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I Know Times Are Tough, But If You Have A Spare Million…


Yes, it’s true.  We’ve all been waiting for this, and now the time has come.  The video of Octo-mom giving birth is on the market for some obscene seven-digit figure.  Now, you think a standard birthing video is sick?  Just wait until you see c-section footage with eight babies being yanked out of Nadya Suleman’s octomen.

Now, listen.  If there is some multi-millionaire out there who has the bucks to buy this sin against all that is sane in the world, can you please take the million bucks and buy a house for these kids instead?  Maybe part of the purchase agreement could include an immediate destroying of the video and all copies.

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  • Uhm… it would look just like any other c, but her stomach is larger and there’s more babies… i don’t see the appeal. Maybe if it was natural delivery… THAT would be something.. But this? This is just ridiculous.

    • I agree… if you’ve seen one c/s, you’ve seen them all. They really are just pulling babies out, calling times and each one goes straight into an isolate for “servicing.” Not much to see. If it was a natural birth, _that_ would be worth watching!

  • this is really up there in the yuck, disgusting, put it away and never bring it out again scale

  • Cheese & Rice, I really hope nobody buys the rights to this shit. It’s just wrong on soooooo many levels. You know this bitch had her c-section recorded just so she could sell it. Those poor kids.

  • This woman turns my stomach. Those poor kids wouldn’t have ever had a chance to be normal, given their circumstances, but with her raising them, they probably won’t have a chance to be SANE.

  • This bitch should be brought up on charges of premeditated child endangerment. Also, the fertility clinic and her personal doctor should be co-defendants with additional conspiracy charges.

  • So children are a commodity to be bought and sold for profit now….disgusting. There is really something seriously wrong with this woman, I just read that the cops were called to her dump 14 times this past year for CHILD NEGLECT complaints by neighors. This was before the birthing bonanza. Nice to know DSS doesn’t give a crap.

  • How about the 8 times she’s called 911 in the past year or so over emergencies like one of her brood locking himself in the bedroom? (and that one made sense compared to the others)

  • If you want to see a c section, go on youtube and see it for free.
    This woman irks me on so many levels.