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True Love Lasts Forever…


…even if you throw yourself and ‘Divorce Party’ with a cake that looks like this.

Shanna spilled the beans and said that she and Travis want to get hitched again.

“We would like to renew our vows and have another wedding,” former Miss USA Moakler told Us Magazine this week. “It’s not so much about the wedding but about having a celebration of each other and getting through all the crazy things we’ve been through.” Shanna added.

“When you almost lose a loved one, it makes you appreciate things you took for granted,”

 I’m happy for them because they have kids, and unless your parents spend all day trying to rip each others throats out it’s nice to have both of them around. Moakler and Barker initially divorced in ’06, and then the incident with the cake you see above occurred. Since then Shanna’s had celebutard beef with Paris, and been seen sniffing around Gerard Butler, but who knows? Maybe these two crazy kids really are meant to be together. If not, the end-of-marriage fireworks should be a-maz-ing.

You think they’ll put this go-around on TV?

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  • That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Trust me.

    If she felt strongly enough to throw herself a divorce party, what has changed? Travis almost perishing in a plane crash, while very sad and scary, shouldn’t be a deciding factor on reconciling. Yes, you appreciate life more after being faced with death. But I am willing to be that their overall personalities are the same. And those personalities led to tons of tumult.

    As an aside, if Moakler is so interested in doing what is best in the interest of her children, she wouldn’t have allowed a picture to be taken that depicts her with a knife in her hand and a cake that represents her children’s father lying in a pool of blood.

  • Wow – Wendie certainly has absolutely no sense of humor!!! I know Shanna well, in fact, I spent most holidays and summers with her growing up and she is a lovely person! We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors – shut your hole Wendie!

    • I never SAID she wasn’t a lovely person. I SAID that obviously her lovely personality and Travis’ don’t jive. That’s not “closed doors.” That’s general media coverage.

      • why are you always here in the comments arguing with the readers? bad form!

        do you ever turn off the computer?

      • I like that your occasionally here to give your own take, you know like a reader, which is what you were/are.

      • Copa,

        Yep…on the weekends I’m just your average Evil Beet reader enjoying some celeb gossip while the kids nap. And I have opinions…like everyone else. :-)

      • jesus, Lolly, don’t be such a dick. Beet comments too, you know, and “argues with the readers.” And since Wendie didn’t WRITE THIS, she is just a reader too.

        Do YOU ever turn off the computer? Hypocritical ass.

      • that would hurt more if it were relevant, dear lisa. im not even here every day let alone every hour, commenting several times on every article, including my OWN.

        i just posted that because i wanted to see how quickly you would come yipping to her aid. funny!

      • I would be more hurt if you were right. This isn’t her article. It’s Soleil’s. Wendie doesn’t even do posts on the weekend.

        It’s funny that you are making fun of Wendie for commenting. Through comments. Oh my god, Wendie is so lame… commenting on Evil Beet… as you comment on Evil Beet.

        Jesus Christ. We are all kind of nerdy, we all like gossip, a lot of us like commenting. It’s okay.

        And yeah, I know Wendie doesn’t need me to stick up for her. I just love her writing, and enjoy hearing her opinions.

      • Back up offa Wendie. Her eyes have a hypnotic quality that makes me want MORE WENDIE!

      • when did i ever say wendie wrote this article?

        you LOOK for wounded little birdies to stick up for, lisa. doesn’t matter if they need you or not.

      • ” im not even here every day let alone every hour, commenting several times on every article, including my OWN.”

        Isn’t that what this meant? you even added CAPS…… so….. whatever.

        I don’t really go out of my way to back up anyone else (unless I am just involved in a comment argument, and agreeing with people I agree with). I just really love Wendie. I adore her personal blog. I like when she comments. So I get irritated with some boring commentor trashing her. Of course I would stick up for people I like. I refuse to believe this is a bad personal trait.

  • I was a ‘maid of dis-honour’ at a divorce party once – black dresses and sparkly stick on tears. It was awesome!

    I think its a good way of dealing with pain, personally.

  • re. the back and forth about who should comment and not and who is on their computers too much. Seriously….! Who cares? It’s all supposed to be in good fun, and I don’t know why some of these readers are so totally judgmental of everyone else on the site, including those who write the stuff that they come here to read. Sheesh.

  • She needs to have lunch with Melanie Griffith, who can tell her first hand about not remarrying the loser you already divorced. Not that it matters, they’re both losers and maybe they should stick together as such.