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7Hilary Duff Had a Secret Child Two Years Ago!!!!


No no, I’m kidding, of course. Remember, she ditched Joel Madden before he started impregnating his floozies. But we can totally see how adorable she’s going to be when she does have kids.

Hilary was filming for a her role in an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU to bump the episode’s ratings take some pictures of Hilary playing a mom on the show. Even my cold evil heart warms at this. Hilary seems positively maternal. I’m so excited for when she settles down and pops out babies. It’s gonna be Jen Garner levels of adorableness. And the only price Jen has to pay for being an adorable and relateable and involved mom is that she and her family are hounded everywhere they go at all times. Seriously I run the pics of Jen with Violet and Mini-Violet very very rarely, but trust me when I say the photo agencies have pics of every single minute of Jen’s day. Always. Fun life.

Seriously, though, Hil looks great here. Good for her.

March 25, 2009 at 11:36 pm by Evil Beet
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7 Responses to “Hilary Duff Had a Secret Child Two Years Ago!!!!”

  1. wpolochick says:

    Hilary Duff has always kind of annoyed me for being so talentless yet famous. I will commend her for, however, keeping a good head on her shoulders and being a good role model vs. the La Lohan path in life.

  2. briana says:

    lol the title of this had me all excited for the 1 second it took me to scroll down to read the rest of the post. HDUFF has always been one of the very few disney kids I ever really like consistently. I spent my midle school/jr high years watching Lizzie McGuire with my best friends every week. goooood times.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She has become really good looking in the past couple years.

  4. chaz says:

    You had me there………Hillary Duff is the most underrated of the Disney kids, Selena Gomez has a chance to go beyond but the whole “Wizard” theme is whacked….give the kid a chance and a real show…..Lizzie McGuire was aces.

  5. Rolls says:

    I had a dream I was on a date with her & she was truly a sweet young woman, the type you wanted to build a family with….this story’s only fitting. A knockout from inside out.

  6. laura says:

    hilary duff is nice and she is daughter very nice

  7. kelc says:

    completely agree with you…..she is going to be another jen G in cuteness.. poor thing will not be left alone either!
    i’m really glad for this ONE non screwede up child star from the last decade!

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