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SHOCKER: Leann Rimes’ Husband Is Gay

Leann Rimes and Dean Shermet

You know Dean Shermet, the back-up-dancer-turned-husband of Leann Rimes who responded to video evidence of her sucking on another man’s fingers by Twittering that he loves his wife?

It turns out that he just might be gay.

I know, I know. I can barely breathe I’m so surprised.

The kids over at a Detroit morning radio show were chatting about Leann and the break-up, when all of a sudden a bunch of Dean’s family and friends from way back when started calling in to talk about his extreme gayness.

Said his cousin: “I mean, there were so many situations that happened when we were teenagers… He’s gay. He’s been gay since he was probably five … The family literally used to take bets on what age he would come out, and then all of the sudden he got married!”

And says one of his former dance students: “He’s definitely gay.”

No wonder Leann was cheating. She probably hasn’t gotten laid in that marriage, well, ever. I assume they’re, like, best friends and have a veeeeery open marriage. Which is totally fine. If I can’t manage to find a husband in the next few years, I’m definitely marrying one of my gay buddies for the lower taxes and a shopping buddy. Plus I feel like I’ll have an easier time finding a boyfriend if I’m married. Men seem to dig that.

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  • Apparently Leann didn’t hear Jonny McGovern’s advice to all the heterosexual ladies…Don’t Fall In Love With A H*&^%.

    Go to uTube to “martinbeauchamp” and watch the video, the song is HILARIOUS!

  • I don’t get it. The only thing that makes sense is that she’s gay too, or like Anne Heche can’t make up her mind.

  • What’s not to get? It happens a lot.

    For all sorts of reasons really.

    I mean, people can accept military marriages but not this kind?

    Their lives, their choice.

    What was not cool then, is Mr. God, you’re so damn HOT Cibriani cheating on HIS wife/kids.

    If Leann’s husband is truly gay, then there’s nothing wrong on her part…but his….

    • Why would you want to have a platonic marriage? What’s the point of that? And gay men can be uber annoying after a while, just watch Jill Zarin’s gay husband Brad and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Jennifer, Brad isn’t really her gay husband. He’s her friend. That’s just what she calls him. She has a real husband too.

        And I didn’t really understand Annie. How is marrying a gay guy like a military marriage?? Did you mean a contract marriage, cuz some military people do that? That’d make more sense.

        Maybe he is religious and didn’t want to admit it. After years of marriage, it would become rather obvious. And she was so young, maybe she didn’t know (even tho all of us thought it at the time).

  • awesome for her if her marriage was open, but what about eddie cibrian’s? messing with a married guy, especially one with kids, is just trashy.

  • OMG there was a blind item about this awhile ago! never would have that it would be her………… wow.

  • I can’t believe no one seems suprised by the fact that his family & friends supposedly said all this about him on the air? For a couple who has been (fairly) quiet about the entire ordeal, I can’t help but think that either the ‘family & friends’ are just random callers, or that the ‘family & friends’ are about to be in deep shit with Leann & whats-his-face.

  • no straight man would ever wear those suspenders, or as pictured in another post, a sweater set (!) unless he is a) 90 years old b) amish or c) pledging a fraternity and is forced to. sorry, leanne.

    • LMAO@Amish.

      Btw, it’s pretty well know that Mathew Broderick/Sarah Jessica have a Leann Rimes type “marriage”. Michael Musto alluded to it many times.

      • Um, step outside the box and into a subculture. You’ll see several hot and very straight men wearing suspenders and these sweater sets you speak of. Not all men wear t-shirts and jeans everyday. Some have real style. What you wear does not define your sexuality.

  • Her husband is more than gay.
    I met Leann in Nashville at Play Dancebar,
    and Yes Her husband was their making out
    with a male bartender, practically doin it.
    Its the new thing now for gay men to say
    they are bisexual. It is the safe zone.
    It takes a real man to be honest.
    These gays that say they are bi
    are just hoping that the fagz will be turned on
    by that. Anyways……
    A bisexual man is not going to be all over
    a man like that. Bisexual men, usually attracted
    to women before men, only and usually go after
    effeminate men, they aren’t fems themselves
    trying to cover it up with phony masculinity
    that they impersonate so bad. Her husband
    wants to be what he’s turned on by, and that
    aint a woman.

  • If he is gay and Leann is aware and married him anyway, it’s their business and who should care?? I haven’t seen any pictures of either of them crying….have you seen any tears??

  • he is soooooooooooooooooooo gay, you cant blame the poor girl for looking for a real man. he probly lied about his sexuality before they got married. im so happy for her that she is divorcing him and getting a real man

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