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Most Excellent! Chris Brown Charged With Two Felonies!


The L.A. County DA has charged Chris Brown with felony assault and making a threat.  The arraignment is today at 3:30.  Dude could go to jail for nine years.  Pray!

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  • I am pleasantly surprised. For the few posts that said “we don’t know the whole story” — well the whole story is R was beat up and he is walking around without a single scratch on him. There’s your story.

  • Um the TMZ site you used says 4 years and 8 months is the max, so where did you get 9 years from?

    • Sometimes that means 4 yrs 8months PER charge, like in the OJ case where they had so many charges against him it added up to basically the rest of his life in prison. So 2 felonies x 4yrs 8mo = about 9 years.

  • I sincerely hope that he actually does time for this.

    And I hope, that in the interim, Rihanna gets her shit together (girl!) and sees how much better off she is without this. utter. douche-nozzle.

    • For the life of me I don’t understand you people. You are so elated to see a young guy who made a mistake, granted a serious one, but a mistake, go to jail for years. I was in an abusive marriage and I got out, I was not willing to spend another day in that situation. He needed help but I wasn’t willing stick around while he got it. I was treated much worse than I see in the picture. But destroying his life will not fix anything, the only thing that will do is make him meaner, hard er and more aggressive.
      He needs help and therapy. If Rihanna wants to help him get what he needs, then who are you to judge. Who among you has never needed to be forgiven for something you did that was really messed up, or who of you think you’re so perfect that you won’t need to be forgiven in future. The difference here is you transgression won’t be splattered all over the front page of every paper in the world. Stop being hypocrites. We don’t know what really happened that night. all we know is how it ended.

      • Who are we to judge? He didn’t “make a mistake” he committed a CRIME and yes, he should be judged for that. Did it ever occur to you that you got treated worse because you didn’t call the cops and have him arrested? Men who do this are psychopaths and that cannot be fixed with “therapy”. Ask Nicole Simpson.

      • Jennifer is absolutely right. This isn’t a case of “oops, my bad”. He committed a crime and deserves to do the time. And the reason we are all so “elated” is that historically celebrities get the rules bent and end up with trivial punishments, if any. Yeah, so go ahead and put me in the elated caterogy Bioch.

  • Anyone who buys his “music” is supporting domestic violence. What’s the email address of his record label Beet?

    • To Jennifer & the Bioch Indigo, you don’t know what you are talking about. I had my ex arrested more than once and after he was arrested the 2nd time I had to beg a judge to actually bring his sorry as to trial. It took a third time & him breaking into my house twice before he got 2 years. He went to jail, and came out an even bigger ass than he was when he went in. I had to buy a gun and move out of the state to protect myself and my children. So I know what I’m talking about. I work with abused women and children, studies show more & more prison isn’t the best deterrent for abusers and in a lot of cases causes the women to murdered. I never said he shouldn’t be punished, I don’t believe that. I just find the joy you people are expressing at both Chris and Rihanna personal pain and tragedy almost as disgusting as the offenses he committed.

  • but, trinity, you were safe those 2 years he was behind bars, right? that’s what i am hoping for here. as long as possible for rihanna to be safe from this creep and hopefully realize how little he deserves her.