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Cultural Bastardization is More Fun When Set to Music

The official ‘Jai Ho’ Video has been released. I especially like how suit man (A.R. Rahman) just had to make the same soulful singing face while walking nowhere. The song seems to go on waaaaay to long though.

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    • ummm…. ZERO dollars i hope, because the phone is not an iPhone and clearly says “Nokia”

    • Ummm…..hv u seen any Indian movies?? Scantily clad women on screen is O-L-D news in india!! And that is not to say that its the norm for women to wear such clothes in India, but then neither is it a norm in the U.S.!! (Your comment just irked me coz stoning someone (for anything) is just so primitive and lawless and something that would hardly justify the ‘world’s largest democracy’ tag that India has. And I am a woman and an Indian)

  • Why does she say ‘jay’? Why didn’t anyone mention to her that she isn’t pronouncing it properly? Why did they think this was a good idea???

  • The dancing is sooooo cheesy. The suit man is great, though. Has anyone ever seen any of the pussycat dolls ever sing besides the brunette?

    • All of the girls have a solo song on their Doll Domination album. And some of them have done other solo ventures, particularly Jessica and Melody (other than Nicole that is.)

  • Brilliant title, Soleil.

    And I expect people to say “But I like it….” blah blah. Good for you.

    I however, do not care for them covering such a great song and am surprised that A.R. would allow them to. I’m sure India approves of such sluts.

    Seriously, it’s annoying that they’re taking a great song from a great movie and covering it to jump on the Slumdog bandwagon and make money.

  • i love the slumdog soundtrack, but wow i hate that they did a re-make of it. and they don’t even pronounce jai ho the right way.

  • I like the song…video was fine. Slumdog Millionaire is THE BEST movie EVER! Go see it while you can!!!!!!

    • yeah… i’m indian and i didn’t like slumdog and don’t want to like the song cuz it’s such a stupid adaptation of the original… BUT it is really catchy and nicole schsdfjdhgkjdh looks really beautiful in it. everything else about the video sucks — especially the dancing, which is SO sub-par for pussycat dolls. couldn’t they get a better choreographer?!

    • Coming from my So You Think You Can Dance expertise, I think the dancing is supposed to be like the stuff you would see in a Bollywood video, hence the kind of cheese factor. There was a Bollywood routine on SYTYCD performed by REAL dancers to actual Indian music and it was incredible. The Pussycat Dolls + bastardized Bollywood dancing = not so much.

  • This entry was posted on Saturday, March 14th, 2009 at 10:07 am.

    Must be nice to only work until 10 in the morning!

    • I agree. Looks like on Friday nite, TMZ and other sites are culled for some random pics which are then posted with new headlines first thing Saturday morning. I’m pretty disappointed in the weekends ’round here, lately.

  • I love the original movie, and the original dance. The video is a half-assed ripoff. The editor did a crappy job, the dancers did a crappy job, the tune is way too overworked. I shudder knowing this will be playing all over radio for months.

  • Oh Evil Beet, it’s “too” long. C’mon, you picked up Linda Hogan’s “prey” as oppose to “pray”.

  • This video is a waste of time…the original song is much better than this basterdized English version and the Pussycat Dolls suck ass.