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Footloose Project Continues To Forge Ahead Without Zac Efron


Zac Efron was on board, but has now jumped ship, on the Footloose remake movie.  However, Paramount will not allow anyone to, uh, cut Footloose.  Their statement:

Footloose is a project we’ve longed to see re-booted for a new generation. While Zac is no longer attached, we remain excited and committed to the collective brain trust of Kenny Ortega, Neil Meron and Craig Zaden, who will reinvigorate the franchise. Their fresh take on the film will undoubtedly be filled with the same kind of breakout performances that we’ve come to expect from them.

No official word on why Efron refuses to kick off his Sunday shoes, but some sources are citing typecasting.  I could see that.  You can’t be dancing and prancing and doing big stage numbers and still expect to get the big bank roles playing superheroes.  Unless you’re Hugh Jackman, of course.

A replacement hasn’t been named yet.  And really, could anyone replace Zac Efron?

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