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Mena Suvari and Christian Sirano at the USA Network’s “American Character: A Photographic Journey” Launch Event.

While we’re on the subject – how do we feel about Mena now that she has hair again? I kinda miss the bald look, but this naughty flight attendant wiggish thing isn’t half bad either….

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  • his name is christian siriano. and in your latest post you used the wrong form of “to.” it should be too.

  • @Chelsea – don’t be a grammar nazi all up in here! Wow, evilbeet missed ONE letter — sheesh. You know this is gossip & not Webster’s, right?

    However, Chelsea, I would have agreed with you had you said something more along these lines:
    Hair color AND style – wrong
    Facial expression – wrong
    Dress shape AND color – wrong
    Brown (?) ugly matchy-matchy nailpolish – wrong
    That said I will probably be hunted down by an army of ferosh, tranny models.