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An Open Letter To Jennifer Garner

Jennifer And Violet At An Event At UCLA

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for eating.  Thank you for not being a size zero, seventy-two hours postpartum.  I applaud you for not celebrating each c-section by having your tummy tucked and your thighs sucked.

Thank you for not hiring a stylist to “do” you before you pick up your daughter at school.

Also, I’d like to thank you for shopping at mass merchandisers.  Sometimes, in photos, I recognize the Old Navy togs that your children don.  It brings me peace when I see your kid dressed in the $12.50 Gap pique polo.

In other words, today I honor you for being normal.  In Hollywood terms, you are a complete and total freak.

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    • LOVE her too. How does she do it?? The “normal” in Hollywood is anything but. Who knew Ben Afleck could be with someone genuine?

  • Yeh, imagine that, not dressing your tots in Dolce and Gabbana or burberry. Normality is so refreshing. In other news, Gweneyth Paltrow is still a pretentious asshole.

    • gwoopeth would rather die i’m sure than shop at old navy -ick! not nearly precious enough for her and her super-spawn.

  • It’s sad that we need to congratulate famous people for being normal. She sends a good message to both women and girls.

  • While I agree it is refereshing to see a celebrity like Jennifer look normal, would it kill her to atleast wear something that looks good? She doesn’t have to be all dolled up but for heavens sake those jeans and that sweater are making her look bigger than she really is, she actually has lost some weight but you wouldn’t know it looking at these pics
    If I was married to Ben Affleck I would make an effort to look to care about how I look knowing that my husband has a wandering eye.

    • aw, don’t be so harsh. she has a newborn at home. she is probably not even sleeping. it’s great that she took the time to go pick up her daughter at school. she is not walking the red carpet or something.

    • Why?
      She is only going out to drop off her daughter /pick up her daughter…
      She isn’t going out to interviews…

      It is refreshing to see her dress as a normal person does.
      Sure she could go all out, but she would then have to start an hour or more earlier in her day to please nobodies that think she should look better…

      While my mom never took me out or picked me up with hair curlers, I do know many women who did…

      More power to real people!

    • I so agree with you. There’s a difference between being all dolled up in designer clothes and just being clean, neat and having washed and combed your hair recently. Even before she was pregnant this last time she has always looked like a good hot bath and a shampoo was needed. You don’t need full on makeup and designer clothes but, please, you can do better. No wonder we never see Ben in the picture or if we do he never looks happy!

      • yeah I am so sure Ben is more concerned about how his wife is dressing than the health and happiness of his two daughters. what a bitch, having a newborn and not getting dolled up!

  • She’s such a good role model. I love her! She’s like so normal.. which is weird in Hollywood. Definitely, the best thing that Ben Affleck has done in his life is breaking up with J. Lo. Amazing! :D

  • I’m not religious, but AMEN! A great open letter Beet! I love the fact that Jennifer Garner seems to be a NORMAL mom that has to rush out of the house with her hair wet, or just throw a sweatshirt and jeans on. She is an actress, so it’s her job to dress up on the red carpet, not freakin’ everday for errands!

    And the weight. It’s crazy how we expect moms to snap back to their pre-preg size. Ree-dick-U-lus!

  • This is your most profound and thought provoking post to date! Could not be said any better.

  • Jennifer probably looks even better with a bit of post-surgery/im-a-real-mom-who-doesnt-pay-others-to-do-the-heavy-lifting body!

  • Jennifer probably looks even better with a bit of post-surgery/im-a-real-mom-who-doesnt-pay-others-to-do-the-heavy-lifting body!

  • This is why if I could choose any Hollywood celeb to be my best friend it would be Jennifer Garner. :o)

  • Jennfleck must have a buttload of self confidence to go out in her normal raggedyass mom clothes (I am a raggedyass mom so I speak from personal knowledge), full well knowing that her pics are gonna be all over the internet.
    I hate it when I go to the local grocery store late at night without makeup in sweats and run into the supermoms-I feel so beneath them in their Juicy ensembles… I can’t imagine what it must be like to actually have to read about how crappy I look…..

    • i think she is a frumpy, dumpy, fantastic mess…which is what you truly are when you have a newborn at home. Kudos to you, Jen!!!

      • Don’t you love it? Because you know, based on her momtastic look, that she is actually taking care of her two kids and getting up at night with the newborn. Rock on sista!

  • She’s a walking, talking, Dove-True-Beauty commercial.


    I wish more celebrity “role models” were as down-to-earth as she.

  • She is seemingly quite genuine and real. She actually looks like a young, vibrant mother and this is the best part. She is not trying to be anything else. Her main focus seems to be her family.

  • I love how Jennifer doesn’t give a crap about the Hollywood norms. She keeps fame at a distance and is still authentic. Great post, Wendie.

  • Yeah, Jennifer….thanks for shopping at mass merchandisers! Keep the Chinese and Malaysian slave labor machines alive!

  • she’s a freakin mother with a 3 year old and a newborn forgive her if she doesnt take the time to spend time to make sure her make up is in place and if she has the cutest jeans on!…obviously you people saying she should at least this and that dont have children when you have children they are your time, theres no me time!…give jennifer a break!….i think she looks great she’s just a normal lady raising her kids and they are her priority…she seems like such a fun mommy…and i’m sure ben is not embarrassed to be with her i’m sure he knows what he has at home theres no need to wander and if he did then he’d be a very stupid man…some of you are so superficial i wonder how you all look ??? hmmmm