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Ana Ortiz’s Look: Love It or Leave It?


The Ugly Betty star is preggers-tastic and pure as white snow at the GLAAD media awards this weekend in NYC. Ana is expecting her first child, a daughter, in July, with husband Noah Lebenzon.

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  • LOOOVE IT!!!

    I can’t wait to wear cute things like that when I’m all preggers. LOL.

    Seriously. It’s a gorgeous dress. I’d wear it right now. Sans extra fabric in the tumtum area of course.

  • Not a graceful look, just awkward. I don’t like the whole skin-tight look for pregnant women. It also looks like an uncomfortable fabric to sit in because it’s a woven, not a knit. Just not flattering, but she looks cute and happy.

  • I dunno. The way it is all puffed out looking, not only on her belly where she is puffed out, but her entire front including her chest- it looks like she is wearing a bulletproof vest or one of those lead bibs they give you at the dentist under her dress.

  • She looks stunning! I love that she’s not afraid to wear fitted fabric and show off the cute belly.

  • Damnit, she looks like she stuffed something under her dress. She doesn’t look like she gained any weight at all!!!

    She looks awesome!

  • the material looks cheap to me, like a bad bridesmaid dress that she cut off at the knees.