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Nickelodeon and Mattel hate your child.

How do I know?

The silhouette above is the new Dora the Explorer. Apparently, the two companies feel that they need Dora to “grow up”  along with her fans instead of say, I don’t know, staying normal and attracting NEW fans. They gave her some big pagent-y hair, what I’m sure are sparkly flats, and what appears to be a dangerously short skirt. You cannot “explore” anything worthwhile in a skirt that short without showin’ what the good lord gave ya.

I don’t even watch Dora (I have no children) and I’m a little miffed about this. Why not give her an older sister or something? Why do you have to ruin one of the few non-skank role model/toys that young girls have by turning her into a Miley clone?  I don’t even think Dora’s been around long enough for the majority of her fans to have outgrown her, and even if they have people do this weird thing where they mate and then a baby pops out. For every fan Dora loses to puberty there’s gonna be two more to take their place.

Ugh, what kind of pervert exec comes up with an idea to “sexify” a character aimed at children anyway?

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  • eww.
    this is why girls my age dress like total skanks and whatnot.
    producers sex up shows made to inspire girls
    and make the girls think the more skin you show,
    and the more makeup you wear,
    the more everyone will like you.

    • Not really.. something is marketed as “cool”, everyone wears it, people copy their friends, not Dora (whose audience is under 5). It’s marketing not cartoons.

  • So sad. Dora isnt even for girls. Most small boys I know love her to.
    Why the f-k do they do this? Sucks.

  • she looks kind of like a bratz doll silhouette. This is really stupid. HOW HUGE are their profits right now? Every kid I see on the street has at least one Dora backpack, umbrella, shoes, etc. on them right now. This is going to eliminate that market AND compete with a tween market that already has brand loyalties to Bratz dolls, etc. DUH!

  • My son LOVES Dora so this really sucks. I agree with you, Soleil — they should have created an older sister for her instead of changing Dora. Just like they created Dora’s cousin Diego. Hell, Diego even has a sister named Alecia. They could have given her her own show. Ugh.

  • I’ve heard the whole premise for this on CNN and the reporter said she got to see the doll and it is not as bad as the silhouette appears. She said it was tastefully done…the hair is not as obnoxiously flowing and she is wearing leggings…she was not ‘brat-ified’ Then she went on to talk about the story line and to be honest it didn’t sound bad at all….I’m taking a wait and see approach to this.

    • I saw the same report, and you are 100% correct.
      Soleil, you have to research these things a bit more first.

  • And every little girl who has the old Dora stuff will want the new. Money makes the world go ’round

  • Why can’t she just stay young forever like all the other cartoon characters? You don’t see a teenage Elmo anywhere, and the Simpson kids have been the same age for 100 years. This is bullshit! I don’t mind my daughter watching Dora cause she is a cute, smart, adventurous girl who represents our South American culture in a positive way. Now she is going to look like a whorish teenager?…That is just wrong!

  • The tween version is a doll only, designed for girls who have grown out of Dora. Nick has no plans to change Dora on the show. I repeat, they are NOT changing the current show. BTW, old news. Everyone else was freaking out about this on Friday…

  • So…are they going to keep updating her? Will she eventually get her own show on MTV., and then maybe CSI spinoff to keep up with her “fans?”

    I would have been saddened to see Miss Piggy grow old and gray, develop Alzheimer’s, and maybe die. I enjoy my childhood show characters intact.

  • Uh dora first aired in 1999 I believe. (I was about 9 years old then, and I wasn’t really into it.) My sister was 7 and loved it… she’s turned 17 this year… I imagine this targeting like 10-12 year old girls… so it’s ENTIRELY possible for Dora fans to be allll grown up. It’s been 10 years.

    I don’t really care what they do with dora.

  • Maybe they just wanted a teenager they could exploit and profit from without the danger of her posting half-nude pictures from her camera phone online. Or posing seductively with her father, etc.

  • why they can they just make a new character new name?? or is just too difficult to think of brand new ideas??? , why does Dora needs to change??

  • LOL!! How exactly are they supposed to give her an older sister??
    She was exploring the jungle with backpack and happened to find Doreen the Egotistic Teen?
    But I get where you’re coming from… it’s too soon to make her older. Look what happened when they did it to Doug and the Rugrats? As soon as they got older, it got incredibly lame…
    Lol, I can just see the new Dora ditching Boots for a chihuahua!!

  • The head is very big – perhaps they are trying to capture the Down’s/dwarfism/encephalitis demographic?

  • Ya ok.. I really don’t think the new tween dora is that bad..
    i like her now.. :) NOT saying i was her everydayy.. but still And pluss i look like her (: hahahaha <3
    kk so don’t dis her !!
    <3Peace and Lovee

  • If you look carefully at the silhouette’s right leg, you can see the ridge of her leggings below her knee. A tunic and leggings are a very popular and appropriate style for this age range. Nothing wrong with it.

    I am confused by what I have read elsewhere that Nick is keeping the current Dora and introducing an older Dora. Whatever. I’ll wait and see.

    Yes, it is entirely possible for kids to have outgrown Dora. Big dropoff in interest around kindergarten. That’s what has happened in our house, and I think it is common because it’s easy to find Dora clothing up to that age; far fewer pieces in the next larger set of sizes.

  • This is SICK! The people that do not have small children do not get this. And the people who do have small children, and accept this, are even worse. The power of the media is incredible, and is reach is vast. Do any “Parents” want to ask why does everything in the media now revolve around making our children mature faster. Or more importantly, why is the media making our children more sexually aware without providing an educational background. Some people do not see anything wrong with 9-13 year-old girls dressing provocative or boys dressing more “manly”. What’s next, we’re not going to see anything wrong with children at this age discussing topics such as sex, oral sex, and the like. This is insane.

    Just like the people who argue that “Violence” in video games doesn’t put the gun in a child’s hand. This is true, they (the games) don’t put the gun in hand, and wealthy, well-off communities do not have to worry “as Much” about their kids shooting each other. BUT, in communities like Compton, Watts, South Central (that’s where I’m from), the Bronx, Brooklyn, Chicago, Philly, the risk is much much higher. And once again, the video games do not put the gun in these kids hands, but it does place that idea that he or she can obtain a gun and “ACT upon the feeling he or she is experiencing” at the time. Sadly, this fact applies mostly to the boys. You might not B telling the girls directly, “Hey dress & look like this, and you’ll look pretty”, but the suggestion is definately enbedded. And the execs that decided to do this are: BRUTOS SIN VERGUENZAS —-translation—- SICK-O’s WITHOUT SHAME! It’s sounds better in Spanish, = ).

  • this is so stupid!:-( dora shouldn’t grow up my little cuz would be so upset and ditching boots???LAME i ma miss the old dora

  • hello!!!!! if u had bothered to keep up, u would have realized that she was wearing a long shirt (which, in the silhouette, looks like a miniskirt) and leggings (which cant be seen in the stankin silhouette) click here to see wat dora REALLY looks like.
    she doesnt look like some trampy slut or anything. she looks like a NORMAL PRETEEN.