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“I am not only turned off by people who voted for Barack Obama, but I am also turned off by people that voted for my dad—or more so, obsessive supporters of my dad. Recently, over dinner, a guy started explaining his reasons for supporting President Obama during the election (I didn’t ask, I think the poor guy felt guilty) and I immediately found any attraction I had previously had dissipate. But same thing happens if a guy starts talking about all the reasons why my father should be president. I have the ultimate Catch-22 in post-election dating. So where does that leave me, and who exactly am I attracted to? Let’s just say I’m spending a lot of time writing and even more time with my girlfriends.”

The beautiful, brave and brilliant Miz Meghan McCain, in an interesting piece for The Daily Beast about how her father’s career impacts her dating life.

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  • I dig her sunglasses, but she’s stupid. She’s obviously turned off by smart people! Haha. I think it would actually turn me on more to date someone who didn’t support my dad, but only if you’re into that naughty kinda stuff I guess.

    • now i am angry that this site is run by a republican. you should keep your political views to yourself beet.

      • Jesus Christ, I didn’t say anything about anyone’s political views. I can’t be nice to someone without everyone jumping to conclusions? Did Meghan McCain run for President? I didn’t think so.

      • OK, just a thoretical question: is it any of your business, who EB votes for? I mean, isn’t any free election also secret so that everyone can be assured that his/her choice REALLY is theirs? And isn’t that the purpose of living in a free democracy? And now, don’t jump at me with some silly accusations. I was born in a country were the leading party, strangly enough, always won every election with 99% of all votes…so I’ll always support that people have their own free choice…

        Oh and now I just have to repeat what everybody else already said: WHERE do you actually read that EB voted for McCain? Just would be interesting to understand your thought process….

      • yeah, idiot, and she moved away from arizona. And if you have been reading this site for a long time, you would know that she had a lot of liberal views, such as supporting gay rights.

      • For the record, I did not vote for McCain, not that it’s anyone’s business, and I am certainly not a Republican. Full disclosure: I am originally from Arizona, and Meghan and I were educated at the same private schools, and we knew each other and liked each other. Aside from that, I am consistently awed by the poise and intelligence and maturity she’s shown throughout this entire process of having her family in the spotlight. She didn’t sign up for any of this; her father did. Meghan is worthy of many accolades on her own.

      • meghan mccain is an ugly worthless blonde whore just like her mother. and beet could have fooled me about her being a democrat what with all her whiney comments she makes on everything. she seems like she would be a real bitch in person.

  • well, jeez. Guess she didn’t vote,

    And that’s not really a catch-22, is it? It just sounds more like… I duno… she doesn’t like anyone that supported either politician for president.

  • She’s far from stupid. It must be difficult as there are so few worthy guys to date as is; much less being the daughter of a man like John McCain. The pool of smart AND normal AND handsome guys is quite shallow.

    • Come on!! She has a huge rack! Even if she didn’t have more money then God she would still be getting her muffin stuffed by any dude that she let between her legs.

  • “WAAAAHHH!!! WAAAAAAA!!! Daddy screwed up my dating life.”

    Try dating someone that more your type. Trailer trash, dont care about politics, beats thier woman, drinks till he passes out!!! Then does it all over again!

    This girl is SOOOOOOO spoiled that she thinks so how she is owed a perfect boyfriend and all that shit. Welcome to the REAL world!!!

    All her dates are trying to get ahead by dating Sen McCain’s daughter. They could care less about her!!! Wrap your head (mouth) around that one if you can!!!

  • I wouldn’t be attracted to someone who voted for her dad either. But it’s hard to put myself in her shoes.

  • So, she cuts out 50% of the population for supporting Obama?
    Then cuts out another large chunk of “obsessive” supporters?
    What does this bitch want.
    She’s not cute, smart of talented.
    I think she’s pissed off because she’s not living in the White House.

    • When I grow up, I want to be “smart of talented, ” like most of the comments have reflected in this post. Lot’s of smart of talented boys and girls advertising their overflowing intelligence. And, all in one convenient spot. Good times.

      • Favorite!! When someone is making fun of someone else’s spelling/grammar mistake, then make their own.

        “Lot’s of smart”

        Great job!

      • Clearly, the comment from David was a typo. You kinda dug your own grave there, sweetheart. @Thatlisa glad you caught that little gem!

      • thanks. I usually notice grammar/spelling mistakes. I try to not be a douche and point them out all the time, but I LOVE to when the person making the mistake is being a dick about someone else’s boo-boo.

  • She needs to shove a dental dam in her mouth and call it a day.
    Go lesbian, go A-sexual, but just GO.
    Stupid twat.

    Anyone who thinks this chick is talented is in need of medication.
    Watch less T.V. honey.

    • I thought the exact same thing. She can’t get a date and is making excuses.

      She strikes me as a girl who is desperate to be married. But can’t find anyone to deal with her spoiled ass. haha!

      Even with all that money her Mother has… can’t even buy anyone interest.

      Plus that interesting straw hair is not helping.

  • Translation: “OMG, politics is so booooring! Let’s talk about me more and what I like to buy when I go shopping”.

    “Brave and brilliant” she isn’t.

  • I think men who know their politics are sexy as all get out. I want someone who’s engaged in his world, not just content to flit around in it.

  • And I am turned off by her and her snippity attitude. Obama is the man. I am so glad he is President. Thank God we are rid of Bush and the real President of that administration, Dick Cheney. I am totally happy McCain didn’t win. I now have the audacity of hope.

  • I’m the last person to ever say someone is overweight. This is an honest question, not a put-down of any kind: Is she kind of chunky? I’d never even seen her before so I Google’d her (she loved it, being that she’s without a man and all that) and the photos are all over the place. I just can’t tell what she really looks like. She’s an evasive little thing. Anyway, if this link goes through on the post, look here and tell me if this is a realistic image of her:

    • your link didn’t work so I also google’d her and I’m going to say yes, based on a photo where she has a laptop on her and from where the laptop really sits.

  • First of all, her hair does not look like straw. It looks like she is outside and the wind has blown it.
    Second of all, yes her statement was a bit confusing, but I didn’t take it to mean that she is uninterested in politics. I understood it as she doesn’t want someone to date her just because they are obsessed with politics, or obsessed with her dad. She lives a life of politics. Why would she want to talk about it on a date?

    Yall are so critical.

  • Basically, anyone trying to have sex with Meghan McCain needs to briefly mention that they voted for the libertarian party, and then quickly move on to less controversial and more interesting topics, like where to buy the world’s largest pair of sunglasses.

  • God, I am SO turned off by apathetic, apolitical guys. I would much prefer a man who understands the world and has well developed opinions on it.

  • oh, whoops. I finally read the whole piece. Her views actually make a lot more sense to me now. Sorry for hating, Meghan.

    It was kind of cute too when she said she looked up potential dates on facebook to see what groups they were in…

  • don’t call her beautiful again, no lips and tinkerbell pink lipgloss. yuck. Maybe if she is was stationed in the sand in Iraq – you know or nations treasure – I’m turned off by anyone who voted for McCain as well.