appreciate it, if not you will feel better on the inside and people will see the good things you do!!