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Prayers, Prayers and More Prayers


Natasha Richardson is definitely in a New York hospital now, as her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, was photographed entering the hospital to visit her ailing daughter.

The family is expected to make a statement on Wednesday about Natasha’s condition.

I, for one, will be praying, for the strength of her family and for a full recovery for Natasha, if that is God’s will. If you’re not a prayer person, you could just send some positive, healthy vibes out into the universe for this family. They need all the love they can get right now.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

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  • why are people photographing this poor woman. leave her alone. its obviously a time of great stress and tragedy

  • This is too sad. And so strange. Her poor kids! And whole family. If only we could turn back time/

  • Such a tragic story, I’m praying and thinking good thoughts for Natasha and her family, especially for her two boys.

  • Skiing is an inherently dangerous hobby. Wouldn’t think her moral compass had much to do with it.

  • Do photographers really have nothing better to do than get up in Vanessa Redgrave’s face when she’s going to see her very ill daughter?
    I’m all for paparazzi stalking of people who want it (you know, Puss ‘N’ Boots, Speidi and ol’ Wonky Eyes), but there’s a time and a place people.

    Ok, mini-rant over. Going back to sending cyber-prayers (and real ones as well).

      • As do I!! I realize the economy is horrid and these guys need to sell a picture, but is there nothing else on the planet they can photograph but a grieving mother in the depth of her personal dispair?! Guess this answers the question of “how low can they go?” They need to pretend to have a damn soul and back the fuck off this woman, for crying out loud…

  • Hopefully the’re wrong, but the TV in the background just said thay are discussing taking her off life support and that she is brain dead. Her poor kids! They were with her

  • natasha richardson film festival tribute:

    – gothic

    – the handmaid’s tale

    – the parent trap

    super cool & versatile actress

    sending healing prayers out to her and her family :-)

  • Natasha Richardson is also a great humanitarian….dedicating much of her free time to fight AIDS. She has worked relentlessly to raise money & awareness together with AMFAR & other AIDS charities.

    • Wishing death on Chris Brown is not funny. In this situation why can’t you just send prayers towards her family instead of wishing harm on some kid

      • Probably because this is a gossip blog site and not a prayer blog site. Get over yourself. You left a reply just to criticize someone else’s reply. I don’t see any prayers from you. Fuck Chris brown. And prayers to Natasha and her family.

  • Why go that route on Chris Brown? The hole you dig for others, may be the same one you fall into.

    Let’s focus…prayers for Natasha and her family – end of story!

    • If it’s so fucking wrong to bring up Chris Brown then why are you doing it? The only hole that’s dug is the one he dug for himself. Prayers to Natasha. Fuck Chris Brown – end of story.

  • “Skiing is an inherently dangerous hobby. Wouldn’t think her moral compass had much to do with it.”

    Chris, skiing only becomes dangerous when people are foolish are go over their limits. There are green circles, blue squares and black diamonds for a reason…people need to know their limits on the slopes and not take foolish risks.

    And for the record everyone, the cause of death was not the accident. Natasha was skiing on a green circle at Mount Tremblant in Quebec. I’ve skied that run several times. She was in the middle of a lesson and fell at the bottom of the hill. It was actually a minor fall and there is speculation that she died from a brain aneurysm and it was pure coincidence that she happened to fall while skiing that same day.

    She wasn’t wearing a helmet, but that is of no consequence, because apparently she didn’t really hit her head when she fell, it was a simple, minor fall.

    So please don’t blacklist skiing, it isn’t the sport, it’s the person doing it. So many people take so many stupid risks. Do you know how many beginner skiers I’ve heard of that went into the glades and died? Glades are meant to be skied by intermediate to expert skiers, know your goddamn limits people. And that goes for everything, not just skiing.