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Is This a Sign of the Apocalypse?


When hundreds of thousands of people shell out their hard earned cash in the midst of a recession to watch a reanimated corpse dance that’s a sign that the world is about to end, right? BBC tallied the numbers and came up with this:


Tickets sold at a rate of around 11 per second, promoters said – when they went on sale to the public on Friday.

Some 360,000 tickets were sold to registered fans before sales opened on Friday morning.

Organisers say the This Is It tour has become the fastest-selling in history, with people from as far away as Japan, Belgium and Dubai queuing up to purchase their tickets.


I will admit that as a child I got caught up in the MJ fever. Up until about the age of 5 I insisted that he was my actual father, and my parents were just “holding” me for him. But that was back when it appeared genetically possible for him to be related to a black person. 

Would any of you buy tickets to see “Peter Pan” in action?


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  • I just walked by the theater where this show is playing near picidaly circus, and it was insane how many people were there. There were old people, young people, teens, punks, hip hoppers, middle agers, and they were from all over the world. I hope that someone video documents this because although I am not nor have a ever been an Micheal Jackson fan, it’s incredible how many people still clamor to see him.

  • OKay, Soleil, listen. I’ve ignored your other typos – but when you say RECEPTION instead of RECESSION, I draw the line.
    Damn it, woman, check your posts!
    Yes, I’m a spelling NAZI.

  • Nope, not a dime. Wouldn’t waste my money on a broke pedophile, especially after looking at the auction catalog for Neverland. He spent like a drunken sailor- or should I say a Jesus juiced up sailor.

  • I’ve bought my tickets… Not even ashamed. I’ve sworn to myself that one day, I’ll go and see one of his concerts. I guess it’s more of

    • don’t be!!!! I would LOOOOVE to see him. It’s freaking Michael Jackson!!!!! Not only is he super super super talented, but HELLO FREAKSHOW

  • I’ve bought my tickets… Not even ashamed. I’ve sworn to myself that one day, I’ll go and see one of his concerts. I guess it’s more of a challenge to me….

    • I just love naive people like you who support some evident douchebag like MJ until the very last moment. I bet you still think OJ didn’t do it and that R. Kelly doesn’t like little girls.. such a retard

  • He needs the money from a tour, but he won’t be able to perform 50 dates. There will be more lawsuits, which will waste more of his earnings. The guy is sick, in more ways than just physically. It’s very sad, but this is what too much money and fame do to people when they get it too young, or are otherwise unprepared to handle it. The ticket buyers will be demanding refunds soon.

  • Maybe people are just hoping his fake nose falls off on stage so they can record it for posterity? I mean really, he’s about as “live” as Britney Spears on Memorex.

  • I would’nt cross the street to see him perform but if he ever decides to come clean on why he fucked up his face like that I’ll stand in line all night for tickets to that interview.

  • This man sold 750,000 tickets, selling out all 50 shows in 5 minutes flat. Name me any other one person on the planet who could achieve that feat. I don’t care what anyone has to say about Jacko, he’s one of the best entertainers out there and he still has it, clearly.

    • Yea, I’m pretty sure if Satan sold tickets for people to go see him it’d sell out pretty fast too. I hope you don’t you don’t start bitchin if MJ happens to play hide the salami with your son, Zoe

  • Its crazy how many tickets were sold so quickly. I wanted to go see him just to see if hes still got it. Can he still sing? Dance?

  • I wouldn’t pay to see him now, but he was certainly one of the world’s best entertainers in his day. It would be great to here that he can still dance like he used to.

  • if he woud have dissapered 20 years ago and came back this day
    looking like that wood you believe he’s the real thing?

  • To all those who bought tickets, I hope you got them for his first show or two. I will bet good money he doesn’t make it through more than a couple shows before some “tragedy” strikes and he has to cancel a boatload of performances.

    This is a guy who’s done nothing but lie about everything related to his life, ability to perform, etc. for the past 10 years. He’s a germophobe who hasn’t kept one commitment he’s made for a LONG time.

  • i dont know why ny1 finds what mj did wrong, the world is so perverted, they have o make everything sexual, hv u never slept with your parents, your friends, your friends parents, when u were younger. i’e allways wanted to go to neverland when i was a kid, but its nt worth it now cos hes gone. there is definitley something worng with u people because mjs my hero, and if youd rather believe a money crazed father, or a familly with fraud history, with such an unstable case with so many obvious faults then this angelic man, fine with me . talking about sm1 elses life does not give you a life, m sory if im being rude but im just trying to make a point.