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Can’t Say I Blame Her

Here’s Michelle Rodriquez giving the paparazzi a verbal smack-down after they ask her about the Octomom … and her DUI-related community service.

What’s funny is that, even though it’s an asshole move, I’d expect them to ask her about her community service, but it’s sooo ridiculous that they’d ask her about the Octomom. What a strange job these people have, just running around after these celebrities and asking them ANYTHING that might get a quote they can run. Can’t you just picture the People magazine headline: “Michelle Rodriguez Weighs in on Octomom!” That’s the kind of article I would not cover over here, because what the fuck does it matter what Michelle Rodriguez thinks of the Octomom?

I wanna know what Kate Gosselin thinks of her!

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  • kate gosselin is probably thinking, “listen, bitch! i was the original IVF celeb mom, so don’t try to weasel your way in here. i’ll get maddy on your ass, lady!” and then she proceeds to screech at her husband for an hour or so.

  • lmao i agree with that, i wanna know what Kate thinks about the octomom too.. And did you ever find out if it’s true that they’re divorcing btw?
    Also, i love Michelle Rdz, she is so awesome, and i don’t blame her either.. lol..

  • michelle is hot and even though her career was a little slow lately idk who cares and glossin i totally agree with the rest of you haha but its more like 2 to 3 hours… who gives a flying fuck about the octo mom she is a cheating bitch that is taking our money and probably masterbates to her children fucking each other she had semen put in her kuz no poor basterd would want to fuc( that by now it probably looks like my bath robe sleeve so man…. ugh she pisses me off… disel although is pretty badass i dont like the fact that he is gay…