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Now This Would Be A Cute Couple!



I want you to know that it was really difficult for me to decide who was going to be on bottom; neither Tim or Anderson really seem like a top to me.

OK! magazine reports that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are e-mail buddies and have been trying to set up a date.  Okay, a lunch, but still.  “We’ve actually been trying to have lunch for a year and a half,”  Tim said.  “Both of us are so busy that we haven’t been successful doing it, but we exchange e-mails.”  Hey, my marriage came to be from an innocent email!

In regards to Cooper’s most attractive qualities, Gunn said, “His brains, looks, style.  He’s fabulous!”

I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for Anderson to come out so he and Gunn can fall in love, start adopting Asian babies with names like Daisy and Parker and decorating nurseries right out of the Posh Tot catalog.  I know, I’m ahead of myself.  I was never any good at taking things slow.

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  • Someone told me Anderson was gay and I thought, that figures since I like him. But how wonderful would this love connection be? I’m all for it and I will watch little Dairy anytime :)

  • Noo. Tim Gunn is NOT cute enough for my precious Anderson.

    Sorry. I know Anderson is like, 40 or something, but he is my famous (since he’s not a celebrity but he is on TV) crush. And yea, I know he’s supposedly gay. But I choose to ignore that fact. =]
    <3 Anderson Cooper.

  • Oh god. I wrote a whole comment and i forgot to fill out my name and email address and clicked on submit. gaa.

    Ok, what i was trying to say is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE anderson cooper and he is my famous (not celebrity) crush and Tom Gunn is not cute enough for him.
    and i also know that he is like, 40 something, but he is just such a babe, and i will ignore those rumors that say he’s gay.

  • Ahahahaha, I am so happy this post was made. The amount of times I’ve entertained the idea of this same couple in my head verges on RIDICULOUS. And the idea of their Asian babies… oh man, I need this to happen now.

    I agree with Sharon, too. Anderson would totally top. I mean, they’d switch off occasionally, just to keep things exciting, of course.

  • Wendie,

    have you thought maybe he is stalking my gorgeous Anderson. I need to have babies with Anderson

  • Meh — Tim Gunn is awesome and so is Anderson. But honestly, I don’t see Andie being sexually attracted to Tim. I bet they’ll make good girlfriends though, getting together over coffee and/or martinis, dishing on politics and fashion. They would be an awesome gay power BFFs, sort of the gay, educated and creative version of Jen and Courtney or Drew and Cameron.

  • As if!

    Andersoon is waaay too fine for Tim Gunn, everyone knows that the Coop likes hot, young, sexy “ethnic” boys, not ol gray queens!

    no offense to Tim, he’s entertaining on Project Runway but he needs to get the message if that “coffee” date just doesnt seem to be happening!

  • Well, there go all my fantasies of A.C. sweeping me off my feet and rescuing me from my monotonous life… Thanks for killing a dream, Wendie.

  • SO CUTE!! I am all for this. They’re so matchymatchy it’s perfect. and Yes, their asian baby girls will be fabulously clothed and probably the next Lisa Lings. HOoray!!!!

  • Why does it always seem to be about the sex act when y’all discuss gays? Not starting anything…but, dayum…there’s a whole lot more to these men than their dicks and where they go, ya know? I would imagine that the majority of gays would appreciate that they are seen as more than where they choose to be in the act. It’s demeaning, imo.

    They’re both sweet looking…not sure they’re right for each other…but then, I don’t know either one.:-)

    Just wish the sexuality wasn’t so paramount in shaping the views of people towards gay peeps; there’s more to life than just how, when, and whom is being slept with.(-:

  • as a side note, i just clicked on the link to “well honestly now”. damn, girl! you are one writin’ motherfucka! i loved the story of us! nice to be filled into the background of what you’re complaining about. lol! i kinda feel closer to you and veruca is beautiful and has her momma’s eyes. i’m now of to raid the rest of WHN archives.

  • Anderson Cooper actually spoke at my school and he was fantastically hilarious. Really, I see him with someone more livelier… and that would be a top.

  • I couldn’t have picked a better match out of the celebrity world.
    Although, i also see Anderson being on top.

  • Ah, they’re too much alike. I suspect that they’re each more into ethnic guys than they would ever be into one another.

  • umumumumumumumumumumumuumumumuumumumm lol I hate anderson but love hhhhhhiiiiiizzzzzzzzz $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ love mmmmmmmeeeeee mmmmmmmmmeeeee ITHINK HEEESSS R$I$C$H$