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Rihanna’s Out and About!


Well look who’s showing her face in public again.

Miz Rihanna was looking absolutely stunning as she left Da Silvano restaurant in Manhattan on Saturday night. She’s all dolled up and obviously expecting the cameras.

Rihanna, if you want to keep that gorgeous face of yours, you need to keep your distance from Chris Brown!!! One of these days he’s gonna break bones, girl!

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  • I’m gonna take a stand and say that Rihanna is a NEGATIVE role model for staying with Chris Brown. She’s sending out the negative message to little girls who look up to her that staying with someone who beats you is acceptable as long as it’s ‘true love’. Fuck that shit. I say we should protest against Rihanna and put a little pressure on her

    • you said it!

      now everybody…

      ri-hanna sucks! ri-hanna sucks! ri-hanna sucks!
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      ri-hanna sucks! ri-hanna sucks! ri-hanna sucks!

      • Agreed. If I hear either one of their songs come on the radio I change it. I really liked her too.

    • Fucking hypocrites.
      I’m so glad I always hated this bitch.
      If you were a fan from the beginning, you’d support her with all her dumb-fuck choices. But now that you realize what a dumb slut she is, you turn around and say she sucks.

  • hey, uh….. beet?

    are we, like, STILL talking about chicks that let their boyfriends get away with beating the crap out of them?


  • eh, have you heard about her supposedly marrying him?
    there’s an article in (UK) mag ‘life’ or something along those lines, and the headline is ‘why i’m marrying chris’
    havn’t read the article myself, but thought i’d pass on the good news to you guys, see what dirt you can dig up.

  • Rihanna is an embarrassment to women and her fans alike. It doesn’t matter what she does from now on. Her decision to stay with Brown has sealed her fate.

    Once a beater; always a beater.

    Once a doormat, sometimes a doormat to the point where the consequences are too late and too sorry.

    End of story.

  • I think it will come out that she probably hit Chris Brown first when she saw the text message. That then gave Chris his “justification” for beating the shit out of her.

    On some level, she may feel she “caused” the beating by hitting him first, thereby giving her a reason to “forgive” him.

    Of course, the punishment that Chris gave her far outweighed anything she could have inflicted on him. They just need to go their separate ways, otherwise we’ll hear all about more abuse down the road.

    • i am so over this. she needs to address her female fans and idolizers. she wanted this fame….she wanted to be a singer in the limelight so fucking deal with the responsibilities that go along with it. Seriously, she should have addressed this before she got all dolled up for a night on the town. I feel terribly bad for her but i’m sick of people acting like her bahavior is okay. it’s not Fuck Chris Brown too.

  • What a fool!
    I guess their love is stronger than
    the punches she took to her face.

    He belongs in jail and she deserves to NOT have
    a career anymore. They deserve each other.

  • Fuck him and fuck her. I have to time to worry about stupid people I do know, let alone stupid people I don’t know. A good read: Codependent No More, the part about detaching with love. Except I have no love. DETACHED.