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Robert Pattinson Stinks

Robert Pattinson Smells Bad Pictures Photos

No, like, literally.

Sources on the set of New Moon are complaining about how stinky he is!

“He stinks. I mean, it’s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy,” says a source who Ted Casablancas claims “works in very close quarters” with Rob, which I’m assuming means the man who does his hair or makeup in his trailer.

“He completely reeks,” says another source.

Apparently Robert isn’t a big fan of showering. And is anyone surprised? I mean, does this guy LOOK like he showers? Um, no.

And maybe this explains why Kristen Stewart always has such a sour look on her face while she’s doing publicity for Twilight. It’s not that she’s a stoned, detached bitch like we’d all assumed, it’s just that she’s about to vomit from the stench of Robert Pattinson.

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  • Beet, must you always choose the worst pic of him? There are PLENTY of eye-pleasing ones out there! :D

    *sigh* he is (usually) gorgeous….stinky = not cool though.

  • He is NOT usually so gorgeous. I still don’t understand the fascination with this guy. He’s NOT hot, he’s not good looking and he has the most effed up face I’ve ever seen on a Hollywood leading actor. He may be a good actor. I don’t know, I’ve never seen Twilight or any movie he’s done. But I am totally flabbergasted by his status as a sex symbol. He’s just not a good looking guy in my opinion. Also, he totally looks like he would reek of B.O.

    • Agreed. He’s not hot.

      And I haven’t seen much “good acting” out of him either. I liked him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter… but most of his time was spent silent or dead. Heh.

      • I completely agreed with you..until I saw the movie. Every pic of him was SO unattractive beforehand, and I hated his aloof attitude. However, I saw the movie and there’s just something about him that’s intense/smoldering. That’s just my opinion, but it took the movie for me to get him.

    • AGREED.

      This is not a surprising revelation to me at all. The dude LOOKS like he smells. He is skinny, homely and now, we learn he is a dirty dude as well. I do not see his appeal AT ALL.

    • Rob needs to shower….and wear something under his arms. You can see his pits are totally wet in Twilight during the salad bar scene at the school while he is talking to Kristen..its GROSS and also, check out the interview with the “ouch” button while they were in France…they are asked what is the thing about the person next to them that they don’t like,,,Kristen says “HIS SMELL”>…Rob, you are too beautiful to smell so bad. Seriously could hire me to give you a bath every single day.

  • Actually, I don’t call bullshit.


    Have you ever lived with a bunch of guys?

    Specifically, have you lived with a bunch of guys Pattinson’s age?

    Boys don’t shower. Some do, but there are a good chunk that just kinda overlook it.

    One of my friends, sometimes will go a week without showering. It’s pretty gross. lol and I refuse to visit him when he’s stinky like that.

    The BF? He generally showers only because I yell at him, otherwise, after a long string of basketball games, he’ll just chill out on the couch without bothering to clean himself.

    • Yep, guys smell terrible sometimes.

      When I was in university, we lived in a co-ed dorm. The second floor was boys, the first floor girls, and the boys’ floor stunk something horrible…all the time.

  • This is totally true…One of my closets friends works as an assistant to a stylist in LA and has confirmed his putrid smell more than once. The only plus side to him, she has said, is that he is very nice to work with.

    • Cher.

      I agree agree agree.

      I used to be on the swim team, back in the day in high school.

      I mastered the art of breath-holding.

      It wouldn’t take too long, anyway.

  • Who the f**k doesn’t shower??? I’ve never understood that.

    Showering is not exactly a challenging or time consuming task!

    • well, i don’t know about anyone else, but i’ve skipped a few showers myself. i’m a college student, and sometimes i just have sooo much work to finish that i’d rather use the 20 minutes for some zzz’s

  • Horse shit. The fact that i wouldnt give a crap about the smell when someone has such a charming personality aside; You cant be a movie star and stink. Complete nonsense. He wouldnt even have a chance to be a stinky person with so many people around him, a hair-dresser who probably washes Roberts hair every day twice and designers who send him free new clothes all the time. It almost makes me feel sorry for him, I mean come on stinking is something like a basic human need for guys of his age LOL.

    Besides didnt he tell GQ that he just made a JOKE about not washing his hair? And that all those so called resources now keep claiming bullshit about him?

  • I’ve never understood the people who don’t clean themselves. How can they live with being less than clean? Much less the knowledge they smell unpleasant?! Don’t they realize this? I mean surely famous people must know if they google themselves. Maybe this is the reason he reported having trouble getting laid.

    But then, I have a borderline compulsive obsession with personal hygiene. I usually take two showers a day, sometimes three, and I have four different skin cleansing products. I know its a problem, but fuck mental health.

  • amusing story-but sounds like total bullshit.and anyway who cares as long as he looks good on the screen its all good!!

  • I guess some women just like sickly looking pale guys with the appearance of drug induced hygienic carelessness?

  • I totally agree with Naty… Give the boy a good shower and he’s good to go… I sure wouldn’t mind helping him clean up either… LMAO… And I think what makes him so attractive to women is that he’s a real person…. Not to perfect looking… And when you have a sweet and loving attiutde like he seems to have…. It makes a girl want him even more… He’s HOTT and thats all there is to it…

  • I had a friend from Europe (the UK, specifically) who told me that in Europe, people shower a lot less than Americans do. I don’t know how often they shower, but I think he said it was once or twice a week they shower. Definitely not everyday, though.

    Was he right? Or did he just live in a smelly town?

    • i heard this too, and i was said that it was becuse they dont have as much water as we do.
      actually, the only people that showers every day were the sicks, or with disease, well, that was what i was told :S

      • Total Bullshit. Sorry, but this is so not true. I live in Germany, and yes, we shower every day. And yes, we do have enough water and even soap. Tsssss…..

      • definitely not, I agree with Sandra, I live in France and we DO shower everyday! as I’m sure English people, Danish people, Spanish people do. Who told you that kind of bullshit? I can’t believe this…

      • Surely it depends on the person? I’m English with many European friends, and I know some of them shower every day, while most don’t.

        Americans have a reputation for being obsessed with hygiene over here.

      • How utterly ignorant to think that we would lack water or hygeine in Europe! Wow, some of you guys need to spend a little less time on sites like this and a little more learning about world geography! You can’t assume that the way one person smells reflects on how an entire continent smells. But then maybe I am wrong about making assumptions, from your comments should I just assume that all Americans are ignorant and insulting?

    • BS. Unless your on HMS Bulwark the Brits shower everyday….now I knew this guy/roomate in college who ran 5-8 miles everyday then came home and laid on the couch all sweaty instead of going right into the shower. Men are weird that way. Rob just needs a bubble bath with me is all! I don’t believe this article btw.

    • Yeah, the nails are pretty gross. So are his hands. It looks like he borrowed Michael Jackson’s fake hand for this photo.

  • not surprisingly he s dating any galpal so far. his armpit and asshole both choke gals to death. gals puke at the shit stuck on his asshole after his poop if going days without showering

  • What a load of crap!! So he might not shower everyday, wow, what a crime!! Haven’t you Americans ever heard of pheromones or does everybody have to be bleached and sterilised to within an inch of their lives (like Zac Efron). Give me a Rob or Johnny Depp type any day(at least I’d get a chance to use the bathroom when I wanted to). Men should be men and if that means a bit of B.O now and then I’m all for it!!

  • Oh come on! I live in Holland and of course people shower every day here! I’m pretty sure they do so in all European countries. What a dumb-ass prejudice!

  • No offense to all the brits out there…
    But he’s British, are you really shocked? Most British people use their climate as an excuse to shy away from daily showers…
    He has no excuse now though as he’s in a different climate completely (I assume California).

    • Wow,No offence to the Brits eh?
      Please don’t say ‘most brits’ this is a little unfair,
      I live here in the Sunny South of England & everyone I know showers every day so I think these comments are pretty outdated! I even use Crest Whitestrips so I haven’t got ‘British teeth’ !!
      Only the lazy stink, and past rumours about a certain Kiwi actor & an actor who is famous for playing bongos naked being extremely stinky,shows it’s just not Brits!!!!!!

    • What utter bollocks! We shower daily just like anybody else. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t.

      I love the ‘no offense’ disclaimer – Oh gosh, no, how could anybody possibly take offense at such an insulting generalisation?
      Well, here’s one for you – most Americans are ignorant of anything and anybody beyond their own borders!
      No offense.

  • You americans are such idiots! i mean wtf of course people in europe shower every day!! only the sick shower, because we don’t have enough water??!! rofl, that is perhaps the stupidest thing i have ever heard. but then again, nothing can suprise me when it comes to american ignorance and sense of superiority…

  • you americans are such idiots! of course people from europe shower every day. only the sick shower due to lack of water??!! rofl, that is perhaps the stupidest thing i have ever heard. but then again, nothing can suprise me anymore when it comes to american ignorance and sense of superiority.

    • You’re being more ridiculous. I’m American, and I don’t assume that Europeans don’t shower daily. Don’t go lumping all Americans into a little ball if you don’t like other people doing that to Europeans. Sheesh

  • Hi is from Britain so he is uncircumsized….can you imagine how he must smell if he doesn’t shower daily. i mean uncircumsized men STINK less than two hours after showering let along not showing at all..Ewwww gross

      • Thank you for finally pointing that out to everyone here in the States. NO ONE believed me that 95% of UK men are not circumcised.And I for one,find it extremely sexy….Id love to give him a go and find out what all this foreskin business is about…..supposedly its very sensitive pleasure wise….the equivelant of us women waxing completely (which DOES work….I know from experience)
        So I happily volunteer to take one for the U.S.girls and thouroughly inspect Rob’s English goods and for scientific purpoises only give him a wank and see just how sensitive his foreskin is!

      • Yes, most British men are uncut, so most British celebrities would be uncut. There’s no way to know for sure unless he does a nude scene or says so, but the odds are he is uncut. That is totally normal for a British guy.

        Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and others are also uncut as can be seen from their nude scenes in movies.

  • LOL,, what a man,,
    yes,, he is completely dirty,,
    he never showers and shampoo..
    but so what?? all your useless comments would never change almost all girls in the world that loves him so much.. XD
    he is dirty,, but he is famed..
    that’s the sense of him.. XD

  • His “sex appeal”and “sex symbol status”is very simple:Edward Cullen.The girls love Edward and they think that this guy IS Edward.In 2005 when he was Cedric Diggory NOBODY saw his “hotness”…..i’m 18,a girl and i don’t find him cute AT ALL.

  • For those that dont care if he stinks! thats bull crap….
    theres no excuse to not shower! At least have a little of consideration
    on you co-worker, if it was me I will tell him Hey dude Take a Bath!
    I bet if a INdu or arabic person is beside you, you will definatly would care. And specially would not be with them!
    TAKE A BATH ROB! boooooooooooooooo

  • Read in newspaper, now I can put in the face of my sisters !
    What’s so hot about him ? I watched the movie (wasnt as bad as expected tho) just to see what made that skinny white redhead so attractive but I guess my boy skills fail me again. Anyway, he does look dirty and everyone should shower… The few times I don’t (~3 times a year due to waking up VERY late) I just feel so dirty for the whole day and get in the shower as soon as possible when I get home.

  • right.. this is ridiculous, ‘trini’ i cannot believe you think Brits don’t shower because of lack of water!!!! that is so naive, you are obviously living in some fairy land of some sort. get over yourself.

    also, to everyone out there. If you went to central london found a good looking guy same age as pattinson, style etc. shoved him in the spotlight the press will pick any detail possible, twist it and use it to create gossip for money. Half the stuff said in magazines is untrue about pattinson. There are probably so many blokes out there fairly like pattinson it’s just they are not in the spotlight. He is down to earth and normal, just because he doesn’t wax his face and die his eyelashes like zac efron (who is a barbie doll) doesn’t mean you can spot every insy flaw and rip the shit out of him for being a normal 22-year-old guy.

  • wtf dont judge i bet half of all ur bfs dont shower as often either so back of of pattinson he is a normal person and people just want to bring him down

    and i bet you are all just talkin cuz u r so jealous he aint yours

  • other than his stinkning issue i think robert pattinson is freak’n gorgeous!! adn wnaybody who thinks he isn’t must be blind!

  • Well, if you look at his fingernails in this photo they are the cleanest and neatest I’ve ever seen on a man! Hardly the fingernails of a person who never washes. Of course he showers and washes his hair! Like many English guys he has a wicked sense of humour and makes self-deprecating, sarcastic jokes in interviews, like saying he doesn’t wash his hair etc. He doesn’t really mean it! People then take it literally and it gets written down as fact for evermore after that.
    As for the sweat patches under his arms in Twilight, having sweat patches doesn’t mean you don’t wash, it just means he got a bit hot under the lights on set! And I certainly got hot watching him in Twilight! Fresh sweat doesn’t smell anyway.
    Can I just say for any Random Fact Fans out there: in the French video clip mentioned above by Sheryl Robinson, when Kristen and Rob press the button, it doesn’t say “Ouch!”, it’s Prince saying “No!” from the opening of his song “Alphabet Street”.
    Stay groovy, kids.

  • secondo me sono solo calugne…il suo lavoro ruota intorno la sua immagine…provate a pensarci… anche se fosse stato puzzone per indole i suoi maneger lo avrebbero ficcato dentro una vasca da bagno con la forza!e poi che colpo basso diffondere questa notizia…umiliare una persona pur di far notizia….è questo che mi fa schifo

    • I’m afraid that it’s true. In GQ magazine, the journalist tells the same thing : “His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he”. What a disillusion ! What a disgrace for Pattinson !
      Now, when I watch the forest scene and I hear Edward saying (I’m french, so I’ve only french version. Sorry for this translation but it’s mine) : “I was conceived to, all in me, attract you : my voice, my face and even my smell”, haha, I laugh ! Poor Kristen !

  • I’m afraid that it’s true. In GQ magazine, the journalist tells the same thing : “His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he.” What a disillusion ! What a disgrace for Pattinson !
    Now, when I watch the forest scene and I hear Edward saying (I’m french, so I’ve only french version. Sorry for this translation but it’s mine): “I was conceived to, all in me, attract you : my voice, my face and even my smell”, haha, I laugh ! Poor Kristen !

  • He seems very surprised by all this attention that he is getting. He does look like a artist type that focuses more of his time creating than washing. He is not super super hot, but does have that something….
    Poor guy, he has been so confused by fame that he forgets to shower!!!

    He just looks confused all the time.

  • robert pattinson does not smell we met him for the premiere of twilight and we got his autograph and got a hug from him and we think he smells really good like the lacrosse cologne delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so quit picking on him

  • I don’t care if he showers or if his living quarters are messy. He’s a guy who knows what he prefers to do. He seems like an interesting person to get to know and I would hang out with him anytime if I had the chance! Stinky or not, it’s the heart that matters.

  • ok, he probably doesn’t shower daily, and due to hard work at the set, he might stink to high heaven at times. nobody is perfect. He’s a nice guy and a good actor. Im sure he showers, just not everyday, and certainly for premiers, dates, etc.

    I will disagree with all the europeans going in an uproar over the “shower” comment, yes, now most people in europe shower as much as americans, but this wasn’t always the case, so its a prejudice from the past. I live in Europe, and there are certainly still a decent amount of people who don’t shower daily. Proportionately, it would seem there are less people in the US who don’t shower daily, but there sure are a lot of guys that just don’t as well, as anyone who’s gone through college in the US has witnessed. I think the big difference is tolerance. In the US the reaction is more neurotic (I am american, and yes we are a bunch of hygene obssesed neurotics), where as in Europe people just don’t fret as much, and they have a point. Stink doesn’t make anyone a bad person, maybe just not as pleasant.

  • Hello where have you people been. He told us he doesn’t shower,
    he said he didn’t wash his hair, he said pretty much if he didn’t do
    Potter and Twilight he’d pretty much be a homeless guy. He has
    never made or given any other impression. And if people are complaining then its the newest cast members being vocal. Kristen
    did say she didn’t like the way he smelled and she told him to his face.
    All this has been in his interviews words from his lips. So shock. A lot
    of people are not shower, perfume, cologne, deodorant crazy. He likes his grunge. That’s who he is deal with it he is unique. I adore him more and more. Stinky, grungy, smelly, furry, he is a hoot ! Kudos Bobby..
    your adoring fan xxoo

  • I really dont care what people write about him, theres something about him that seems so sweet and caring and most importantly REAL, so the guy MAYBE doesnt have the best hygiene habits who cares. to be honest thats the one thing that makes him different, if you want to stand out in that lifestyle, who cares if its from a little sweat or cause his hair looks a little off, its better than being known cause your a sk*nk and cant keep your legs closed, in my opinion. and for all you dissers out there he might be smelly but who the hell cares if I start making millions you really think i would give two hoots about what a bunch of nimrods like yourself say, seriously he could bath in hundred dollar bills while you all take your showers to get up for your nine to 5 jobs making nothin but a buck!

    • I love you Robert I do not belive any of this…. I belive you do shower I mean you’re very sexy…..

      • I really love Robert Pattinson you guys need not need to say bad things about him… I think it is really rude that people would post stuff rude about him on the inter net for the world to see it is embarrasing and rude people grow up…. I love you your number one fan Jennifer…..

      • jennifer i totally think that you are so wrong! if you think Robert is sexy we are seeing diferent people! soo what ever you say he is sooooooo butt ugly!!!! i mean look at his hair it frigen looks like sum1 shit on it !!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway rob is so NOT sexy and if u were seeing the write piture of him u would no that

      • You`re just such wrongggggggggggg omggg… Robert Pattison is the hottest cutie in the holeeeeeee your eyes stupiddddddd

    • I think Robert just needs to understand that gossip happens. His fans do not think badly of him. I read the article, and I think the way he is being treated it wrong. It’s like high school or something. I think the cast and crew need to grow up. It is pretty obvious that he showers, he looks clean, and no one else has ever complained. I know Robert wont read this, but I just want to tell him to cheer up. In New Moon, he is supposed to step aside for the Rez Kids, but it will pick up in the next movies. I just hope he continues and holds in there. I really can’t stand it when they replace actors. He makes a great Edward, and can’t wait to see him bring that character to life in the coming movies. Please hang in there and continue to be our Edward. I think it will be good for your career.

    • wow, that was a really moving, well thought up comment and i respect you for that. do i agree? personally i dint give a crap about robert pattinson or what he smells like. ive never smelled him, im not gunna judge him either way. but still, most peoples comments were “omgggg hes soooo sexyyy whyyyy would you sayyyy thhaaaat ghtkljfgogjflk” but urs made sense.

  • omg you are all seriously retarded do you all really think that he would not shower? lol we are sweat for christ sakes its the norm, you all really need a life and stop disrespecting the guy!

  • OMG! i am so not surprised! He looks to sweaty! rly i would feel totally clostrophobic with the smell surrounding me i would absolutely hate it i would probably vomit with the stink! Well he still is absolutely gorg!

  • Well yeah, i can kind of imagine him as one of those scruffy guys that dont regularly wash!I think that he doesnt try and look to impress other people which is good and erm on the otherhand its so gross! He still is a fitty though! :)

  • errr…..guyysss!!!
    is there any probs if hot guy don’t shower?
    if u hav dat look n dat charm, u can be jerk.
    it’s ok, i dun mind at all.
    n rob pats 4 sure got more than reasons 2 escape shower.

    • You are sooooooooo right…. I`m with yaaaaaaaaa

      I love Edward Cullennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  • no, i think you had it right to begin with; kristen is a stoned bitch. rob may not bath, but that has no effect on her face. as for whether or not rob baths i agree with those that say who cares. i’ve watched many interviews with rob and he is just so completely honest and real, which is just so unusual with people of his stature. i appreciate it. who cares if he doesn’t smell like the men’s cologne counter at the mall? i don’t bath everyday either. if you don’t have the type of job that you get nasty and sweaty everyday there’s really no point. the natural phermones of the body are very sexy. i’m not talking dirty nasty sweaty stink, but the natural smell of a man, or woman. i agree that rob doesn’t seem to need the approval of others. i hope all this fame doesn’t change him because i really think he is something special. i hope to see him in many projects in the future. hopefully he won’t get sick of all the media & hollywood crap and decide to deprieve us all of his absolutely remarkable and perfect face, and totally awesome hair. just like Twilight says of Edward in the book, he is so perfect he doesnt’ even look human. my favorite look of his is his perfect smile, and second is the look where he drops his head and looks up with those gorgeous blues under those thick out of control eyebrows and has his mouth slightly in a smirk where you can seem those adorably vampirish teeth. yummy i want eat him up!


      Deny all you want, but the kid admits he has poor personal hygeine and has stopped washing his hair. Bad personal hygeine, no shampooing=smelly human being. Sorry to burst your bubble of the guy, but he’s a grunger, he’s got classic symptoms of depression, not bathing, drinking heavily, not caring about his appearance or hygeine, just look at the pictures of him from when he appeared in the Harry Potter movies as opposed to the pictures of him now. He looks sadder and more lost as time goes by, this is a kid who didn’t know he was getting into when he signed on the dotted line to star in the Twilight films. He didn’t expect the psychotic response from fans who routinely chase him down and request him to “bite them”.
      Maybe if the “Twi-hards” would back off of Mr. Pattinson he’d be able to figure out who he is, what he wants and clean himself up, otherwise he’s going to end up either dead or washed up before he hits the age of 30…but maybe that’s what the “Twi-hards” want, for him to be young forever. It is sad, this kid needs a guiding hand, and a bath, not to be chased down streets into traffic or have his every move scrutinized by people who only give a rat’s a$$ about him because he plays their precious “Edward”

  • you guys have no life if all you can do is make up a bunch of bs about him. i mean maybe he does kind of stink but wat kind of guy doent??you all worthless pieces of st*t think ur all ku to come up with that but ur not, ur just making his life hell!!! and for kristean when i saw the movie i thought u were ku but fuk you you b*tch rot in hell!!!!
    GO ROB DNT LISTEN TO THEM!!!!rob is so sexy for ur info and if i was working with him i wouldnt care wat he smells lik i would just be happy to look at his face every day!!!!

    • You honestly think all guys stink??? Hate to tell you, but um, no, they don’t. My husband showers at least once a day and so does every other male I know over the age of 11.

      You people act as if you know Pattinson personally, you don’t, you attack Ms. Stewart for having an opinion different from yours, but then again you all attack anyone who disagrees with any of you when it comes to your precious Twilight.

      Fact is, it’s a trite, contrived, predictable story of someone who gives up everything, including her life, for love, wow, how romantic, NOT.

      Mr. Pattinson doesn’t need anyone to defend him and his honor, he needs crazed fans to back off and leave him work and live in peace, maybe then he’d feel more comfortable with himself and start caring about his personal appearance, instead of allowing himself to look filthy in hopes of keeping his so-called fans at arms length.

      Maybe he chooses to be smelly so that the nutso Twi-hards will realize he’s not Edward Cullen, he’s Robert Pattinson, human being.

  • i find it funny how pathetic people really can get. Always looking and searching for something bad in a person.. Its only human not to like everyone you hear about or everyone u meet but it doesnt give someone the right to bash that person at their expense.. hollywood or not people have feelings.. why do people feed off such negative energy so easily. Its like highschool all over again..I’m happy that he is as succesfull as he is and he seems like a great guy in all his interviews. Try to focus on the positive and not the negative. The rumors that he doesnt shower?? lmao how lame. Some people just need to get a life and worry about more important things.

  • Rumors such as these usually stem from jealousy; and I can tell you, there’s a lot to be jealous of. Rob Pattinson is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Even if the rumors about him not bathing were true (which they are not) I would still lock lips with him any day of the week…who knows, maybe even more if I were that lucky…lol. Rumors circulated about Brad Pitt not bathing and having really poor hygiene. Let’s think about this, would Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie hang with someone who stunk? I think not. All the haters out there need to stop spreading smut about others just to make your own shortcomings seem insignificant.

  • Bitch shut the fuckk up.

    Its roberts choice on what he wants to do.
    He doesnt have to listen to your stupid asses complain all the time.

    Hes already putting up with all you ppls bullshit he doesnt have to do shitt just cause you want him to.

    Who cares if he has B.O.
    it doesnt change him, or who he is.
    Infactt. I would do him just for not listening to you guys and i would do him twice because of his adorable little sister.

    Oh yeah if you guys didnt know he has one here is her myspace look it up and add her.!

    But yeah anyway… Leave him alone…he is his own person and thats whats good about him rather then all you prepy asswholes who dont give a shitt for anyone exept your selff.

    mmmk So back upp a little..


  • well.. I don’t really believe think all “no shower” thing. I don’t think that as gorgeous as he is, he wouldn’t shower. You can be gorgeous but if you smell like sweat, beauty doesn’t count so much. So… I really don’t believe that he doesn’t shower. His fans would dissapear if that was the case. I love him anyway:D

  • idk what the hell u guys are writting sh*t for you guys act like you shower everyday i do because im a swimmer sooo i have to,,,..
    anyways thats what makes him different and cool

  • I made a mistake. I meant to say “I don’t really believe the “no shower” thing.

  • we think that Robert Patison is yummy so shut up, any way i am his girlfriend and i think i would know how he smells. yes i know you think he looks dirty but he showers every day . so i dont know what you are on about.

    please stop bitching about him, anyway its not like you are ever going to meet him is it?

    thankyou for your time

    his girlfriend xxxxxxxx

  • omg wtf man, how horrible are you guys.
    he doesnt stink…
    the only one who stinks is you.
    i meen come on, cut the guy some slack here.
    your nothink but loosers making a webcast about somebodys FAKE stench
    thats just horrible.
    think off it if you were him how would you feel about this?
    quitt being a looser and stop this web page going on anymore!
    before you hurt someones feelings like you did with minne:'(
    your just a horrible looser.
    i hope you took all what i sed into consideration
    becuase i meen every single work i sed alright:|!

  • People are jealous because rob is not a stuck up asshole like a lot of celebs and people love him for that so…some people maybe can’t help what they smell or look like so just shut up and leave the poor guy alone

  • gossips are idiots….. how they can invent that this hott man stinks because of don`t have showers regulary???
    they are jealous

  • WOW,
    people, common.
    im a fan of robert.

    but people have there opionion on what other people smell like..
    i mean.. we dont smell him all the time, and work with him 27/7.
    so he could smell that horrible.

    but i think he is an incredible actor, and has an amazing future ahead of him.

    im a fan of a twilight series. its brillant,
    and i think that robert is PERFECT for the part of edward (:..

    it doesnt matter if he smells horrible or not,

    you gotta love em’

  • LMFAO! okay, i’m Pattinson’s BIGGESTTTT fan,
    but i have to admit, this is HILARIOUSSSS!
    all these haterrss trying to get on him about some stupidd irrelevant shitt.

    well hey, now the werewolves don’t have to really “act” like he reeks.

  • For f**k sake give te guy a break he’s an extraordinary guy/actor.
    I hate all these people who spread false rumors .
    Even if he didn’t shower every day,wich i DON’T believe,he’s wouldn’t be using up all the planets resorses like half the twats spreading these rumors.
    I agree with “Caroline” dont believe what you read only believe it if Robert Pattinson says it HIMSELF.
    And Kristen Stewart never said anything like that, because on Enews she said that she adores working with Rob Pattinson.
    Besides if she didn’t she wouldn’t of had her Birthdey with him.

  • wow..rob has joked about his hygiene for a long time..they need to come up w/ something better than that he ‘stinks’..LORD!

  • so let people say its true he does stink plus he hates kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE ROB PATTINSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who gives a fling fuck, seriously.
    You don’t have tp smell him!
    He is a great actor, An absolutaly amazing musician, and an even better person.
    Get the fuck over it.
    And would you stop giving shit about his apperance, personal i think he is stunning and i woyld jump his bones any day.
    But even if somebody is anatrriactive you don’t knock them about it thats just plain rude, Cause nobody is perfect.

  • welll are you seriousssssssssss!!!!!!!!

    shittt, roberts does showers, is just that people is envoius of him, i mean the guy who said the he totally reeks, is because that guy himself stinksss,

    who on earth will not showeeerr! geeezzz

    i do not believe this, gossips are bullshitt, i dont have against this blog, im mad at the guy who said that he stinks,

    well anyways he does showerrr , but he doesnt like shaving thats allll

  • guess what girls i dont care…he he stinks and he doesnt like to shower and clean his hear he is my type of man… is his life and he doesnt like even clean his bedroom is his life!!!!…i dont clean mine i live there….love…love you rob…and girls stop!!! he will be what he wants to be and thats all!!!

  • and…if he doesnt like kids he is perfect!!!!….i dont want kids i dont feel nothing close to them….why every woman or man needs to have kids….??…you can be happy without them too….i mean goshhh all you wants a king he is just a normal boy

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  • i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate pppppppppppppppppppppaaation. HARRY P[OTTER IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!