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Check Out What You’re Missing, Jen



DAMN. Check out the bling on Kyla Weber, Vince Vaughn’s fiancee.

The happy couple headed out to a matinee of Coraline in Santa Monica, with Kyla, a Canadian realtor, sporting the ring rumored to be worth $125K. No wedding date has been set, but Kyla recently relocated to Los Angeles. Shit, now this is someone who has figured out how to succeed in a dying economy. Trading real estate for fucking Vince Vaughn. It’s harder work, I’m sure, because you have to rummage through the belly fat and the stench of booze to get to his penis, but it sure as hell pays better.

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  • I was reading this,while eating breakfast.So yeah,thinking about Vince Vaughn’s belly fat and penis = ruined appetite for life.

    • Nice shirt, Mr. Vaughn! If he can afford that rock then i think he can quit shopping at Sears.

  • I’m very surprised he’s with a woman that doesn’t have porn-star sized tits, since that’s what he craves-just read Mike Walker’s gossip in this week’s National Enquirer on a very interesting little tidbit of info where he was discussing all the chicks with huge tits he’s f**cked over the years with Justin Long!!!

    Poor Kyla-she’d better dump his five-headed ass fast!!

    BTW Vince, us small titted women are hot and sexy and crave sex too, moron!!!!