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59Kristen Stewart’s Look: Love It or Leave It?


Kristen Stewart: Now not giving a fuck at the Adventureland premiere in LA.

March 17, 2009 at 11:12 am by Evil Beet
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59 Responses to “Kristen Stewart’s Look: Love It or Leave It?”

  1. Laura says:


  2. Sometimes says:

    This reminds me of that dress Posh wore not too long ago. Look at it too long and you’ll have a seizure.

  3. maria says:

    It’s cute but I wish she didn’t look like she was going to fall over.

  4. JennB says:

    I want to like her, I really REALLY do, but looking at her makes me wanna smack the smug look off her face. I do like her outfit though, but she seems really uncomfy in girly clothes, like she’s more the tomboy type…kinda fits with the Bella character actually…

  5. jamie says:

    It’s a cute dress…but it look like someone made her wear it…she looks unhappy about being put in it…from the way she is standing and her facial expressions.

    • Bella says:

      My name is really Isabel… doesn’t matter… I think your right…she looks unhappy, but I like the dress!

      And also I think that KS wears always short dresses…I mean that the producers say her this, to make her different to Bella. Bella dont like dresses and fashion. So KS has to be differnt… My english isn’t good; do you understand what I mean? I hope so.
      twice time: xoxo

  6. Nichole says:

    I think she looks wonderful. And i would totally be awkward if I had to wear a tiny dress in front of millions. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her attitude. She’s just shy.

    • Monica says:

      she didn’t HAVE to wear that dress…she chose to wear it! And I don’t think she’s shy at all… i think she’s just very ungrateful and cocky!

      • Rita says:

        I agree, Monica.

      • Eileen says:

        I totally agree… I’m apparently on the Stewart war path today, sorry just saw yet another clip of her whining about her horrible life of being paid millions for stumbling through lines like a middle school actor.

    • hope says:

      finally someone i agree with.

      • Hope says:

        opps it went to the wrong one ugh, i dont understand these thingy
        soo actaully i disagree, i mean she looks good,and she really isnt cocky at all i met her when she and the cast came to TO and she was sooo nice she thanked me for coming and we talked about her shoes, she was so down to earth she is just really shy.

  7. Sarah says:

    Writhing in jealousy.

    She’s one of the cool kids, for sure.

  8. killermodsecretary says:

    you know. you can still be “cool” and “not give a fuck” while STANDING UP STRAIGHT. looking at her posture is painful…

  9. Lauren says:

    I agree with JennB, I really want to like her too because I love the Twilight books, but i just can’t. The dress is cute but she always looks bitchy and awkward and that ends up ruining it.

  10. Dee says:

    Honestly not feeling it…something about her bothers me. I want to think she’s pretty, but i just can’t.

    • Kelly says:

      Her lips are thin and she always looks stoned. I think she doesn’t photograph well. She’s probably prettier in person.

  11. Caz2 says:

    Love the dress, quite understated and she’s not dripping in accessories, which is refreshing.

    It could be a house party or a premiere, it’s dress up or dress down, it’s….not giving a fuck! Hooray! :D

  12. MarySunshine247 says:


  13. JoeX says:

    I’d rather . . . look at the dress than that face attitude.

  14. Shellfish says:

    Horrible dress, beautiful girl. She’s talented for sure, though I didn’t care much for her in Twilight!

  15. kt says:

    I actually like the dress. Her I’m iffy on, sometimes I like her, other times her attitude totally turns me off. But I think if your going to wear a mini dress you shouldnt have a shorts tan line, her thighs are a lot paler than her shins. Also I hate her hair up, she looks much better with it down.

  16. Jane says:

    Ya know, the bitchier she gets, the more I like her. Dunno why. and the more she bashes twilight-be still my heart! (and I’m a huge twilight fan!)

  17. ThatLisa says:

    This movie actually looks amazing.
    And I love her shithead attitude. Shitheads unite!

  18. hil says:

    meh, dress aside, i don’t think she has a nice face.

  19. cubsfan says:

    I hate to point out the obvious, but 1) I wish I was as high as she is in these pics, and 2) that girl has some amazing fucking legs!!

  20. Tracy says:

    She looks out of place in a dress. I don’t like it.

  21. Gail says:

    Weed fries the brain and causes you to choose fugly garments! Just say no!

  22. assie says:

    I hate her attitude and even though I’m a HUGE Twilight fan, she makes me not want to see the rest of the movies.

  23. Lah-Dee-Dah says:

    The cap-sleeves make it look t-shirt-like.

  24. briana says:

    super cool dress

  25. Anonymous says:

    She needs to put her hair down.

  26. Sarah says:

    Man this chick NEVER looks happy, she always looks like she has to take a dump. UGH, if you don’t want attention don’t become an actor and DON’T sign on to do major movies.

  27. mamie says:

    like fingers on a chalk board.

    the dress belongs on a very tall leggy model. she looks short and her head appears to be too big for her body.

  28. Tess says:

    I love her!

  29. MissCassieMae says:

    Leave it. I think the dress is cute and can be done but something about the way she is wearing it isn’t working.

  30. kate says:

    i’d go gay for her

  31. Massie says:

    Leave it, burn it, never come back for it.

  32. Annie says:

    She looks seriously uncomfortable in the dress… I don’t think the smug look helps much either.

  33. Alyssa says:

    She is wearing a shade of coral-y pink in dress form, so I’d rather had hope she would be working that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ look even harder instead of this half smile. Too bad. Give me the really fuck-free stuff, please Beet!

  34. Alice says:

    i love your coverage on her …
    she looks like she is going to kill her herself every time there is a red carpet event

  35. Jo says:

    Pros: nice to see her wearing a color.

    Cons: the dress is still hideous. Also, her posture. And her face.

  36. elli says:

    absolutely love the dress

  37. Summer says:

    LOVE it!

  38. melllll says:

    i like it.

    shes hot.

    but shes so …. awkward.

  39. Trini says:

    Love it.
    And love her.

  40. twilight_fanpire123 says:

    love it always

  41. kate says:


  42. Kelsi says:

    I love her look. I think that she stands that way because that’s just her style. She seems like a really laid back kind of person and her posture agrees.

  43. Nina says:

    Stop ripping the shit out of her, you are all pathetic! and maybe a bit insecure? Leave the poor girl alone!

  44. eileen says:

    She does look out of place in a dress, she IS out of place. I love the comment about the smug look… that is exactly it on the nose. Always with her. I’m surprised she didn’t wear her chucks like she normally does, no wonder she walks like a line backer. And last note… wow I’m mean today…. hair down Kristen… ALWAYS hair down… those ears are tragic.

  45. renata cullen says:

    she’s beautifUl and the dress it’s wonderfull :)
    i love it
    and the people see yourselfs on the mirrorr
    sh’s very nice and beautiful girl
    i really likes her
    congratilations kiki you are a really beautiful girl and you’re dress it’s magnific


  46. Emily-pattinson says:

    I loooooove this!!!!!! she has such long legs and this really shows them off, its quite girly for her but i like how shes made it her own with the casual rings and rist band

    kstew is awesooome.

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